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Posted by Rengine | Oct 20, 2021 @ 08:06 PM | 13,164 Views
Note to self log :

- so far using the Dollar Tree foam board is working great. in the past built with FFF (blue) FanFoldFoam as it is known. used to get it shipped to me in Fort collins, CO from a Lowes in Kansas. The local stores didn't carry it. I've done some online looking and haven't found it available anymore in 2021. The lowes does carry some foam underlayment in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. These are floppy (not as rigid as the FFF) and I'm not using that stuff as of yet. Maybe someday...

Using the DT foamboard is still around and still $1 for 20x30 inch piece. The paper peels right off if needed - so easy So i'm enjoying working with it. now that i'm taking care of mom in her declining years I've moved back to Tucson. And it's mid-october so the flying weather is just getting perfect Brought most of my RC stuff from Colorado so i'm ready to build & fly in the wash behind mom's house here. Or the city park across the wash. so handy!

first build back into the hobby is a 120" span scratch build powered glider. Using a wing with 10" chord, easy to build and I'm using carbon arrow shafts for the main spar, again. I've used arrows for building frequently.

i've not built for 10 years now, having taken a break whilst spending my off time at my GF's house in Greeley. Lately, since before Covid, i've spent my pasttime in GTA 5 Online. but that's getting old and i'm up to 110 million dollars in my account so I'll do some R/Cing for a pasttime now. (plus some GTA of course).