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Posted by MsWinchdoc | Nov 10, 2020 @ 03:19 PM | 10,957 Views
It's a strange trip we're on. We wake up and find ourselves incapsulated in this meat blanket. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out what is what, who is who, truth from fiction, facts and reality. We delude ourselves with our thoughts and search for happiness in the possession of things. We chase after the money, to buy us things, admittedly we need food, shelter, safety and companionship and money can supply a majority of that but in the end as in the beginning, we are ultimately alone with ourselves, with our thoughts, our beliefs. There is a lot of investment in our thoughts, we look at the obvious like our gender and identify with that. We begin to believe what we are told as repetition re-enforces the thoughts. We should believe what our parents believe, we should be good little girls and boys and do as we are told without question. Girls were raised to be people pleasers, keep the peace, keep quiet, do as you are told. Boys were raised to have a stiff upper lip, take it like a man, fists and fighting, be tough or be eaten. It's strange to me that we want men to be loving husbands kind and thoughtful, caring parents supportive and nurturing but we praise boys for not shedding a tear and chide them when they do and give them toys of war. We tell them to solve problems with their actions (what are you going to do about that?) rather than with their words. We are a conflicted people and each generation, I believe tries to do it better when they have...Continue Reading