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Posted by jcstalls | Feb 17, 2007 @ 10:43 PM | 22,616 Views

Recent Weather. Soooooo............much different from SoCal.

Still have the California plates on. But, not for much longer per BMV.


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Description: Hard to see n tell, yet, still Califonia Plates on this one. Now are not.

Well, all moved in our home in the Indianapolis area since Sept. 09. Jan. 10 now.

Well, God willing, we will be moving soon. Our house is up for sale and we are looking to buy in Indiana. More later. Please, wish us the best of luck and your blessings as well my friends.


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Newest Update: !!!!!!!

Well, I was up to speed on International shipping from Canada to the Middle East and even the frozen tundra of Siberia. Yet, price/cost as it is plus basic packing materials. Please note though that this can be very expensive. To maintain security and protection with PayPal payments items must be shipped USPS Expedited as only this provides active tracking with delivery confirmation. If you would like to save money I can ship in any form but will not use PayPal and must be paid in Cash as USA funds. Also, full value of item(s) will be declared. No gifts unless they are.
Shipping from 46236 so you can estimate as your desire.

For outside USA sales funds must be in US dollars and drawn from a US bank. Shipment will happen after these funds have fully been cleared after deposite in Chase Bank per their advice. This could take a few days to a month or so, dependant. Of course, to spead things up, US cash currency is accepted and will be honored in...Continue Reading