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$30--Local sale only. No shipping at this time.

I bought this S-1 for $30 from Dennis and flew it once at La Bajada.

Honestly, it's just not my bag. I found it quite disconcerting to constantly have to remind myself, "It flies backward. It flies backward."

When I got it from Dennis, the vertical fin was broken loose from the fuselage. I CA'd it. When I landed at La Bajada, the fin popped loose again. I CA'd it again, and that's how it is now. The covering on the canard has a couple of small, dimpled holes.

I'm selling it with no receiver and no battery pack (as I got it). It has four HS-55 servos--canard elevator, rudder, and two ailerons. Included is a spare, uncovered canard/elevator.
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Not pictured: Separate identical box containing 2nd fuselage, 2nd canopy, another set of spoilers and other bits and pieces....Continue Reading
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LP and I arrived on Thursday afternoon to very cold and very windy conditions. Intermittent snow flurries hounded us from time to time and we retreated into the cab of LP's Land Cruiser.

We did fly in short bursts, though. LP flew his Scout Bee (flying wing) and I flew my Combat XR (flying wing). We went to Greer for a great dinner at Molly B's. We "camped" on top of Greens Peak that night, me in my 4Runner and LP in his Land Cruiser. It was a cold and blustery night, but the clouds had cleared enough earlier for us to see the conjunction of the Moon and Venus.

Dan, Ed, and Richard S arrived on Friday, a much improved day. The wind was high, though--about 20 to 30 mph most of the day.

There was carnage.

Ed was first into the trees with his Scout Bee. From launch to tree impact was maybe 20 seconds. The plane ended up on the ground, though, with no damage.

LP also put his Scout Bee in the trees--also without damaging it.

Richard S was flying his old 2-meter Alcyone, putting it through its paces for the first time in years. He flew quite a while, but on setup for landing, a gust of wind slapped it to the ground from about ten feet up.

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Attendees & planes:

Brian T: Mamba flying wing
Dan: Le Fish, Lava Buster
Ken: Libelle, Scout Bee flying wing
LP: Pike Perfect, Bee flying wing, Libelle
Matt: Hacker flying wing, Vortex DLG
Rocky: HalfBad flying wing, Combat XR flying wing, Swift II flying wing

Wind was around 20 all day, as smooth and as steady and as unwaveringly out of the west as we could recall.


Ken had a beautiful, never-before-thrown Scout Bee (flying wing). Matt and Rocky verified the setup and Rocky threw it off the cliff for its maiden toss. It flew as if on rails! Nice job, Ken! Later, however, Ken was practicing loops from the chair-line and a loop recovery dipped below his line-of-sight over the lip, resulting in a crash down below. Ken's first La Bajada "walk of shame" followed. There was little damage, thankfully.

Dan flew another plane partly resurrected from the dregs of the barn--the newly-named Lava Buster. It was a meld of a barn fuse and a pair of heavy, sheeted foam wings from Mike C. It was another marvelous-flying Dan creation.

LP was relatively subdued due to continuing jet-lag from his recent European concert tour. He logged 3 hours and 20 minutes of stick time though.

Brian had to leave early and missed out on lunch.

Horseman's Haven was wonderful, as usual.

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Attendees & planes:

Bill: Fling 1.5m
Dan: Redback (RIP), Steigesen, Yellow Winged Lightweight
Ken: Libelle
Kirby: Gogi, Easy Glider
Matt: Hacker flying wing
Richard S: Weasel, RedPlane
Rocky: HalfBad, Combat XR, DIU
Skyler: Scout Bee

Winds were around 15, but sometimes dropped significantly for a bit as thermals blew through.

Bill and Skyler flew at La Bajada for the first time. Bill drove his compact passenger car out to the cliff, only bottoming out four times! It has about 5 inches of ground clearance. Dan had re-built the RedBack to try to eliminate its spontaneous tendency to enter an unrecoverable flat spin, but it flew horribly and he stripped and dumpstered it when he got home. Matt maidened his wing with a toss off the cliff. It flew with zero trim adjustments and was rock stable. He flew combat against Skyler's Scout Bee and Rocky's HalfBad, with Skyler scoring one point against the Hacker wing after what seemed to be hours of attempts to hit one another. Richard's Weasel was too light to penetrate and never really made it in front of the lip, but the RedPlane handled its maiden toss off the cliff like a true lady. Ken got lots of stick time on the Libelle, including continuing roll practice.

Horseman's Haven was wonderful, as usual.

We really missed LP and Olive.
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The winds were supposed to be 15 or so at 11am, building to the mid-20s by afternoon. We arrived about 11:30 and found only relatively light breezes at the cliff. Frequent but not booming thermal activity frequently pulled the lift away so you were smart to stay near the lip if you were at all low.

Fliers and planes:

Brian T: Libelle
Dan: unknown Cookie, Steigeisen
Ken: Radian electric, Libelle
Kirby & Olive: Blaster, Radian electric
LP: Libelle, Buzz, Orangutan
Matt: Radian electric, Supra electric
Richard S: Easy Glider electric
Rocky: DIU, Halfbad

Around 1pm, a menacing thunderstorm approached from the southwest and we beat feet outta there. Kirby and Brian went home, but the rest of us went to Horseman's Haven for a wonderful lunch.

Ken suggested that since the storm had apparently passed and we were all the way up there, we should try the cliff again. Dan and Richard headed home, but LP, Matt, and Rocky agreed to head back out.

The rest of the afternoon provided light but steady and incredibly smooth winds. Libelles were the choice for Ken and LP. I flew my DIU. Matt borrowed the sticks from Ken for some Libelle time. Ken and Matt, inspired by LP's flying, spent quite a while working on getting their rolls to be more axial.

The low point of the trip was a sidewall blowout that Ken's Acura suffered on the dirt road on the way out.

All-in-all, however, it was a marvelous time!

Slope Soaring, La Bajada, 10-26-14 (4 min 28 sec)

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On Wednesday, October 1, Dan, LP, Brian T, Ken, Kirby, Olive, and I went to La Bajada for some slope flying. The weather and wind were Goldilocks--not too hot and not too cold, not too blowy and not too lully. I'm guessing that the wind speed ranged from about 10mph to about 18mph.

Dan flew his 60" Cookie, Martin Wing, and Red Wing.
LP flew his Orangutan, Scout Bee, Libelle, and Brian's LeFish.
Brian and Ken flew their Libelles.
Ken also flew his PopWing, though briefly.
Kirby flew his Easy Glider and his Blaster.
I flew my new (used) Combat Wings XR flying wing

and my HalfBad.

In a first for me at La Bajada, no one "landed" below the lip--there were NO walks of shame! In addition, though some of the "landings" were quite un-hissy, there was no damage incurred by any of the planes flown the entire day! Everyone got lots of stick time and at one point all six of us had a plane in the air.

If any of you who were there have any pictures of the event, please email them to me off the list and I'll add them to this post.

--Slope Mother Rocky

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We had a great turnout for our Father's Day outing to La Bajada. Attendees were as follows:

Kirby and Olive brought an Easy Glider, but a wiring gremlin prevented them from flying it.

LP flew his Bee wing, Slope Monkey, Libelle and Brian T's Le Fish.

Dan flew his yellow Cookie-ish vee-tail and Omega 1.5-meter.

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The trip to South Baldy Peak starts with a drive to Socorro and then west toward Magdalena. You turn left and go up Water Canyon on a long, but well-maintained, dirt road. LP had tried to fly here a year or so ago, but after five minutes it was so cold that he couldn't feel his fingers and had to quit. I think he said that was on a warm November day at lower elevation.

It took about 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive to the small parking area outside the gate.

No private vehicles are allowed past the gate. The walk to the flying site is about 300 yards. At over 10,000 feet, and carrying all of your planes and gear, it'll test your cardio-vascular system.

The view from the top is spectacular. (Click on the black bar above this picture, then scroll your screen left and right to view the full width.)

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Brian Tracey
Dan Tandberg
Rocky Stone
L. P. How
Brian Caven

BT, Dan, and Rocky arrived first. BT flew a motorized Radian Pro, Dan flew the Steigeisen DLG with a custom empennage, and Rocky flew an EZ Glider with a steel rod inside the wing joiner rod. We flew close to an hour continuously in great lift, but with occasional lulls. LP joined us and flew a greenish plane that I can never remember the name of. At one point a hawk flew up to investigate Dan's plane, then folded his (her?) wings and did an incredible high-speed dive at a 45-degree angle just in front of us down below the lip. A few minutes later, he/she reappeared, only to fold wings and dive again, off to the left. BC showed up and put together his ASW-?

The wind had freshened considerably and those of us in the air decided to land and pull out some heavier models. I flew left and high, walked down the road parallel to the cliff, turned downwind (misjudging the strength of the wind), then landed reasonably well about 40 yards short of my intended spot. BT also had problems with the wind. BC was helping him keep an eye on the Radian, but it quickly shrunk to a spot in the distance far downwind from the cliff. When it "landed", they saw a huge explosion of dust. Rocky and BT found the broken fuselage and intact wings about a half mile east of the slope. In the meantime, Dan had also tried to land, but had also been blown far downwind. It took a
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From: Brian Tracey <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 5:24 PM
Subject: La Bajada today

Hey Rocky,
Some sloping happened today. Winds were 0-15mph. LP flew his Buzz Evo and Its a great deal of fun to watch it....its fun just to look at it.
Also flying today (drum roll please).....Le Fish and Alula. LP did most of the flying but I did fly the Alula for a few minutes and the Le Fish for less than that. Had a couple of near misses with the rocks, and a couple of corresponding, very lucky saves. These shots were taken with an iphone. Cant wait to go back!

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When: Wednesday, February 19
Where: La Bajada cliff
Who: LP, Brian Tracey, Ed, Rocky
What: Wind and fun

LP flew his Slope Monkey and Orangutan (and something else??) with his usual expertise and flair.

Ed flew his Wicked Wing and later learned that HIS plane has a red bottom and that ROCKY'S plane is white with black stripes. Always look at and pretend to fly your OWN plane--not Rocky's! While Ed was flying my plane, his plane peeled off and crashed down the hill. LP graciously retrieved it for him--thankfully undamaged.

Brian took lots of pictures with his impressive equipment (photo equipment, that is). They'll be available later.

Rocky flew his DIU, his Half Bad, and his Pylon Racer.

Toward the end, the winds had risen to 40 to 45 mph and that made it a challenge! Rocky and LP both repeatedly launched only to be blown back into the rotor. Tough slopers, however, are made to withstand such abuse!

We retired to Horseman's Haven for a wonderful late lunch.

Thanks to Ed for the attached pictures!

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I've been Greens Peaking for about six years--almost always all three of the scheduled dates. This was, overall, the best wind/weather that I can recall. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all wonderful. The only complaint I think anyone could voice would be that there weren't any times that were light enough winds to fly an Alula. Most any other plane had several perfect opportunities to fly.

It wasn't all good, however. As Richard S said, his injured back precluded attendance of the Shagam contingent at the pot-luck dinner. Richard did get to fly his Zagi a bit before leaving. Buzz and Deanna, Taylor, and Terry also headed home Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, there was considerable carnage on Saturday. The trees and the hill claimed several planes, two Shrikes among the injured.

Terry's Shrike went into the trees, as did his Schweitzer 1-26 after the fin folded in flight. Neither plane was badly damaged. His Zagi flew a couple of times but suffered a broken elevon.

Buzz's Shrike went into the hill hard--due, I think, to a total loss of control. Receiver? Battery?

Taylor flew his Zagi (and maybe others that I didn't see). When he left, he forgot his DLG-ish plane that was stashed out of the wind in the low-hanging bough of a fir tree. I collected it and brought it back to town.

Matt and Everest ripped up the sky with their DLGs. Skyler's old foamy A-10 tried to fly on Friday, but performed horribly, crashed and broke. Matt...Continue Reading
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This is for Dave...
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Memorial Day 2012 -- Greens Peak outing

Due to conflicts and predicted heavy winds, we had a smaller club turnout than usual. Dan, Terry, and I joined Dawson, Surfimp, Swiss Peter, three guys from Phoenix, and Chris and his father-in-law. Saturday followed through on the predicted high winds. There was little attempted flying--none by us. Sunday, however, was a different story.

Terry arrived early and promptly put his Wing Warrior in the trees. My PVC poles came to the rescue.

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On April 1, 2012, LP, Dan, Richard Shagam, and Rocky went to the La Bajada slope site...

Dan concentrates before turning the Blue Sloper downwind for a landing behind him.

The Blue Sloper on final approach.

The La Bajada Bomber flies! (This was an old, severely damaged wing given to Dan by Fred McClung mated to a fuselage from Rocky's barn and all-flying stabs from something-or-other.)
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Since I keep getting questions about my keychain camera #11, I'm going to post this here so I don't have to keep searching for the information...

Post #3 describes turning the time/date display off.

This post ( talks about which Micro SD card to get to go with the camera. Note, the battery in the camera only lasts about an hour. A card larger than 4GB isn't necessary. But a relatively fast-writing card is (Class 4 minimum--the Class 10 cards aren't that much more from

I bought mine from this seller: hxelepro360 on eBay
HD Car Camera DV DVR Video Mini Driving Recorder H.264

This post ( tells how "flash the firmware" on the camera to eliminate the camera feature that stops the recording every 20 minutes and saves. If you perform the update, you can record the full capacity of the card or the camera battery if you wish to do so.
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On Saturday, July 16, 2011, LP and I embarked on a slope expedition to the Gunnison, Colorado, environs. Though the wind forecasts for the weekend were bleak (3 to 5 mph), we maintained hope. LP loaded 14 planes and I took 5. I inadvertently left the tails to my Alula, Weasel, and Kaze 40 on my workbench at home. LP had an extra Alula tail and I cut a Weasel tail out of 5mm depron that he had.

Our first stop had been recommended to LP by a Colorado sloper as worthy of investigation. We christened the site "Gobbler Peak" after the sounds of a turkey we heard while there. As predicted, winds were light and we flew the Alula and DIU in the direction labeled "1st flights" below.

The landing areas were not ideal--either hard, wing-grabbing sagebrush or rock-littered earth with sparse grass. Great views, though.

We did some exploring and tried another ridge, but the road was 4wd only and the landing areas weren't any better. We moseyed back to the first location but the wind had changed and we settled at the "Evening flights" slope. More DIU and Alula action...

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LP arrived Friday. Big wind. He flew his Whirlwind (big, molded plane--pictured below at La Bajada),

then stripped a flap servo on landing. There was also a slight delam on the stab. He spent the night on top of the mountain and said the wind didn't relent all night long.

As Richard said, Dan & Richard, Terry, and Rocky arrived Saturday. Dawson (Flagstaff), Mark (Showlow), Rick Palmer (Springerville), and Hap (Tucson) were there also. The wind was 30 to 40 mph. No wimps allowed!

Dawson flew an LEG Spindrift,

his Le Fish, and a Zagi (or some similar flying wing). As always, the rest of us were mesmerized watching Dawson's flying skills and acumen. His snap rolls transitioning into flat spins with the Spindrift are amazing.

LP ripped up the sky with his Stingeron (right LP?), and danced his Bee II (flying wing), and Scout Bee (larger flying wing).

Mark flew a Moth (plank).

Terry flew the Schweitzer 1-26,
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