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Posted by Lauren05 | Oct 28, 2021 @ 07:35 AM | 16,464 Views
3 Days left for OCTOBER, and then we start into the fall season...

Well, today was sure a hot one. 94 degrees with some humidity...not a lot, just enough to make you sticky and sweaty. Big puffy clouds and plenty of sun! There was a warm breeze coming out of the was nice... But the more important part was the maiden of my new Protos Nitro. This thing is light! It feels tail heavy holding it, but the balance is spot on! I looked everything over one more time, before powering it up for flight. Checked the controls, filled the tanks, past the point of return...aka just going home due to the heat!

Maiden Flight

I set the throttle trim on the transmitter, plugged the glow igniter in, and spun the motor! I wasn't sure where the motor was going to start on the trim, and I had to give it a bit more trim. The O.S.105 popped off and sounded good. I walked out to my flying spot and set it down. Ok...last radio check. I spooled up the motor and while the blades were spinning, but not quite fast enough for lift off, I bumped the cyclic controls to verify proper direction, as well as the tail...everything is good!

Added more throttle, and I'm off the ground! This heli is even light feeling in the air! Need to make and adjustment to the agility on the's fast! The tail gain was a bit too high, it wagged in right hand turns. It buzzed some during high speed turns. No problem! I can turn that down in the radio...Jeti integration, gotta love it. I...Continue Reading