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Posted by ak79 | Dec 05, 2011 @ 08:01 PM | 12,679 Views
My long awaited Satori SL finally showed up about a month ago. I've already built it but I figured I would post up a build log anyway for those who are interested. I submitted my color scheme to Skip and it was exactly what I got. Pretty cool if you ask me.

My goal was to build the plane as light as I possibley could. I decided to use airtronics 809's in the wing for flaps and ailerons, a 761 for elevator and a 803 plastic gear servo for rudder.

Wing control linkages are carbon with MP jet clevis at the surfaces, z bends on the ailerons, and metal clevis's on flap servos. Standard linkages supplied with kit are used in the fuse.

5 cell 1500 nimh battery and 10 ch airtronics rx. I was thinking about using a smaller rx, however the 10 ch fits fine and trying to save wieght in the very nose of the plane is pointless really.

Key features-
* wing servo frames have been cut up to save weight
*standard ply servo tray was replaced with lighter, longer balsa/hardwood/glass unit
* Bearings in tail to be replaced with plastic bushings