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Posted by FLSharkvictim | Aug 09, 2019 @ 10:54 AM | 645 Views
Recently I bought a new #Granite BLX truck and I have so far only have upgraded to the #Typhon BLX6s shocks front and rear, plus, I am currently running a set of the Banditos MT tires that I absolutely love! I just ordered a Dynamite GPS -Speed Meter since I want to see for myself what I can get out of my truck as far as MPH. I KNOW w/ a 3s Lipo on the stock tires I can get close to 45MPH. Now w/ my Banditos tires I might be able to reach around 35Mph since these tires weight is over 3.5 pounds, which is a whole lot of rubber. Also, I have upgraded both front and rear #T-Bone racing bumpers which are way nicer than your stock ones. I changed out my suspension a-arms with RPM brand which seems to be a lot stronger vs the stock ones. My First run will be with the Banditos MT tires and then my next run I will put back on my stock tires and see if I can break 45MPH on a 3s Dynamite 5000mAH Lipo. I will be uploading a video tonight on a few speed runs, so make sure you check out my brand new YouTube channel below and hit the subscribe button.

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