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Posted by terencechan | Sep 17, 2007 @ 10:28 AM | 21,999 Views
Greetings to all Rotor Enthusiasts,

I entered this Hobby in Feb 2005. But I mastered my first stable hover only in April 2005, all thanks to the frustrating and futile attempt to fly the Nikko Skywatcher, my first RC heli, which is a complete waste of time. For US$107, it is a major disappointment. Trust me, it's nothing close to the $40 PicooZ or the $70 Micro Mosquito, it can't even hold a hover in one place.

I have 5 RC helicopters in all, but none are collective pitch. See Pics below

-Nikko SkyWatcher (modified to become 4-channels FP)
-Honey Bee FP2 (Trainer Heli, notice the ALUoverCF boom that's unbreakable)
-Compy Belt Driven FP
-BladeCX2 (one of my personal favourite after I turned it 'brushless')
-Micro RC Mosquito V2 (seriously a clone but flys well)

I had badly wanted to have a T-Rex. Back then, Align only had the HDE and CDE version.

Recently, I ordered the Phantom450 from Scott of RC-TEK. At US$90, the price is unbeatable and it is almost like an Align Trex 450XL CDE.

As a fan of the famous TV Series 'AirWolf' when I was a child, my intention is to build the Phantom-450, get the hang of flying it, put the mechanics into a 450-size Fiber-glass AirWolf Scaled Fuselage and enjoy cruising the AirWolf Phantom in the college field near my home.

Since there is no thread dedicated solely to Phantom-450 AIRWOLF build, I decided to start mine here.

Please feel free to drop in and share valuable ideas and pictures. And wish me luck!!