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Posted by HELModels | Aug 27, 2008 @ 01:08 AM | 18,742 Views
I will add some content as it occurs. Some of that content has already occurred over the years, however. I first "flew" RC when I was about 5 years old. My father had put his heart and soul into a giant sized Schweizer sailplane model. He had the Kraft transmitter and giant servos and Nicad Rx pack. I watched him build that during the winter in the cellar on a work bench. I learned some very good bulding tips and habits watching him. I dont always follow them, but I remember how he did things. Anyway, that winter he built the Schweizer, I went with him to a hill to test glide it. He told me not to touch the stick and just hold the transmitter. He launched it and I touched those sticks and it crashed. That was a very painful lesson for both of us. I learned to listen to him when he said something. He recovered and continued to build and fly FreeFlight and RC. I later watched him write a book about designing Sailplanes and have used that book to design my own planes. Two of the first planes he designed were freeflight and used cox .020 motors.

My father died in the 1990's and I rooted through some of his RC stuff and found those 2 freeflight plans. I combined the two designs, using the tail from one and the wing from another, and then used his book to verify the stability of my new design. Nowadays, you can find spreadsheets that do it for you in a few minutes. My synthesized design flew great, using some overpriced Megatech micro servos and a...Continue Reading