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Posted by WattsSabi | Jan 10, 2022 @ 08:40 PM | 25,734 Views
B18s have the elevator servo in the fuselage behind the wing, and run a rod back to the horn on the control surface. The rod is terminated with a clevis which must be spread to accept the hole in the control horn. Except the clevis is inside the fuse, at a section with a very narrow diameter! This tool is inserted into a small hole in the bottom of the fuse (the horn enters from the top), and when twisted it will open the clevis so you can insert the horn.
Tool made as follows:
1) Find you least favorite cheap "L" shaped allen wrench in 1/16" or 1.5 mm size
2) Grind the sides orthogonal to the "L" plane flat starting about 1/3" from the long end, to the end of the long end
3) Put a little epoxy on the ground section, take peice of carbon tow 5-6" long, hold one end below the ground section, and wrap it tightly up to the tip and back to the starting end, leaving no exposed metal (this is to ensure the final result does not spin and helps avoid breakage
4) Cut a rectangle of carbon cloth about 1/3" high and 2/3" inch long, ideally with a tape backing (electrical tape works well) and brush epoxy onto it (wet it, extra is not needed)
5) One the tow wrap is reasonably stiff but not cured (say 5 mins on 5 min epoxy), fold the above rectangle over the tow such that both ends stick out an equal amount from the allen wrench and the top of the rectangle is at or just slightly past the tip of the wrench, tape side out, and such that...Continue Reading
Posted by WattsSabi | Jun 24, 2018 @ 08:51 AM | 4,376 Views
PNC mount in (former) Spiro slope nose.