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Posted by Nickerz | Nov 06, 2021 @ 12:04 AM | 8,359 Views

Today I MIGHT have bought a Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 Brushed - Limited Purple Edition (TRA83056-4-PRPL). I say "MIGHT" b/c I found it online late at night at a hobby shop's website out of MI so I wasn't able to call them and confirm if they truly have it in stock. If they do, then this could be a gem as I'm currently bidding on one on eBay (which has a buy it now price of $1k btw) but I probably won't get it as the seller has a reserve that hasn't been met yet. I don't want it that bad but if I get a good deal on it, I'll simply try to flip it to make some money on the deal. So we'll see...

Total paid was...

$299.99 (Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 Brushed)
$28.88 (Free Shipping)
$N/A (Tax)
$328.87 (Grand Total)

So far I received an email confirming my order but I still need to call the Hobby Shop tomorrow to confirm they truly have it in stock. In the past, I've ordered things from websites, only to be told later they didn't have it in stock after all. We'll seeeee...

But if this goes through, here's a teaser pic...

Posted by Nickerz | Oct 10, 2021 @ 01:10 AM | 29,309 Views

This blog will be used to keep track of the different miscellaneous RC stuff I do...

I'll update this later with my day of fun from earlier today, which was a beautiful autumn day! Me and my cat took advantage of the day, having a blast...

I'll update with more info, pics & a video
Posted by Nickerz | Aug 18, 2021 @ 10:26 PM | 29,019 Views

The goal of this project will be to simply add the EZ-XPORT Module (more info about this blogged here...) to my HobbyZone Super Cub S BNF (HBZ8180B) which will let me add the HobbyZone X-Port modules (especially the Sonic Combat Module to dogfight!) AND still keep SAFE.

The stock receiver (SPMA3170) has SAFE but it doesn't have the X-Port feature that was included in the previous Super Cubs (i.e., DSM, LP, even the 2006 original Red/White model) and this newest receiver doesn't have an extra channel (i.e., Aileron which was included in the previous models) to plug in the EZ-XPORT Module, which will then allow me to add/use the HobbyZone modules (i.e., Aerial Drop Module, Sonic Combat Module, Night Flight Module).

One option to make this work on my Super Cub S AND still keep SAFE, is I can replace the stock receiver with the E-flite Apprentice S receiver (EFLR310013) which has SAFE and enough channels to add the EZ-XPORT Module!

To do this, I will have to buy a brushed ESC (since the stock receiver is an ESC/Receiver combo) and since the Turnigy 30A ESC doesn't come with plugs/connectors, I'll buy the E-flite EC3 Male (EFLAEC301) plugs (which they refer to as "Device" for Male ends and "Battery Connector" for Female-EFLAEC302) and simply solder this to my new ESC.

Last, I'll then need to buy 3.5mm Female Bullet Connectors and solder these on to the Turnigy ESC. I have 4.0mm bullet connectors as these are bigger than the stock bullet connectors that come on my Super Cub S receiver, so I emailed Horizon Hobby tech support (which recently changed btw and is HORRIBLE - they used to have the best and easiest support but now they won't take your call and will make you wait days to email back and forth - just horrible!) and they confirmed the stock bullet connectors are the 3.5mm size.
Posted by Nickerz | Jul 07, 2021 @ 05:21 PM | 10,044 Views

I finally got this, In fact, I got 2 of them!!!

Total paid was...

$40.00 (x2 Cowls @ $12/each)
$N/A (Free Shipping)
$N/A (No Tax)
$40.00 (Grand Total)

I'll update with pics when they arrive but in the meantime, here is a link to a thread that describes it in full detail...
EZ-XPORT Module Review By RCG...

The X-Port technology was an option that was available on some older HobbyZone & Parkzone RC planes back in the early to mid 2000's.

Some of the modules that plug into the X-Port (which can still be purchased today, as of 2021) include (see my post for more info on these modules here...)...
1. Aerial Drop Module (HBZ6023)
2. Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020)
3. Night Flite Module (HBZ3510)

Then around 2009, a guy created the EZ-XPORT Module which allowed any of the HobbyZone modules listed above to be used with any receiver!
Posted by Nickerz | May 08, 2021 @ 09:58 PM | 5,231 Views

This afternoon, I bought the HobbyZone Super Cub DSM RTF (HBZ7400) from an member. Total paid was...

$175.00 (Plane ARF Kit, Engine & Radio!)
$23.99 (Shipping)
$N/A (Tax)
$198.99 (Grand Total)

This plane is NIB even though it's been discontinued for years! I already have the latest BNF version (red/white color w/SAFE Part #: HBZ8180B) but the plane that I just bought today is the blue/white version which is DSM so it binds to any Spektrum radio, but the MAIN reason I got this version is b/c the receiver has the X-port feature built into it which can be used with the different HobbyZone modules (i.e., Aerial Drop Module, Sonic Combat Module & Night Flight Module) and I have all of these accessories! In fact, years ago I jerry-rigged an Aerial Drop Module to my original Parkzone T-28 here...

I tried finding this DSM Super Cub online and saw one recently on eBay but it was used and the guy said it needed a new battery and wasn't sure if anything else was wrong, plus he was asking $99+$148 for shipping so after taxes, it would be around $250 and no guarantee everything works.

So get this...I manage to track this plane down at a hobby shop who says he thinks he has one still NIB but it's in his warehouse. I call weeks later, nothing, the guy didn't even check so I gave up. Then I finally get a call from them over a month later saying they have it! Cool right!? So they tell me they will call me back with a shipping quote. Now mind you,...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Apr 01, 2021 @ 05:46 PM | 9,003 Views

Today I bought a new BlitzRCWorks T-28 Trojan 1100mm (aka Banana Hobby)! Total paid was...

$199.99 (T-28 Trojan PNP)
$FREE (Shipping)
$18.99 (Tax @ 9.5% )
$218.89 (Grand Total) I got an email from RCG about a thread I subscribe to for the Duraplane T-28 Trojan 1100mm and a member posts 2 links here... to the Banana Hobby website (see screenshot below...) saying they are selling 2 versions of the Durafly T-28 v2!!! so I created a new thread about it here... which has all the specs about this plane.

Now, I've been waiting for Hobbyking to either come out with a new color scheme (since I really don't like the Centennial Edition ) or re-release the popular Red/White scheme. I've searched RCG's classifieds and have sent countless PM's to members to see if they have sold theirs but came up empty handed. I've even had a search saved in eBay so if it ever comes up there, I'd be notified...but not one alert. So NOW I FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO OWN THIS AGAIN PLUS IT'S UPDATED TO HANDLE 4S AND IS BASED ON THE VERSION 2 MOLD OF THE DURAFLY WITH DIVE BRAKES, FPV, ETC!!!!

Yes, there are others, like the Eleven Hobby, Dynam, Airfield, even E-flite which make ones near this size. Eleven Hobby is probably the closest match to the Durafly but it doesn't have any navigation lights. E-flite's T-28 this size doesn't have nav lights either and I never liked that the cowl is all foam so it would look horrible after any bumps/crashes. Whereas a plastic cowl can simply...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Mar 30, 2021 @ 08:35 PM | 7,579 Views

This project was/is going to be for building a Super Cub but afterwards, I ended up finding a NIB DSM RTF kit which has this receiver!!! Click here... for that thread. Since I can't merge this thread into that other one without messing up the date/time stamp of the posts, I'll keep both threads for now.

Today I bought a new receiver (Rx) from eBay for a Hobbyzone Super Cub project! Total paid was...

$45.00 (Receiver - Part #: HBZ7357)
$FREE (Shipping)
$3.59 (Tax)
$48.59 (Grand Total)

I'll come back to this thread with more details later. I own the Hobbyzone Supercub S w/SAFE (HBZ8180B) which is the BNF version but I want to either swap the receiver out with this new one that I bought today because it has the X-Port built into the receiver which lets you plug in various modules (i.e., Aerial Drop Module, Sonic Combat Module or the Night Flite Module)! So either I'll swap receivers or I may keep mine original w/SAFE (since it's discontinued) and simply buy all the parts for a new Super Cub (see this post for part #'s from another blog here...)

More details to come...

Here are some pics of the accessories I can use with this Rx...
1. Aerial Drop Module (which includes Parachute Jumper &
2. Sonic Combat Module
3. Parachute Jumper & Streamer Bombs (included w/Aerial Drop Module but I have a spares of each!!!)

...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Mar 01, 2021 @ 07:18 PM | 9,728 Views

Today I bought a new Bachmann Santa Fe Flyer Ho Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set! Total paid was...

$85.99 (Train Set)
$N/A (Free Shipping)
$6.86 (Tax)
$92.85 (Grand Total)

This set looks like the one I had when I was about 5 years old and I loved that set. My dad got it for me and set it up on our ping pong table down in our basement and I played with it all day and everyday! I know I had additional cars and other pieces that my dad got me to add to it so I'll start with this and then when I get time, I'll see if I can setup a nice railyard someday...

I ended up buying it from Amazon but I tried buying it from Macy's (both had the same price $85.99) but I guess they ran out b/c when I tried to click on the payment button, it showed they were out of stock. The regular price is over $100 and the cheapest I found them on eBay was $87.99. Amazon wins again! Bummer I couldn't get it from Macy's as they offer Rakuten cash back but it was still a nice deal as I've been looking at this as another starter set for about 2 months now so the sale made it easier to pull the trigger on it! Below are some pics of my model set and I'll update this once it's delivered...

Posted by Nickerz | Jan 21, 2021 @ 10:30 PM | 12,998 Views
After 28 years, my local HobbyTown USA will be closing towards the end of this month (1/30/21). It was a great place with great memories and a really good on-road racetrack. Rumor has it that NorCal Hobbies is interested in it but not sure if they will keep it a HobbyTown...probably not.

Yesterday I went down there to pick up 2 Traxxas Slash OBA kits and they gave me one of their Tamiya vinyl banners/posters! So I hung it in my garage just now and it sure looks great!!! The Tamiya Hornet was my first hobby grade RC so this made it extra special! Thanks for the memories and banner HobbyTown USA!!!

Here are some pics of their on-road racetrack...

...Continue Reading
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Today I bought a used Robbe Modelsports Gemini ARF from an RCG member. Total paid was...

$105 (Robbe Gemini)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
$105.00 (Grand Total)

These came in a RTF (apparently for Europe only) and ARF versions. I bought the ARF used from a member on here since these are discontinued and are hard to find.

I've always loved the Air Hogs Storm Launcher and I sold my original SL years ago but found a NIB Orange SL on eBay. Well, I'm now kinda hesitant using it since those are also very hard to find but I came across the Robbe Gemini and from what I saw, the Gemini looks to be a much better flyer. Plus, you can use your own electronics, which is what I'd like to do to my SL. I found a used Gemini so I can save my SL for another day maybe.

At first I tried looking on eBay and found one, damaged, seller from outside USA and wanting a ridiculous $100 shipping on top of the $100 for the Gemini...nope! So then I dug through the classifieds here on RCG and simply sent a PM to some really old classifieds. One guy got back to me and said he sold his but didn't update his thread and the other guy got back to me and said his was still for sale!!! Btw, his original classified is going on 5 years this coming May! So just goes to never hurts to ask!!!

The seller said his requires an Rx, Propeller and Battery. So I'll find out which is the recommended for each to use but the seller is including some servos at no cost, so that's cool.

Here is a link to the RCG review...

So I'll update this blog with pics when I get it...
Posted by Nickerz | Dec 22, 2020 @ 01:01 AM | 15,793 Views
Instead of making a new thread for the different things I do to my X-Maxx or break (lol - they're adding up), I want to create this blog to keep track of my repairs, issues and other things for my X-Maxx.

I started this in the Traxxas forum here... but that forum isn't as nice as RCG as this gives me complete control of my RC blogs/vlogs and I can edit, delete and basically be my own moderator. So this will be my reliable RC journal for my X-Maxx from now on. Enjoy!

Posted by Nickerz | Dec 02, 2020 @ 06:34 PM | 17,079 Views
This afternoon I went to my LHS and bought a new axial SCX24 crawler (1/24th scale)! They also ended up having a 10% off sale that was nice since it basically covered the tax - lol! Total paid was...

$119.99 (axial SCX24)
-$11.99 (10% Off)
N/A (Shipping)
$11.06 (Tax)
$119.06 (Grand Total)

Cool story...what was really nice is I was looking for a battery cover for a friend's radio that he lost. I They are discontinued and eBay and Amazon sellers are gouging people for nearly $30-$45 for a $6 part. So I called my LHS to see if they still happen to have one lying around unsold and the owner (Tom) said he didn't but he has several of the radios and I can come and pick up the battery door at no cost! So I did but I wanted to buy something from him to show my appreciation for being so kind and generous so I ended up buying this 'lil guy!

Here are some pics (Unboxing video & run video below)...

...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Nov 26, 2020 @ 02:54 AM | 12,812 Views
IF-And I Stress IF This Is Legit, I Bought A New Traxxas Slash 4X4 OBA Ultimate Today. Total paid was...

$300.39 (Traxxas Slash 4X4-Ultimate w/OBA)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
$300.39 (Grand Total)

================================================== ================================================== ====


Just wanted others to know I confirmed this was a scam and the website is so hopefully others come across this and steer clear! They are a scam, just wish someone would remove their website as I found info on them going back to 2018 & 2019 asking if they were legit...

================================================== ================================================== ====

I found a website that had a brand new Traxxas Slash 4X4 OBA Ultimate (Part #: TRA68077-24) for only $300.39 shipped (regular price is $589.95). I know, it sounds like a scam and for this reason I called and spoke with a rep at PayPal credit card about scams and found their FAQ section on their website for fraud and I'm completely covered. PayPal credit backed by Synchrony Bank and it offers the same fraud protection as any credit card! So what do I have to lose? Aside from time and energy dealing with having to open a fraud case. But IF this is legit...then this is one of the best deals I've found and I'm going back to buy more stuff!!!!

The checkout process was pretty much the same when I selected PayPal for my payment...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Nov 22, 2020 @ 10:42 PM | 14,298 Views
Traxxas has discontinued all the OBA (On-Board Audio) Slash trucks and I was able to locate one of each (2WD, 4X4 & 4X4-Ultimate) from different locations! ***UPDATE*** I ended up calling the hobby shops the next day and it turns out the hobby shop selling the 4X4 & Ultimate OBS Slash trucks didn't have either one. He looked through his inventory but said he must of sold them and needed to update his website - darn! Figured it was too good to be true! The other hobby shop selling the 2WD OBA-White confirmed they do have it so at least I have this one coming to me! Tracking estimates delivery to be 12/2. Total paid was...

$269.95 (Slash 2wd w/OBA - White)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
$269.95 (Grand Total)

$439.95 (Slash 4X4 w/OBA - Color TBD)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
$709.90 (Grand Total)

So get this, eBay emailed me this morning (11/24) about another Slash 2WD OBA-White that sold for $369.99+$61.05 shipping! So this is nice to know that I can flip this truck for some profit now but if I wait a little longer I might even get more for it or I can part it all out to make the most profit, so we'll see!

I've always liked the OBA sound and I use to own a Slash 2wd Robby Gordon edition that I ended up converting to OBA myself back in 2016 and documented it here...) I really enjoyed that truck but I was able to sell it and parted out some it (i.e., Robby Gordon orange body) along with other stuff and made a very decent profit so I'm hoping I can do the same again!

I'll update this blog with anything else I end up doing which is why I love this blog btw! I get to keep track of my RC escapades over the years!

Here are some stock pics from Traxxas...

2WD OBA...

4X4 OBA...

Posted by Nickerz | Nov 11, 2020 @ 09:07 PM | 10,520 Views

I know...I'm late to the party on this one but I had my eye on it when it first came out but I decided to buy the Traxxas X-Maxx instead at that time (NO regrets btw! Love the X-Maxx!!!). Total paid was...

Total paid was...

$729.95 (UDR Truck)
$34.99 (Traxxas Link Bluetooth Module)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
-$5.00 (Rewards Discount)
$759.98 (Grand Total)

So today I bought the FOX edition, Orange/White (TRA85086-4-FOX) online from!!! Beach RC had 1 left and since my LHS didn't have it in stock and Traxxas is out of stock with no ETA, I just didn't want to wait months for it to show up. I tried ordering the parts for the "open diff mod" (Part #'s 8577 & 8581) but they didn't have them so maybe I'll get these from eBay. I think initially I'll keep everything bone stock to get a feel for the truck and then start figuring out what I might consider changing, although I do feel I'll be wanting to replacing the metal spool with an open diff sooner than later to help minimize the truck from tipping over.

I'm still trying to figure out the best battery situation I want to use such as using a single 6S battery using the jumper connector vs. dual 3S so I'll update ya on that.

So after doing some research with cross shopping several other trucks such as...
  1. Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 8S

...I decided the UDR is the one for me! I can't wait to get it and I'll update ya when I do with more pics you've already seen but not of my unique UDR!

P.S. Plus I ordered some X-Maxx parts with my UDR to finish some stuff on my X-Maxx. So now I feel I'll have the best of both worlds...a basher with the X-Maxx and scale desert/trophy truck with the UDR! Can't wait!!!!
Posted by Nickerz | Oct 09, 2020 @ 07:35 PM | 12,132 Views

This afternoon, around 1:26pm PST, I bought a 2nd Great Planes PT-40 but this is the original PT-40 that came out around 1987 I think (whereas version 2, the MKII came out around 2008). Total paid was...

$206.50 (Plane)
$16.47 (Tax)
-$2.17 (eBay Bucks credit)
$251.39 (Grand Total)

This eBay listing was NIB (New In Box) but it was set as Auction about 1 week ago starting around $15 (no reserve). There were quite a few bidders and of course it drove the price up but I've wanted this plane for a long time now, just to keep for nostalgic reasons. Especially since this is technically the plane I viewed in the two videos I had as a kid and I wanted to buy it back then but I felt building it would have been a little more than I was ready for. So now I have that chance again! USPS shows the delivery date 10/20 but USPS lately has been VERY unreliable so we'll see...

I already have an engine for it too which is a NIB O.S. MAX .40-FP which is the original engine recommended in the manual and in the videos I watched as a kid! Just awesome!!! By they way, I even recorded the eBay auction on my PC and took screenshots of the listing so I can look at this years down the road of finally buying the PT-40.

I started a thread for this plane when I purchased it earlier this year (5/28/20) and since I have several updated posts within that thread (i.e., engine, books I bought that are for this plane or feature this plane), I kept that entire blog together which has many more details on this plane. I think this will be easier to keep all the dates/timelines organized. It can be read here...

So here are the pics from the eBay listing and of course I'll post my own pics along with an unboxing video when it arrives later this month! Is it really going to be October already!?

Posted by Nickerz | Jun 22, 2020 @ 09:20 PM | 16,114 Views

This afternoon, around 2:45pm PST, I bought the COX 049 CESSNA 182 SKYLANE off eBay! Total paid was...

$150.00 (Plane Kit)
$26.30 (Shipping)
$11.96 (Tax)
$20.00 (1x PayPal Credit Promo Discount)
$168.26 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIOB (New In Open Box) and includes everything with it. It had a Buy It Now price of $169.99 but I offered $150 and it was accepted. eBay shows the estimated delivery date 7/2.

As far as nostalgia goes, I never owned this plane but I always REALLY liked the look of it! In fact, in my unboxing video for my COX R/C E-Z Bee, I noticed it included the original COX folded catalog - which for that time (around 1988) this Cessna hadn't come out yet but the catalog said it's "coming soon" and in my video I even say how I would have bought this plane instead of my E-Z Bee if it was available.

I've seen others on eBay going for more money than this BRAND SPANKIN' NEW ONE I just bought! Even now, there is an eBay listing for a used, beat up, missing parts going for $202.75 and the description even says "this kit may not be complete. SOLD AS IS." so go figure but the one I bought is all sealed and even the box looks to be in MINT condition!

So here are the pics from the eBay listing and of course I'll post my own pics along with an unboxing video when it arrives next week in July! Is it really going to be July already!?

...Continue Reading
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This morning, I bought a 2nd Great Planes PT-40 but this is the original PT-40 that came out around 1987 I think (whereas version 2, the MKII came out around 2008) and I bought this original version 1 from an member. Total paid was...

$100.00 (Plane ARF Kit, Engine & Radio!)
$Free (Shipping)
$N/A (Tax)
$100.00 (Grand Total)

This is NIB and I wanted this to keep for nostalgic reasons since this is technically the plane I viewed in the two videos I had as a kid and wanted to buy back then but I felt building it would have been a little more than I was ready for. So now I have that chance and I got such a great deal on this as they go for $250+ on eBay! USPS shows the delivery date between TBD...

Here is the original classified ad...

I already have an engine for it too (NIB O.S. MAX .40-FP which is the original engine recommended in the manual and in the videos I watched as a kid!) I'll take pics and do an unboxing video once I get it. Here's a pic from the seller...

This morning, I bought a 2nd Great Planes PT-40 but this is the original PT-40 that came out around 1987 I think (whereas version 2, the MKII came out around 2008) and I bought this original version 1 from an member. Total paid was...

$100.00 (Plane ARF Kit, Engine & Radio!)
$Free (Shipping)
$N/A (Tax)
$100.00 (Grand Total)

This is NIB and I wanted this to keep for nostalgic reasons since this is technically the plane I viewed in the two videos...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | May 07, 2020 @ 12:17 AM | 17,852 Views

Tonight, around 9:45pm PST, I bought the Great Planes PT-40 MK II off eBay! Total paid was...

$94.99 (Plane Kit)
$41.88 (Shipping)
$7.58 (Tax)
$144.45 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIB (New In Box) listed as "Never Opened" from Samson RC Hobby Shop out of Missouri (apparently "Mid Missouri's Largest Hobby Shop". A member on here was selling this same exact plane for $125 but also wanted me to pay shipping so I'd rather buy a never opened plane from a hobby shop. eBay shows the estimated delivery date between 5/11 - 5/19...

So, after all these years, I finally bought the PT-40! I watched videos on how to build and fly this plane (see my blog about it here... and here...) but I never ended up buying it so how about now! eBay was selling the PT-40 ARF for $350! btw so no thank you! Then there was another one that you build like this one selling for $250! So I think I got a steal for less than $150 after shipping and tax! plus the MK II was upgraded with stronger building material and landing gear hardware, etc. otherwise it's the same kit as MK I (red/white).

Here are some pics from the eBay listing and I'll post more when it arrives with an unboxing video...

...Continue Reading
Posted by Nickerz | Apr 20, 2020 @ 12:46 AM | 17,502 Views

This afternoon, around 2pm PST, I bought the COX R/C E-Z Bee off eBay! Total paid was...

$225.00 (Plane Kit)
$0.00 (Free Shipping)
$17.94 (Tax)
$242.94 (Grand Total)

This listing was NIOB (New In Open Box) and included everything with it. It was still more than what I wanted to pay but it was originally listed for $269.99, I offered $175 which was declined, then I offered $200 and they countered with $225. eBay shows the estimated delivery date 4/27.

For nostalgic reasons, this plane was a very special memory for me since it was my very first RC plane ever, so that's why I was willing to pay more for it. However, it didn't end with good memories but I'm hoping I can change that now that I'm older and more experienced in the hobby. Back when I was maybe 11-12 years old, I bought it at my local Price Club (same as today's Costco). My dad and I couldn't get it to start so we took it to a LHS and after trying different fuel, new glow plugs, he couldn't even get it to start so I ended up returning it to the Price Club and I got all my money back. Not sure why I didn't try buying another plane but most likely I was discouraged with the experience as a kid and wasn't patient enough to have to go through that again. Later I ended up buying the Duraplane II which I got to fly once, it crashed, then I bought a proper trainer plane (Royal-Air 20T), joined the AMA and my local flying club and I was flying and having a blast! I was hooked and I've loved flying ever...Continue Reading