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Posted by DucPilot | Nov 07, 2017 @ 08:24 PM | 4,746 Views
After 15 years out of the hobby, looking to get back in. Loved slope back in the day. Now looking to get into DLG and some sloping .
You would think living in Hawaii we would have lots of areas to slope gliders at. But the cost of land is so high, and the areas to fly so densely populated slope hills are hard to find. I live on Oahu, and the only slope flyable is Lanikai pillbox. But the landing zone is sketch.

Before Moving back to Oahu I lived in San Diego for about 10 years. There were so many paces to fly. You were just limited by the wind.
Here it's almost the opposite. Lots of wind. Not too many places to fly.

Anyone on this board slope in Hawaii? I'd like to meet up with you and talk shop!!!