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Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 29, 2014 @ 02:51 PM | 8,905 Views
this is the way i enjoy flying my planes:
since i flew free flight, i enjoyed rubber band powered, and engine powered planes; but most of all, hand launch and towline gliders. are you getting the point?
so when i got into the umx radian, i found myself living more than a dream, more than a fantasy. i carry the plane in the back of my car, and when i go shopping, if the weather seems ok, i drift to the nearby park (that has a pond and swans and the like) and launch my silent magic white thing and live a fantasy. and catching an ocassional thermal is even better! then, catching it and launching again...and on and on.
it is even better than dreaming. even if there are few onlookers, sometimes i see from the edge of my eye a fellow that stops and watches the entire flight and the catch and then he goes back to walking without saying a word. and that, is the most valuable testimony 1 can get. to see some1 feeling the same emotion of watching a silent cloud-like fantasy flying by. beyond chinese tales. not even aladin with his magic lamp had a dream like this. so, there are several ways to enjoy life. this this my way.
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 23, 2014 @ 09:12 AM | 9,126 Views
since the beginning, i learned that it is a matter of time-and learning-before i could successfully fly anything. 1st free flight, with hand launch gliders, then towline gliders, then rubber powered, then engines. later control line, r/c.
years later indoor free flight rubber powered. then indoor r/c at the gym.
but with all, the key was: perseverance. takes time to learn whatever you need, to achieve the ultimate goal: to fly your plane.
so, don't give up. the joy of seeing your plane flying is worth the effort.
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 21, 2014 @ 09:21 AM | 8,582 Views
from the time you watched a bird flying, or an airplane passing by, when your heart burned with desire of being there as a bird or in an airplane, it could not vanish.
you wanted to be there. then you had the chance to get into an airplane and fly. that feeling, that sensation of moving in 3 dimensions, that could only be achieved, at least partially when swimming under the water, was even stronger than ever. and when you discovered model airplanes, you wanted to fly them too. even if it is not the same, as you see them from the ground. but still somehow you felt as if you were in the airplane, or if you were the airplane. and when you get a new plane, especially if it is your 1st, and want to fly it, the sensation is burning inside you.
and then comes the weather...
bad weather, windy, stormy for days without end! no way to fly. what then?
hard to wait. but there is no other way-or you take a chance and crash it.
hard to keep the balance between passion and patience. but there is no other way.
and now we have the fpv, that thing that lets you see as if you were into the plane, and lets you get dizzy and loose control of where you are and what are you doing.
so many possibilities, so many ideas coming to your mind.
flying is the dream that goes beyond any other.
so, keep dreaming.
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 20, 2014 @ 10:30 AM | 8,253 Views
even if i fully agree with 'less is more' and try to do it myself, as a minimalist, i still understand that there are guys who like to go beyond the envelope and have fun doing it. experimenters not only enjoy doing it, but keep bringing new ideas that make our lives better. still, 1 of the wisest thing is to decide when to stop; how far wants to go in that particular endeavor.
so let each 1 have fun his way. you are right, they are right. we have to learn to live our way, and let others live their way. as long as no 1 tries to tell other what to do...
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 17, 2014 @ 01:04 PM | 8,373 Views
recently i had the chance to watch closely 1 of those gigantic propeller blades for windmills (called wind turbines). i was on the road to toronto when we saw it towed by a trailer, and we reached it slowly. i could not believe my eyes how sophisticated it was. then, as we stopped at a road restaurant, the trailer stopped there too, so i could walk back and forth to my leisure. so many details.
and i think there are few chances to have 1 laying down so it could be studied completely. i was just lucky. turbulators, wind deflectors, devices to release static electricity, everything that any could imagine. i have been intrigued by the propeller and have studied it so it was the time of my life. but this is science fiction at hand.
like this:
and if you want details, see here:
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 08, 2014 @ 12:07 AM | 8,755 Views
what works for me
for all that i have learned about it:
1.-place the cell (so-called battery) at 1/3 wing chord and then fly it:
2.- if it takes a few clicks to fly right (3-4):
3.- just shift the cell until takes zero trim;
4.- but if it needs more, then it needs changing decalage (please note: decalage, not decolage):
5.-if trim gives elevator up, it needs less stab incidence (decrease angle of attack-raise trailing edge or decrease leading edge);
6.-or the opposite: if trim gives elevator down, it needs more stab incidence (increase angle of attack of stab-lower trailing edge or raise leading edge).
to modify decalage:
7.-if needs less stab incidence, remove a thin layer from the join of the top fuselage where it matches the tail.
8.-if needs more stab incidence, insert a thin layer at the join.
(these are paper thin adjustments)
9.-do 1 at a time and test fly until it does not need trim (zero=elevator neutral).
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 02, 2014 @ 08:00 AM | 8,380 Views
what i remember is that i was born in a city. we lived in an apartment downtown. there was electricity and running water, but no refrigerator-still was not invented. neither we had ice box, so we went to the corner store to buy whatever for everyday needs.
the milkman brought milk everyday. we left the empties and he replaced them, and collected the money everynow and then. there was no toilet paper, and that was another reason to buy the newspaper. we had no telephone, so whenever we needed to use it we went to the corner store. but we had radio, and we listened to the news once a day, and other programs with music and entertainment. in the evening just before dinner there was a program for children, with great songs that i still remember. people was nice, and they married before they lived together. and all went to mass. sometimes airplanes flew overhead and that was an exciting experience. school was at walking distance-almost everything, and in case we needed it, city bus was all that we needed. no trafic lights yet. movies sometimes, playing at the park nearby, sometimes to the zoo, that was all about. and all that we needed to be happy.