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Posted by dont | Nov 09, 2021 @ 06:48 AM | 4,350 Views
Here is my latest design the 850, fuse and wing, essentially a small fuse and win DS ship for easy carry.

she is 855mm span, (33.6") with a fuse length of 500mm and diameter of 30mm, current flying weight 521g

This wing uses the PW51 airfoil with a TP100 wing on the drawing board and different wing sizes to suit the same fuselage like 1000mm (40") and may even a 650-700mm wing (25 - 27")

the wing mold is CNC machined from 12mm Corian each half and backed with composite board for strength so its pretty thin.
The fuselage molds, fuse and nose cone were machined from impregnated MDF, a lot of work and may not bother again... although it worked out ok

Flies well once the balance was correct, trimmed and throws greatly reduced it does a DS circuit nicely and is quick enough so far, although not wound up as yet.
Posted by dont | Dec 30, 2015 @ 07:41 PM | 9,833 Views
I have built a few planks over the years, I started with the ESA airfoil from Bill Evans, great airfoil and made a few powered planks and slope planks with that foil.
One of my planes a Bill Evans Polestar was fitted with floats and was very successful float plane.

Zipper was my first plank out side the ESA foil some years ago, I cut the wing my self on my CNC for the Zipper, I went for 4 control surfaces to get flaps to work, it was successful.
I also built a split travel wing for the zipper.

I built a couple of wings for the Zipper using the Thiery Platton TP100 plank foil, not a bad foil but not 100% sold on it.

I recently built another plank using the TP100 foil for a new ship design using a more elliptical shape. going for the surfboard look, still to complete the tail and attach.
The build uses a molded fuze Pod, rolled boom, on a pool que and separate fin layup, see image below.

Currently working on two new planks for DS using Peter Wicks PW51, trying to decide on dihedral and any twist needed.
Platform of the wing s below, one is FWD swept, just to see how it performs, easy enough as these will have a the same molded fuze.

Peter Wick has been very helpful advising on dihedral for his airfoils and DS ships, he ran my designs for me and suggested subtle changes for better CL, Thanks Peter.

I flew the Roach over the Aussie Day weekend at Esperance WA, she flies really well no bad habits really smooth hard turns, just need to sort out adding ballast to her somehow, possibly lead billets inside the fuze.

image below from Simon, Roach amongst other planes on second last day with light winds.
Posted by dont | Dec 07, 2014 @ 01:46 AM | 5,948 Views
I have been interested in Pitcheron's for some time, lots of years intact, but never actually built one, I attempted to make a fuze mould several yard ago but with moving house and other gliders taking over I never managed to actually do it.

I started talking with Oran (Oranator) a year ago about buying a fuze, after quite a while Oran got enthused and I purchased a couple of fuze's from him, Oran shipped them out to OZ for me, along with some other goodies...,
Thanks Oran I greatly appreciate the effort.

I changed the wing configuration from the original Rotor, to a two panel wing, Oran was mentioning placing ballast in the wing tube, great idea, so I installed a long brass tube in the wing, some ribs to support it, lay it up and away it went.
Having a CNC Hot wire foam cutter made the wing tube channel a breeze to actually cut, the GFMC software does this for you, simply select the foils, cord, span, and spar location stick the foam in the hot wire and press go...

Wings were under Vac for 12 hours and left under compression in molars for a week, due to work commitments. The colour is a bit washed out, could have done a few more coats, but I was in a hurry, does not look too bad though.

All set up waiting on a CG check and some wind, I will flight test her before the final touch up and paint job.
Posted by dont | Nov 06, 2014 @ 06:00 AM | 6,038 Views
Well been a while since I posted here.

Have been into f3f for quite a few years now, started f3b about 2 years ago and doing some DS when I get a chance.

Some of the current fleet!.
Baudis Pitbull, Cyril, Fosa Lift, Pike Brio, Estrella, Sting and a Typhoon thrown in...
Posted by dont | May 19, 2011 @ 08:40 PM | 6,456 Views
This is a wing I built for my Brother after he buried his Banana Slope glider into Terra Firma in 2010, I completed the wing 12/08/2010 and it was finally flown in Victoria 16/1/2011.

Looking at the original Banana wing with its swept wing tips and the MG06 airfoil, I stayed with the MG06, a very thin airfoil and used a swept back leading edge 3 panel planform with a strait trailing edge.

the layup consisted of:
1 layer 50gsm glass
3K tow Disser at 70mm
1 layer 100gsm uni-carbon, span-wise.
100gsm center doubler
50gsm Kevlar hinge line.

I sprayed the Mylars with Dupli-colour auto spray pack colors to resemble the original wing, mo waxing required just clean the Mylar and spray direct on, once dry lay up the wing on the Mylars as usual.

A great result and she flies really well.
Posted by dont | May 04, 2011 @ 06:14 PM | 8,054 Views
I set about looking at building a travel dlg wing for my holiday in Victoria & Queensland.
Looking at what others had done I contacted Dave Forbes for his ideas on his past efforts, Dave was a great help sending me images and ideas of his build.

I chose the Edge airfoil of GT with his 2 panel planform and the disser layup I used in the last wing,with Carbon box leading edge.

I cut slots in the right wing to accept the 7 & 4 mm carbon tubes for the split wing spars, these were epoxied in with splooge along with a couple of flat preformed carbon spars, 10mm x 1mm, running along the sides of the slots & tubes, probably not needed.

I laid the wings up as the previous disser wings, the cores were not my best as I was in a hurry to complete the wings before I flew back to site for work.

They stayed in the bags for 10 days while I was away, and came out as good as before completely cured.

Cutting the wings took a little thought, here I was about to slice my new wings in half on a band saw, i had an old dlg wing, the first one I built so I cut it a few times through to practice, all good so I sliced the right wing in half from the aileron slot line diagonally to the leading edge, the cut was easy, smooth an quick, the spar tubes cut strait through no chipping at all.

Inserted the spars and joined the wings together on the center line, with the dihedral set in.
After that simply installed the plug, servos and mounting tubes in the wing, all same as my previous wings so they are all interchangeable on each fuse.

Flight & launch are great, launches well, although with the thin ailerons of the Edge airfoil I can't launch as hard as I'm used to, I get a lot of flutter with this thin wing, need to stiffen the ailerons and preface the hinge line on the next one.

I maidened it on 21 April 2011 at V.A.R.M.S in Melbourne with my Brother.
Posted by dont | Jan 08, 2011 @ 12:21 AM | 7,089 Views
I needed a new DLG wing and after looking at the disser wings people have been building, and some discussions and ideas from Dave Forbes with his advice on the layup and sharing his images I decided I would give it a try.

I used a similar Layup to my other wings but went for 2 layers of 25gsm glass in lieu of the Kevlar, for the first trial, with 3K Disser at 32mm between paralell lines. (3K tow was all I could get).

I decided on the MH51 Airfoil as oposed to the standard Dr Drela AG series on the other two wings, this is the airfoil used on the Sirus from Momentum.
I adjusted the SG plan form slightly with a little more sweep to place the peg closer to the C of G.

I made up a timber frame for the Disser tow out of some Australian hardwood, Jarrah, panel pins set at 50mm centers giving a disser pattern of 32mm between lines.

The wing came out of the bag well, really stiff compared to my other wings.
Flight performance is excellent and launch height is better with the stiffer wing.

See link for mini build thread:
Posted by dont | Jun 06, 2010 @ 07:52 PM | 6,766 Views
I have put together a light weight slope ship from several parts I made up, had lying around as test pieces.

I used my first Supergee wing I built as a demo, actually the first layup wing I ever built, no spar but a C/F leading edge that acts as a spar, and a couple of threads of C/F rovings in the spar slot for looks.

The fuse is one of the first sample slope fuses I moulded, the spar is my first successfull "Roll your own C/F DLG spar" and the tail feathers are balsa, 3mm.

She flies great, light to med lift performance is excellent, not sure how the wing will hold up in any sort of high G manoeuvre though, and down the park javelin throw nice and smooth.

Posted by dont | Jul 17, 2009 @ 01:18 AM | 6,980 Views
Well I'm not much of a blogger, as you can see!

I have just completed my second DLG, a derivative of the Supergee.

I used an XP style leading edge/spar with a traditional SG build.
The boom is from a Sofia, from Dave @ Hyperion Australia, pod my own.

My brother convinced me to build this one with out a rudder, less weight from losing x1 servo, control rods etc!
With only one servo in the pod there is heaps of available room, so I think I will design a slimmer smaller pod for future builds.

Turned out well, flies really nice, higher launches than the first one.

Battery a little heavy, needed 3.2g boom weight to balance, so will get a smaller pack

Flying weight 310g
Posted by dont | Oct 05, 2008 @ 09:32 AM | 7,347 Views
Decided I wanted to get into DLG, as I like to build I set about gathering materials, Blue foam, cloth, carbon, epoxy etc.

Much cheaper to just buy a DLG and go fly but miss ont on all of the fun of way.

As I have previously made my own CNC hot wire foam cutter and vac bag, so the cores were not that much of an issue.

I set about making the first wing to see how the whole process went together, I used 2 layers of 25g f/glass cloth, no actual spar (saved on the carbon) unidirectional carbon on the leading edge, wing tips and peel ply for the mock up hinges ( I read somewhere that people actually use peel ply for hinges, but it depends on the type of fabric).

The mylar's I had were only 75 micron, way way thinner that what others are using.

All in all the wing turned out just fine.

Now I needed to locate come Kevlar fabric for the wing build and pod....found and built!