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Posted by helizrnew2me | Jan 16, 2020 @ 11:17 AM | 9,881 Views
wow ,i have not updated my blog in forever . since my last entry its been years .that said i went thru a period of rc monster trucks such as the emaxx,the colossus, arrma kraton,arrma outcast,traxxas slash,traxxas rustler and probably more .

then i sold everything ground related and got into boats . i really enjoy boats and have had a few of these as well . to mention a few
proboat recoil 26,proboat blackjack 29 ,proboat veles, all those are gone now . i currently have a proboat sonicwake and a hobbyking pursuit . and for rescue i have a traxxas blast .
oh i had owned a traxxas spartan for 2 years and also a streamline thrasher for a year .

yes i go thru alot of gear . i tend to keep things around about 2 years before needing a change .boats have been hanging in there a little longer as i really enjoy them .

i currently picked up a couple quadcopters .
a diatone gt2 2016 racing quad and a armattan acro 355 carbon fiber frame .i still toy around with them now and then .

i just recently won an auction for a brushless traxxas summit .turns out the thing was brand spankin new .yay for me .

so i been toying around with that as well .

thats about it so until next time .be well and rc
Posted by helizrnew2me | Dec 29, 2014 @ 02:59 PM | 10,328 Views
hi all, have not updated the blog in ages . have been thru many quad frames ,at the moment i have a dji f330
a dji f450
and a quanum nova in the stable . the nova is outfitted with a gimbal and my gopro .

a few quads have come and gone ...aka ..tbs discovery ,armattan tricopter, frankenquad 550,armattan 540 ,to name a few . still have a multiplex mini mag in the box waiting to fly one day .

we have moved and i also put my suv to the junk yard (miss my suv) so have not been flying much past few months . no truck to throw quads in and run to the park .
no more park up the road .things have changed and so have my flying habits .

if i dont start flying again soon i fear i might be selling things off .

heres one of my last flights with the quanum nova

quanum nova at northern lehigh (6 min 14 sec)

Posted by helizrnew2me | May 06, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 11,272 Views
it was a good day today .ran 7 lipos thru the f450 at the ballpark up the road,no crashes!! [] [:P] [:lol:]

so i am flying around doing fff ,round abouts, flips,rolls, and what have you and a guy and 2 young men working at the pool come over to the fence and say "hey that things pretty cool".they start asking questions like

"how long does a battery last ?"

whats that yellow ball for?"

is it heavy it looks heavy"

so i go on explaining things to the crew of 3 who wanted to know more ,let them hold one of my 4s 3300`s to get a grip on the weight of a lipo that size ,when the one young man says "hey, are you that guy that posted those videos of this area on youtube?"

why yes,yes i am (wow ,some recognition !). so i go on telling them about the videos and how they should look at my new updated videos with my gopro .

it was a good day .

heres where i fly most the time ,its right up the end of the driveway .this was another day but you get the idea

dji f450 northern lehigh (6 min 30 sec)

Posted by helizrnew2me | Apr 23, 2013 @ 02:28 PM | 11,776 Views
got my predator kit in yesterday and got it all installed and tested today .i will be using a seperate 460mah 3s 35c lipo to power the vtx ,i made a quick disconnect for it so i wouldnt have to keep plugging and unplugging into the vtx and risk forgetting which way it went .so it looks like this now .

hopefully a maiden flight thursday .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Apr 16, 2013 @ 05:50 AM | 11,239 Views
finally got decent looking video ,not perfect but the best i have got so far .
i used a dollar store squishy ball under and around the gopro(cut one end off then flattened it)and this is the results .

still some wind blowing the disco around but this is the best the video has looked yet .i have switched to sunnysky motors with 10x5 gemfan props with a graupner like airfoil .

lehigh river at rt873/248 (10 min 3 sec)

Posted by helizrnew2me | Mar 13, 2013 @ 09:15 AM | 11,428 Views
loaded up ready for video .

1.4kg loaded with a turnigy 4s 3.3 mah lipo .got 13 minutes flight time .video still got jello .
using these gel inserts i found at big lot store .

first vid was 1 layer of gel .gonna try 2 layers now .personally i think these ntm 2826`s just add too much vibration .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Mar 11, 2013 @ 02:15 PM | 11,577 Views
todays video .just some los circuit flying nothing fancy .

dji f450

multiwii se

rctimer 2830 1300kv

3s 2200 sky lipo

8inch props

never tried 9`s on this .its fast enough .4s video coming soon .

dji-f450 at the ballpark (5 min 16 sec)

Posted by helizrnew2me | Dec 21, 2012 @ 06:04 PM | 12,025 Views
hi, a week and a half ago i crashed the x400 due to too much wind(shouldnt have went out that day ) bought some aluminum 525 mounts from a forum member .

got the mounts today .when using the 525 mounts on the 400 frame you need to drill an extra hole in each mount because the arm to mount spacing is different .other than that they work fine .
x400 back up and flying .i do swear i hear a higher pitch ringing now ,you know that metal against aluminum ringing.......the factory mounts probably knocked alot of that out .
these mounts moved the motors out just a tad farther too i believe .
heres a picture for ya

Posted by helizrnew2me | Dec 07, 2012 @ 01:19 AM | 12,434 Views
well i got everything needed on the way to build this discovery .waiting on the flight controller,the motors and i just purchased a like new ar6200 with sat .its all coming together now .should have everything here about a week before xmas .
and the wife bought me a gopro hero2 for xmas .
what a great wife....lol...

Posted by helizrnew2me | Nov 30, 2012 @ 10:15 AM | 12,082 Views
been awhile since i updated the blog .going on my 3rd quad now .i am enjoying these more so than i ever did conventional helis .
starting a tbs discovery build real soon .got the frame ,arms,esc`s .still need motors and control board .
i have a dji f450 now to with rctimer 1300kv motors and a multiwii se .i use it to shoot videos until i build my discovery .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Jul 10, 2012 @ 08:17 AM | 12,529 Views
finally a near calm morning ,was able to get 3 packs thru the x400 before the wind started kicking again .
new 2200`s got me 9 minutes plus until alarm
used 2200 got me 5 minutes until alarm
i could push them further but whats the point of an alarm then.
quad flew nicely ,hovered nice with very little stick input(just correcting for slight wind)and response was good with the 8inch props .
the sun was in my eyes so i didnt go all too high with it ,about roof level compared to our bi-level townhouse.
have not tried acro mode yet but i do have it enabled and programmed into my dx6i.
i am liking the quad much more than i did heli`s.
single rotor heli`s are hard ,i gotta give props to the guys who can fly those things like no tomorrow.
i can hover a heli and move it around a bit but nowhere near a flier.
so the wind is kicking now again and the quad is grounded ,i swear we live in the windy city now here in ne pa.
one of these days i will be able to get my airfield 800mm t-28 out .

lets hear your x400 flight story.

ps-when the wind did catch the x400 it did a little wobble dance until it stabilized and i just gave it more throttle to even it out .
Posted by helizrnew2me | May 09, 2012 @ 07:30 AM | 12,798 Views
well i got my glb mini x400 v3 with free flight board .enjoying it thus far .
very stable .just hovering in the house for now until i get my esc programmer .
have to program the esc`s so it doesnt go falling out the sky on me .

my first order went off without a hitch from glb so hopefully they continue this trend .
the quad for me is much easier than the big helis(well blade 400 was my biggest) it doesnt scare me like the heli did .
those big heli blades flying around and near you can be quite intimidating .

not so much with the quad .quite relaxed with it .and much better size for indoors and out .

still learning alot about it .doing alot of reading and some trial and error .
if your having a tough time with single rotor helis (they can be a bear)you might want to try a quad .i like it alot .

well thats all for now .time to go hover that quad...lol...
catch ya
Posted by helizrnew2me | Apr 16, 2012 @ 02:50 PM | 12,756 Views
hi everyone .recently sold my blade 400.only ever got around to hovering that thing in my living room .
been playing around on the sim and found out i am liking the quad rotor copters better .and i can actually manage to fly it better than i can a heli so....moving on!

placed my order with goodluckbuy for a mini x400 v3 arf assembled unit .

still have my champ(flew it today after a long break from it )and my airfield 800mm t-28 .

i want to get that t-28 up in the air this season .
i get bored with things pretty fast and tend to buy ,try ,then sell soon thereafter if i dont take a good long liking to an item .
it can be crazy sometimes ,but i get to try alot of different things .
you only go round once in this life so try everything you can !

until next time ,have fun.

Posted by helizrnew2me | Dec 16, 2011 @ 09:37 AM | 13,005 Views
well its been awhile since i added anything here so here goes .

thought i would be done with helis after selling off the msr and the sr 120 and the blade sr ,but i was wrong .
found a good deal on a blade 400 like new with 120.00(at least)in new extras so i grabbed it .
then i found a good deal on a dx6i on craigslist (with sat receiver)and grabbed that too.
so now i been hovering this thing in my livingroom(yes ,the livingroom...lol)for awhile now just to get a feel for it .i never have advanced to forward flight much (tried a few times with the blade sr with less than favorable results..haha)
so until winter is over i will just keep hovering and running packs thru it in the house(or until i break something in the house..lol)

i like this heli alot better than the blade sr as the tail is much more solid being belt driven(that sr tail is horrible)
i traded my way into a g210 gyro off a blade 450 but have not installed it yet (i`m lazy..lol).
but so far so good have ran a dozen or so packs thru it with no bad happenings (well i am just hovering).still pretty intimidating in the livingroom with a 400 size heli .

oh ,and i got a phoenix sim too with a dx5e so i been toying with that too .

catch you round the forum .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Aug 01, 2011 @ 01:21 PM | 13,575 Views
hey everyone , got about 10 packs thru the champ so far and nothing bad to say about it .having fun with this little plane .this morning i put 2 batts thru it at the ball diamond right at the end of my driveway pretty much(the pool and baseball field is right up the rear parking area)
then i went on a hunt and found a bigger diamond and outfield area up at the high school so i ran my last battery up there .

still need to get my landings down .i would say out of my 10 flights 6 were nose overs ,2 were skid-ins and 2 were wheel landings .

just bought a 800mm airfield t-28 from microdan .gotta work on these landings befor i even think about taking that plane up .

the transition from heli to planes has been pretty easy considering helis are so much harder.i might put down my heli sticks and stick with planes .much more relaxing!
we will see. thats it for now guys/gals .dont hesitate to buy a champ its a great learning plane for sure .just need a very calm day .mornings seem to be best .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Jul 21, 2011 @ 02:27 PM | 14,294 Views
well i got 6 batteries thru the champ now and nothings broken .nice little plane.
a joy to fly.very easy transition from heli to plane . finding calm days can be an issue though .i went out in early morning the 2 times i was able to go .
wind seems to pick up the later in the day it gets .

i can foresee another plane in my future. thanks to all who recommended the champ.
Posted by helizrnew2me | Jul 12, 2011 @ 05:57 AM | 13,752 Views
well i sold my walkera 4#6 now as i am having fun with my blades now .
so i wanted to try a plane and bought the e flite champ .too windy yet to try it but first calm day i will give it a go and report back .
i almost bought the mini super cub but everyone is so pleased with their champ and owners of both the cub and the champ said get the champ so i went for it .
wish me luck.
Posted by helizrnew2me | Jun 06, 2011 @ 06:57 PM | 14,255 Views
hey all ,
i have picked up a blade sr120 and then a blade msr .i like these helis alot .they fly great .i have since sold my uflys and picked up a blade sr too.
i was not sure about the blade helis at first because they seem so toy like compared to the walkeras but now i am a believer .
they are much lighter than walkeras and i can fly them with much better control .
since they are lighter part breakage should be reduced as well.
i think its a good move for me as my local hobby shop does not carry walkera parts .they are eflite dealers .
club heli is local to me and he has been great for walkera parts .i am just having fun with these blades now .if you have not tried the msr or the sr120 you should .they are a blast .
i have not had much time with the sr yet as i am waiting on a battery charger for it .
so more on that heli later .
Posted by helizrnew2me | May 16, 2011 @ 07:35 AM | 13,892 Views
i recently put a bell head on the 4#6 and i can fly it much better now .i could fly with the 90 degree head but when it got away from me i was done .
now i got control. much more fun.
got a used blade 120 sr coming today .been wanting to try this or a msr .they look super stable. still might grab a bnf msr when the right deal comes along .
been too windy and rainy here in pa to get the ufly`s out .so its been sitting .
Posted by helizrnew2me | Mar 07, 2011 @ 09:15 AM | 14,222 Views
hi guys/gals, kinda still new to the heli scene .couple years back i messed around with a coaxial heli when they were still kinda new to the scene .got a grip on flying it and soon lost interest .
as of last year(2010) i got interested in single rotor helis and picked up a cb100 after doing much reading and asking questions .flew that long enough to want to get away from tail rotor helis so i grabbed up a uflys during the hobbyking blowout sale .then after selling my cb100 i bought a hm 4#6 with the 2428 receiver .this heli has been a real challenge and i,ll be with this awhile i am sure .
i can hover the uflys better because of its 3 axis gyro which the 2428 does not have .

thats as far as i have progressed so thats it for now .catch you round the forum .