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Posted by wiscoflyer | Jul 06, 2017 @ 10:11 AM | 3,917 Views
Thought it would be interesting to compare the progression of the hobby for a former beginner into my 3rd season in. My skills have progressed tremendously and so have my tastes in aircraft. I welcome comments and suggestions for future planes to purchase based on my current top-3 planes.

First Planes (in order of purchase)
1) Sport Cub S: best beginner plane in my opinion!
2) Eflite Apprentice s15e: Still a fun plane to fly, especially for my 7 year old! Has been glued back together more times than I can remember.
3) Hobbico Superstar 40 Nitro: Currently being rebuilt to use as a possible club donation plane.

Current Favorites:
1) Eflite Commander mPd: Fantastic flyer and my first plane with flaps!
2) Eflite Pulse 15e: Using with apprentice rx with safe and it is fast and stable as a dart! Love it so much I have a replacement NIB for the sad day that this crashes.
3) Great Planes Escapade 40 Nitro: Originally had 2 failed flights because of a less than reliable Evolution .52 but I just dropped in an OS LA40 (blue) and it is not as fast but still a blast to fly. I am running it with an orange rx/Hobby Eagle A3 Super II gyro and it stable and reliable with this setup. Really a good performer with gyro turned off.

Other current planes that dont get much use:
1) Conscendo s glider with safe
2) Ares P51 with Hobby Eagle gyro/lemon rx combo
3) Parkzone Vapor (original)

Flying seems to be a great release and I have found a great flying field about 30 minutes from my home (Bong Recreation Area) that I typically fly at on the weekends. I am at the point where I would like to join a local club so I can meet and fly with locals that share my love for this hobby. I am really interested in peoples suggestions for the next birds that I should consider.

Happy Flying.