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I've finally flown the work bench queen. She's powered w/ a Eflite power 60 100amp CC esc and 5000 mah 6s batts. This setup has way more power than I expected and pulled the plane around the patch w/ authority at 1/2 throttle. I goofed the landing a bit but have fixed the lite damage already. This bird is getting a Hitec gyro this weekend, primarily because the Tx has a strange vibration issue
Posted by EasyFlier | Today @ 06:29 PM | 182 Views
Polecat this year was extremely fun!

Although I've been flying RC since 15yrs old, I've never attended a contest. For the past four years I've been flying Dlgs of all kind: Topsky, Snipes, Vortex and a recently acquired Stream NXT.
The maxa I brought to the competition was maidened 30 mins prior which made ne nervous. I didn't want to be competitive, but just for it to fly right!

My friend Marteen was very helpful providing all the logistics, chargers, tools etc. I provided the drinks!

As the rounds flew by, it seemed I was doing better each time. My strategy was very simple: go where I thought lift was, get the time, and do my best for the landings. What paid off the most was that if plan A didn't work immediately, I had plan B in mind and always re-evaluated the air I was in with each turn.

With some consistency I took first place!

The Ales contest wasn't a spectacular performance. Conditions weren't very challenging , but I didn't have the same approach with my strategy. I stayed too long in bad air, instead of reacting immediately to the lack of lift. That cost me a lot of points the first day, which prevented me from coming back on Sunday. I nonetheless redeemed myself a bit at 10th place that day and 16th overall.

It was one of the best rc experiences I've ever had. To meet so many great fliers, make friends, and have a ton of fun!
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I have been wanting to build a brushless micro quadcopter for quite sometime. I received some BetaFPV 1103 10000kv brushless motors and a 83mm frame kit. I'm just not sure on the stack. The frame has 16x16mm mounting for the FC. I would like to use a 4 in one esc for an easier build. Let me know your thoughts. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

What Should I Use For This Build? (1 min 54 sec)

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This is my review of the beerotor bvone fpv goggles. These are a very budget friendly intro into fpv, as they sell for around $100.

I will start by listing all of the pieces that come with the package, and then describing each of them in turn. Here is where I got the goggles from:

Here is a short video overview:

Beerotor Bvone Fpv Goggles Review (2 min 54 sec)

Here are the different pieces included:

~ Users manual

~Two power cables

~One flat panel and one mushroom antenna

~Fpv goggles

To start off, the users manual is really just a back to back sheet. One side is written with Chinese, while the other contains English.

The instructions manual does have some useful tips on battery. It describes that a 2200 Mah battery will supply 7 hours of flying time.

First of all, there is no battery built in to the goggles. So, one DC jack plug is included, with a female jst plug at the other end.

There is another connection from male jst to another common plug, which you can view in the photos. So, if you have that style of battery or a jst battery, you should be good to go.

There are two clips with double sided tape included, in order to secure the power cables to the side of the goggles. I used a Velcro strap to attach the battery to the top of the goggles.

From one year before, I had a jst plug 1100 Mah battery which came with wltoys a959. This fit very nicely on top and provided plenty of power.

The...Continue Reading
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One of the best 5.8g fpv antennas to come out this year has been restocked and ready for your fpv adventures. RHCP (black) and LHCP (white) are both available. If you've been eyeing this sweet antenna since its release, don't wait, we usually sell out same day! We tried to stock up a bit more this time but don't take any chances and get in on the best signal experience you can get with your fpv setup. If ufl's aren't your thing, we also have the regular sma version of the ax-ii in stock in rhcp and lhcp as well. Thanks for looking and happy flying folks!

RHCP ufl version:
LHCP ufl version:
RHCP sma version:
LHCP sma version:
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hello I really need your help!
I hope you will understand my problem.
when I plug in the battery into my hubsan x4 h107d , which is fully charged (4.2v) , on the remote it shows first : 4.2v, and 5 seconds later there is a little sign showing a helicopter and a empty battery next to it. I can spin the motors for not even 5 seconds then...
I know it is a bit hard to explain so here is a video to help understanding :
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Today I have some BetaFPV 260mah HV batteries. These batteries are great. They only .3 grams more than the BetaFPV 230mah batteries I already have. I get longer flight times than I did with the stock 260mah Eachine E011 battery. They are very affordable and they are high voltage which is nice. Check out my video below for more on these batteries.

BetaFPV 260mah HV Batteries (1 min 41 sec)

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You never expected this

Quake Champions Gameplay - Duel (15 min 16 sec)

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Hello everyone welcome back.

Today I have some BetaFPV 40mm Triblade props. These props are designed to fit the BetaFPV 75 frame and 7mm motors. These props are strong and seat well on 7mm motors. I highly recommend these props because of their durability and reliability.

BetaFPV Triblade Props (1 min 16 sec)

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Mid-Year Sale at!
Take US$5.00, US$15.00 or US$30.00 off if your order is over US$$50.00, US$$150.00 or US$300.00!
Each order is limited to one coupon.
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Hello, this is my DIY FPV Mod for well known micro quad Floureon H101. Floureon H101 is a great quad with a low price. It was sold on gearbest for 9.99$ [I was shared here] and I catched the deal. It is out of stock now but I think many people have it already. So you can turn your old H101 into a micro FPV quad! Below you can see my review for LST S1 800TVL Mini AIO FPV Cam and Android OTG FPV Receiver module to turn your smartphone into a FPV Monitor of FPV Goggles with a cheap VR Goggles.


Turn your Smartphone into a FPV Monitor or FPV Goggles with Android OTG FPV Receiver Module:

BUY HERE for $18.79 with Coupon: rc18off

You can get one cheap VR goggles HERE to put your phone in and Turn it into a DIY FPV Goggles with a good Monitor:


MINI All in One FPV CAM for DIY: LST S1 800TVL:

BUY HERE for $13.96 with Coupon: rc18off


If you don't have a H101 it is out of stock now, sorry. But you can get a FuriBee F36 to make a Tiny Whoop FPV quad using the LST S1 and OTG FPV Receiver.
It is for 12.99$ Now HERE


[DIY] Floureon H101 [FPV MOD] with LST S1 800TVL AIO FPV Cam and Android OTG FPV Receiver REVIEW (3 min 26 sec)


LST - S1 AIO 800TVL CMOS Mini FPV Camera

This camera is a All in One very light(only 8g) and mini FPV Camera set which...Continue Reading
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Hi all RC enthusiasts.

Please be warned by the bad products sold by Austars (

I bought a plane from them:

I made the mistake of building this plane 6 weeks after i bought it. The plane has torque rods for controlling the ailerons and noticed these were not free once I first tried to release them from their build position. I spent 4 weeks trying to repeat movements in attempt to free up the rods, but they could not be freed up enough to allow them to be controlled by a servo.

I first tried to install 9g servos (as per the instructions), but 2 x of the servos ended up with broken gears because of the force required to move the ailerons. I then upgraded to 16g MG, digital servos that produced 3.5kg of torque. This did allow the ailerons to be extended but they would not retract back to the neutral/centre position.

I contacted Austars and they only offered excuses rather than assistance, other than to say we only offer a 30 day warranty on products we sell. Their warranty terms are poorly written and contradictory, as it does state they may agree to a refund or exchange too. Though they basically said bad luck, we will not help you.

I did try to post my feedback about this product on their website. After submitting my feedback, it displayed a message that your feedback will be reviewed in 24 hours. Funny enough, my feedback has never been posted. It was not rude or malicious.

...Continue Reading
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Here is a crashed Cheerson CX-20.
It looks like throttle was left on causing the motors to spin.

The motor shafts burned the prop hubs during that wonderful spinny-spin action

The motor shaft nuts are all missing. Dunno about those...

My friend gave this to me.
He said it was discovered in a family member's front yard.

The motors look good, but i have not tested it.

The most interesting thing, imo, is that this human blender was equipped with APC 9x4.5 MR propellers!
Kind of like my FlyZone Tidewater's 9x4.7 SF That is a ton of prop!
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My Hellbender 122 back from the dead. The other day during maiden it took a tumble and found out ESC1 was completely destroy and motor. I have no clue as what happened but after a few day of troubleshooting I still could not find the cause. So after a few visit to Dr. "Hakko" found not only the esc/motor was bad but the flight controller as well. Signal pin was shorted to ground for some reason and there was no visible traces of burn component on the flight controller. To be on the safe side, I decided to elevate the ESC off the carbon fiber frame a bit more so that + and - was not touching the carbon fiber. Electrical tape and wrap on those pins and rewrap to the arms. But doing so leave no room for the rear arm to hold the ESC and the motor wires. The wires are now 90 degree from the arm. This is probably one of my uglier build but at this point I just want it to fly lol. I did a quick maiden in the garage and a few punch out and so far so good....

Build parts:
1. Hellbender 122 frame (nice looking frame, different from my X frame with a little more room to work)
2. RacerStar 15A esc (I know why they discontinue these, the throttle range is not the greatest...especially around mid point. Even the older
LittleBee is better then these ESC)
3. Emax 1306 4000kv (these are some of the smoothest 1306 motors I have tried, the bearing and even at max throttle on 4S it has very little
vibration. No wonder they cost an arm and a leg...probably...Continue Reading
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TECHBOY TB802 One Key Motion Control Drone Review and Flight Test - Control it with one hand! (16 min 4 sec)

This is definitely a unique quadcopter with one key motion control instead of a traditional remote controller. You control it by gesturing with one hand and using the one button on the mouse looking controller. It has altitude hold and flies exclusively in headless mode which makes learning to fly this unique drone a bit easier. There is definitely a learning curve with the various button inputs, but I had fun flying it and enjoy a challenge. I got used to which direction does what after a few flights. It was pretty windy the day of the review, so it seems to handle wind fairly well. This is an inexpensive quadcopter with a neat feature that isn't too gimmicky because it actually works.

-7 and half minutes of flight time
-Altitude hold works well and helps using gestures much easier
-The quadcopter is responsive to hand movements with the controller
-Built-in prop guards allows for safe indoor flying
-Tight flips

-Takes some getting used to the controls
-Sometimes you might push the auto-land button while attempting one of the other button directions
-Short operating range