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Posted by Farwell | Sep 25, 2021 @ 01:04 PM | 27,244 Views
The issues with Eflite 60-120 85 degree electric retracts have been posted many times over the years with no input offered by HH. HH has bought up most suppliers so there is little chance of any resolution. I recently purchased yet another set of the retracts, only to find they work sometimes and sometimes don't. So far no major crashes, just have to flip the gear switch up and down a few times to get them to come down when approaching landing.

I have the same problems whether using a Futaba Tx and Rx or a Spektrum Tx and Rx. I have tried them (I have several sets) on the bench right out of the box and have tried 6.6V LiFe batteries (2200 and 3000 mAh) and various y connecters including the one that comes with the retracts and heavy duty ones from HH. All the sets have the same inconsistent performance and HH will not respond to questions about it. Oddly the Eflite 60-120 95 degree rotating retracts work perfectly in my planes and always have.

I sent 2 different sets of the retracts in to HH tech service and they say there is nothing wrong with them.

Anybody find a solution to the problem? I would willingly buy another set if HH has resolved the issues but they don't respond to queries. Has anybody tried using a separate battery/Rx for the retracts or setting them up on 2 different channels in the Rx instead of a y connector to insure balanced voltage to the retracts? Lastly any recommendations as to another brand of electric retracts?
Posted by Farwell | Jun 25, 2021 @ 08:17 PM | 27,334 Views
Beware of classified ad replies that are from people who joined RCGroups just a few weeks before post. Got an offer today asking me to text a phone number. They joined April 28. The message was deleted by nightfalls
Posted by Farwell | Mar 25, 2015 @ 09:33 AM | 5,221 Views
Anybody put a DLE 20 in a Hangar 9 Spitfire 60? Wondering how it fits and what modifications are needed, especially re; motor angle if it won't go in the motor mounts that come with the plane.

Posted by Farwell | Oct 13, 2014 @ 12:32 PM | 4,959 Views
Just noticed something interesting that I had been doing wrong. If you adjust the low throttle travel to a low %, like below 40, then the ramp up of throttle on take off will be very slow and actually minimal for the first half of stick movement. This also means that when you are landing and begin stick movement down, once you hit the midpoint you will then quickly (before you move the stick more than a couple of clicks) go to idle.
Posted by Farwell | Dec 04, 2012 @ 06:23 PM | 4,553 Views
Anybody have a Super Flying Models Eindecker .46 they want to sell or know of any dealer that has one?