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Posted by kingabc | Nov 19, 2021 @ 03:17 AM | 11,347 Views
Zoo Racing has finally entered the highly competitive 1/12th racing class with the Drakster body shell.
This LMP body shell received a groundbreaking new design to reach a new level of high performance.
Ultra downforce and efficient airflow allow ultra-sharp cornering and direction changes.
At the same time the rear is planted on the track. hobbystar
This creates an easy to drive and super fluent handling on all types of tracks. To create this fast body, ZooRacing re-developed all areas from the front to the rear. Starting with a true front splitter, narrow and aerodynamic efficient front wheelhouses and its optimised sleek air outtakes, followed by the advanced cab forward design and the efficient rear spoiler. The body is very low, according to the latest generation of 1:12 pan car designs. The whole surface of the Drakster is smooth and without any sharp corners, that could create unwanted turbulences keeping the body very efficient and stable in any racing situation.