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WLtoys WL-R5 Transmitter
Universal Model: V202,V212,V222,V252,V262,V272,V282,V292

The V262 quadcopter
A V222/ V959 styled tx, running the V2X2 protocol
7.4V 850mAh Lipo
2.4G Transmitter E728 for WLtoys V939 V939-14

Everything you want to know wltoys v262 pt 1 (6 min 32 sec)

Mine works this kind: v262 bind with wl-r5 radio
1st turn on the transmitter. Wait about 5-10sec. 2nd plug battery to turn on the quad. Wait again until the quad lights flashing slows moderate. 3rd move the throttle stick up and down. Now you should hear a beep from the TX. Also the quad lights are now on. After this throttle works, lights on/off button works and flying normally should be ok.

The Fire 104 mini-quad ($48 at BG with code c34f5c) is the only model I can find that has integrated Spectrum Rx (DSM2/DSMX but not DSM), using naze 32

Hobbyking™ Edge 32bit Acro Naze32 BRUSH Brushed Micro Flight Control Board

Eachine 32bit ACRO NAZE32_BRUSH Brushed Flight Control Board Base on Naze32 for DIY Micro FPV Frame

build for brush quad using cheap board

How to BIND a Spektrum Sat RX via Cleanflight (5 min 55 sec)

Banggood/Eachine SP Racing F3 EVO based Brushed FC Set-up Guide For Spektrum Sat Receivers

F3 Brushed Flight Controller Review
F3 Brushed Flight Controller Review (13 min 17 sec)

PVC Foam Board Sheet (Celtec) - White - 24 IN x 48 IN x 2 MM Thick ( PVC Foam Board Sheet (Celtec) - White - 24 IN x 48 IN x 2 MM Thick)
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Drivers issues when flashing Betaflight/Cleanflight firmware

F4 V5PRO Flight Controller
DutchRC - GEPRC AX5 Airbus MONSTER Quad ! Part 3: How to install the Flight Controller (F4 V5 Pro) (21 min 3 sec)

Fontic FPV 5.8Ghz Circular Polarized Clover Leaf Antenna High Gain Aerial Set w/RP-SMA Plug

need RP-SMA male for antenna
MCX-SMA connector antenna

EMAX Skyline32+OSD Flight Controller!!

MINIMOSD W/ KV TEAM MOD V2.0 - good quality

Suppo OSD is the cheapest to do that. Accuracy not the best, but still very useful. low quality, but hey it has GPS and only costs $50. I use it. Skylark OSD and CE OSD also in that low cost basic price range.

Storm OSD is the next step up, and is better quality, plus allows you to have autopilot if you wish. It uses a Barometer for altitude, which is better than any GPS, but can still have errors. The amps and mAH are way out of calibration at this time. Costs about $140. I use it and I like it. But it is still an econobox OSD.

The basic EZOSD can be set up to work great and is reliable and well designed, but has minimal features for about $170. Note sure if it has baro? anyone?

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You have to keep in mind that surface vehicles use 50% throttle for "neutral". So the only way your vehicle would stop with no throttle and no brakes would be with the throttle stick at 50%. All the way down would be applying full brakes..... unless.....

Here is An Idea....
Set up the car under a helicopter memory and use a throttle curve with 50% throttle when the stick is all the way down, 75% at mid stick, and 100% at full throttle. Then put the brake servo on the rudder channel, so that you pull the throttle all the way down for neutral, then use left or right on the same stick for brakes.... Actually thinking about it, that could work really well, and you wouldn't have to worry about modifying the radio with a spring on the throttle, making it useless for planes!!! You could also use the idle up switch as sort of a failsafe to keep the throttle servo from moving when you dont want it to. Set the "normal" throttle curve with 50% throttle on all 5 points, so when the switch is in the 'normal' setting the throttle servo will stay at "neutral" regardless of throttle position, the heli version wont send a throttle signal if you turn it on with the idle up switch in a position other than normal. Then set the points under "stunt 1" like this: L=50%, 1=inh, 2=75%, 3=inh, H=100%. That will give you a linear throttle from neutral to full throttle by moving the stick from 0% to 100% (the bottom to the top), instead of having to stay above 50% on the stick.

Just get these for
Part Number: 57497FJ021 ; 57497FJ020 from Heuberger Subaru Parts etc @ 155USD and have ur cut & dealer program them

How to - KK2.0 firmware update - Windows - eluminerRC (4 min 23 sec)

KK2 V1.5 with larger gyro window

KK2 setup video for the Tricopter V3
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partial list of 3d scan software available for general public.
site scan
ContextCapture center
123D catch

123D Catch - How to Make 3D Models from Pictures
123D Catch - How to Make 3D Models from Pictures (6 min 59 sec)

3DS max, mudbox

list of 3d printers
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Arduino: How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot (5 min 29 sec)

2S 1200 Mah lithium battery-

2S battery charger-

Download The Arduino Code:

note- you have to install the AfMotor library first:

Check out the instructable:
Science & Technology
Standard YouTube License

ATmega328P CH340G UNO R3 Board & USB Cable for Arduino DIY MC

Keyes HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor/Distance Measuring Module for Arduino

Avoidance tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis 2WD For Ultrasonic For Arduino ( complete kit- $32)

robotic site sell parts

arduino project idea

project using uno board

Arduino Tutorial #1 - Getting Started and Connected! (37 min 26 sec)
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Maglite to LED using Lipo

very bright LED
This is not my writing. just information i came across for reference.

Alkaline Battery Shoot Out

Have you ever wondered…
Which brand of battery is better? Are they all the same? Is the “Industrial” version better than the regular version, or how about the “Plus” version? Does “Heavy Duty” mean it works better? Are the private labeled batteries rejects from the name brand battery manufacturers?

I found myself wondering the same things, and decided to do a series of tests.

I picked a variety of batteries. While my list is far from exhaustive, I think this is a good representation. The graphs are pretty full, but if I have made any glaring omissions, additional data may be added in table form.

Battery Capacities:
Alkaline battery capacities are listed at a reduced load that is typically well below the demands of a lot of our lights. The capacity is reduced at higher load levels. Energizer lists the following capacities for comparison:
Energizer Max
AAA 1.250 Amp Hours
AA 2.850 Amp Hours
C 8.350 Amp Hours
D 18.000 Amp Hours

Graph Nomenclature:
Ah = Amp Hours
Wh = Watt Hours
M = Minutes

The battery line up:
Duracell Copper Top – Name brand
Energizer Max – Name...Continue Reading
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How to Waterproof an ESC
RC ADVENTURES - Waterproof an ESC - TEKIN FXR Model (11 min 8 sec)

how to pick brushless car motor

HPI Trophy Flux Buggy motor mount
Turnigy TrackStar 4068 2560KV 1/8th Brushless Motor - $41
Turnigy TrackStar 150A 1/8th Scale Brushless -$82
Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack
Spur 51T, Pinion 19T

using EMaxx motor plate for $9
motor mount is $45, direct fit.

Lx2e/ Lx1e, GTP2e share almost same part to ULTRA LX models
30675 - motor mount - $29.95
30694 - motor 1900kv 5mm shaft - $120
30665 - Pinion 14 teeth - $13
30120 - Spur 44 teeth - $12
30695 - ESC 90A - $220
30662 - Ofna Battery case/ receiver box kit - no price

For Lx2e, stock is 13 pinion, 55 spur

Novak 6.5 conversion 5000mah 3s - run 20 mins

HK TrackStar 150A 8th scale ( 4S) - $76.65
Turnigy 8th scale 4pole 2100kv (5s) - $39.75

parking lot anyway to get a clean run @ 18/54 ( pinion/Spur). The best I could get with that gearing was 63mph ( 4s with this motor)

another coverted buggy http://www....Continue Reading
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919.176850 -- motor is mo-6436


DeWalt 5 Hp Motor
Electric Motors Pivot Bracket Style 5 Hp Motor

5 Hp Motor
Brand: DeWalt

Model/Part Number: D20659 (Z-D20659)

This item fits the following models:

Pivot Bracket Style
Sears Craftsman - 919.156520
Porter Cable Parts - CPLC7060V1 - Type 1
Sears Craftsman - 919.176450
Sears Craftsman - 919.175960
DeVilbiss Parts - 66-750
Sears Craftsman - 919.184192$_3.JPG
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cheap DLG for $75 with hotwire foam -
old thread, but lots of talk on the hotwire material -
Weekend Project: 5-Minute Foam Factory (4 min 55 sec)

How to make a Hot Wire Foam Cutter w/ FREE 12" NICHROME (8 min 19 sec)
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something much powerful then our lipo.
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LED Lumen to Watt
To replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 1600 lumens. If you want something dimmer, go for less lumens; if you prefer brighter light, look for more lumens.
Replace a 75W bulb with an LED bulb that gives you about 1100 lumens
Replace a 60W bulb with an LED bulb that gives you about 800 lumens
Replace a 40W bulb with an LED bulb that gives you about 450 lumens

print car body with design. Liquid Masking Film

prop saver video

My plans changed i decided to go pylon instead of folder.

i'd like $120 plus shipping and fees, so $130 out the door

you could do the following setups on this

13x8 on 3S, pulling 38A, glider, warmliner to 2.5m, Siren, Orion, all esprit glider etc..
14x6 on 3S pulling 31A, glider, very warmliner up to 2.5m (slower, more thrust)
10x12 on 3S pulling 45A small pylon racer, 50", decent speed, Swift, or reverb from hobbyking, plasma etc.. sunracer
10x12 on 4S pulling 74A, fly burst, up to 8 seconds throttle, Swift, or reverb from hobbyking, plasma etc.. sunracer
10x17 on 4S pulling 90A, fly burst up to 5 seconds throttle. Swift, or reverb from hobbyking, . sunracer, xplane, viper
14x14 on 4S, fly on switch, 3 to 4 seconds burst, 100A ESC
Swift, or reverb from hobbyking, . sunracer, xplane, viper
12.8x13 on 4S fly on switch,...Continue Reading
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my private box in rc group is full, if anyone need to email me, please send email to
[email protected]. will try to fix my rc group mail box within these few days.
Posted by bigtruck169 | Feb 23, 2015 @ 03:23 PM | 73,145 Views - some cheap kit boat - drive shaft set

Creating a solid mount for the motor is imperative. Attach wood to the inside of the hull with epoxy and mount your motor mount to the wood. Be warned that the plastic hulls are generally on the thin side and will have a good amount of give to them. This is another reason to use wood to stiffen the area where the motor mounts. Don't be surprised if there is some slight "twisting" of the hull when the motor is fully torqued.
When getting a rudder, it is possible to get a rudder with a built in water pick-up for the cooling system. When using these, it is very important to get the prop as close as possible to the rudder. The prop wash is what forces the water through the tubing. No prop wash, no flow. The forward motion of the boat is NOT enough to move the water through the tubes. (Learned that one the hard way


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1 hp = 746 Watts.
EDF - 85% exhaust reduction Fan swept area( FSA)
you want it the exact same size as the rear of the edf tube, but in a normal configuration, you could vary the size of the opening depending on what speed you want more thrust at... a smaller opening will give less initial thrust, but will give more thrust when the plane is up to speed, allowing a higher top speed, where a larger opening will give more initial thrust, but will give less thrust once the plane is up to speed, meaning a lower top speed....
FSA caluclater -

Micro EDF Jets and Power Systems

the longer the inlet duct, the larger the inlet area should be. a good compromise would be an 85% FSA inlet, with an 85% FSA exhaust area. as a rule of thumb, you should never go smaller on the inlet, than the exhaust are

Intake area depends on the complexity of the internal ducting. corsair Nut had and F86 with an intake area roughly 70% of FSA and it performed very well. With a straight duct, smaller intake.area will work well. In complex shaped duct, I doubt that intake area would have worked as well.

Having said that, try to aim.for an intake area between 85% and 100% of your fans FSA. This will give you the beas performance overall. The smaller the intake area, the faster your top end speed will be, but static performance will be lower.

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