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Posted by huntingfield | Aug 24, 2018 @ 10:11 AM | 3,850 Views
I would like to tell others about the situation our flying club finds itself in. We have an aging membership. In the past we have tried mall shows and a few other venues to attract new members with little success. With the growing interest in FPV we had plans to set up an FPV racing course in the hopes of getting local FPV pilots to join the AMA and our club. Not all of our members were on board with this idea as they seemed afraid of this new technology ( Luddites ). We get the local FPV pilots to join the AMA and our club. A few of our members wasted no time in making them feel unwelcome and our club rules were not explained to them ( set up for failure ). Not long after they had joined the AMA issued their draconian FPV rules . This was a godsend to the Luddites. The new FPV members quit the club and got their dues money back but they still fly FPV but not at an AMA sanctioned site. Thanks for nothing AMA you are killing our club. We will continue to cut the grass weekly as one by one our membership passes. Last one out turn off the lights.