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Posted by Green Fuel Boy | Jun 24, 2015 @ 03:29 PM | 13,091 Views
Here is how mine is set up on my DLE 35 RA

Pinion: Rhino 12T .6 pitch 5mm shaft pinion gear was used "T-Rex 500 pinion". The pinion is long and it will not fit through EME starter bracket because it is bigger on one end. The pinion is wider at the set screw. I drilled the hold in the starter frame a couple drill sizes bigger but that probably was not needed to be done.

Turnigy 3548/1100 KV motor. This motor was over kill but it should work for the bigger engines too. I had to reverse the motor 5mm shaft and add a couple of flat spots for the set screws. I am not using a c-clip on the motor shaft. I am using a couple of brass washers for shims between the pinion and motor to take up the slack. That way the motor does not walk forward and back.

Spacer adapter: I had a spacer made for the motor. The motor has a 5mm shaft with a bolt pattern of 25 and 19. I used the 19mm pattern to bolt the motor to the EME starter frame. I used the other two bolt holes to mount the spacer to the motor with countersunk screws. Spacer thickness with my calipers was .310" but I could have it at .300" if I wanted to make the pinion stick out over the idle gear a bit farther.

After building this I had a thought I could have added a longer shaft to the motor and bolted the motor to the frame with out a spacer. But the pinion I choose is hard and not drilled all the way through at 5mm. So the pinion would not just slide on backwards for a easy installation. I will look for another pinion that is drilled all the way for my next build and see if it will work.

Rhino 12T pinion link below:

Turnigy 3542/1100kv brushless motor link below:

Turnigy 60amp speed controller link below:

Turnigy nano-tech A-SPEC G2 2200 lipo battery link below:

PolyMax 3.5mm Gold Connectors for motor/ESC link below:
Posted by Green Fuel Boy | Oct 08, 2014 @ 01:02 AM | 10,284 Views
Here a couple pictures of the Saito 170 with Keleo Creations ring and CH ignition. I am installing this engine on a Great Planes Stearman. I will post more pictures later.
Posted by Green Fuel Boy | Jun 10, 2013 @ 11:49 AM | 10,641 Views
Hi everyone,

I am just like everyone in this hobby I am not rich. I buy and buy fly crash and buy again. I get a build up of extra stuff and sometimes sell the surplus on RCG. I have had some really great deals here and plan to look for more. I want to thank all of the sellers who gave me the great deals. I am looking forward to this flying season I will attend several float fly's and some giant scale events. I will try to keep the sun on my back and my planes in the air. I just bought a new Pilot RC Yak54 things will be looking up!