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Posted by slow and low | Aug 07, 2021 @ 12:15 PM | 33,108 Views
I got started in RC planes somewhere around the 1970's with a glider and after trying RC cars and boats, I went back to planes by building the "new" Astro Viking with the Astro motor and NiCad's and a bit later, another one for my son. I had fun with mine and my son learned to fly with his. That brings us up to 2021 some 50 planes later, I thought another Viking would be fun..... ( I was right)

I ordered the SOY Astro Viking from Brodac and got off to a somewhat slow start by them sending me the wrong kit. I had to send the kit back and then they would send the right one which set me back a couple of weeks which was not a huge deal except I was off work for a week that I was looking forward to building a stick plane that I have not done in many years.

After a couple of months of spare time building, I got it completed and have had a blast reliving my youth. For those interested in the kit, it is NOT for beginners as SOY says. The plans appear to be the original with the Astro motor which is fine but the instructions in some parts don't match up with the plans or supplied parts. The laser cut pieces are nice but some of the wing spars are the wrong size and other small changes that I did not keep track of, leaves quite a bit to the builder's imagination.

I had to add 8 ounces of lead up front because the 2810 motor and the 2200 battery was not heavy enough to give a good CG. You really don't need that much battery but since there was plenty of room and I needed the weight, why not? It gives 20 minutes+ of fly time.

A couple of photos of the near finished plane, I have some detailing to do yet.
Posted by slow and low | Jun 04, 2015 @ 06:04 AM | 8,129 Views
My wife got me a Parkflyers, (Art-Tech) J-3 for Christmas 2014 and that is something you just can't wait for Spring to play with. That got me back into flying from a 20 year absence from the hobby and I enjoy scratch building my own planes but the buy and fly are just fine as well.

I bought the UMX PT-17 and that is the most fun to fly of all my planes, best $100 I ever spent