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Posted by ddlawrence | Nov 02, 2021 @ 11:44 AM | 15,318 Views
Hello flying wing builders/flyers.

I am building version 2 of the NASA/Bowers flying wing from the Prandtl-D project.

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There is one departure from the original data from the NASA Technical Report by Al Bowers.
It has all-flying elevons of 25% span. I want to see if they will work well enough to roll the airplane
and still have the Proverse Yaw the design is known for.

Version 1 has plenty of pitch authority, but it lacks roll authority for snappy turns. Once I worked
out most of the major issues, version 1 had sufficient stability and maneuverability for normal
flight without difficult handling characteristics. With very low drag and weight, the bird has effortless
speed and climb ability. I thank the guys on this forum for helping me with the CG and yaw stability.
I learned a lot about low speed aerodynamics, flying wing design and construction techniques.

When I prove-out the design and construction mods, I will post the CNC cut-files here and we can
all push-out the envelope for BSDL flying wings! (or impress your friends, if you have any)

Wingspan 67" glider configuration.
Engine: 200W Outrunner, 1000mAh 3S battery pack.

ps If you really don't want all-flying elevons, I may be persuaded to draw the original elevons.

NOTE: I post all progress in the Reply/Comment section. Not sure if this is right, I am new to blogging.

Version 1 before the big bang: