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Posted by antennahead | Dec 06, 2016 @ 02:04 AM | 6,378 Views
video of the first test flight of my new Tarot GoPro 3DIII three axis gimbal. I did not change any settings. I do not have a GoPro, so I removed some material from the edges of my Xiaomi Yi camera so that it would fit into the gimbals GoPro holder and took it out for a flight. the gimbal had a little vibration in forward flight that was causing some Jello. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results. I hope it will only take some slight tuning to get it perfect.

Tarot 3DIII metal gimbal test (11 min 3 sec)

Posted by antennahead | Oct 18, 2015 @ 04:12 PM | 123,314 Views
First flights on my new project today, and it was a complete success!! I have been slowly building up a hoverthings flip FPV . I added the extended arms so that it will accept 13 inch props. I installed Garrt 3508 415 kv motors . For props, I used the DJI inspire 13x4.5 quick release props. Motors are controlled with hobby wing 40 amp Xrotor esc's . I chose an APM pro flight controller with a neo 8 gps/compass. For power, I'm using a 6s 3700 zippy compact lipo, all controlled with Dragonlink mounted to a taranis pro transmitter. It's first flights were today, on stock pids, I set all of the flight modes to stabilize just for its first flight. I was pleasantly surprised when it lifted gently from the ground and hovered perfectly level without a lot of stick input. After flying it around for a little while, I landed it and added alt hold and position hold to two of the flight modes and flew it again. The alt hold was pretty good, and will only require some slight tuning. The position hold was rock solid, I was very impressed even more impressive was the GPS locking onto 18 sats within 30 seconds cold. I have been struggling with 2 other APM builds for awhile, and it felt great when my flip fired up, and flew so well right off the bench My main goal for this build was for FPV and long flight times. I'm hopping to get about 30 minutes of hover time and better than 15 minutes of flying time. After a little tuning, I will be adding FPV gear.
Posted by antennahead | Dec 25, 2014 @ 04:16 PM | 8,583 Views
a screen shot from my video feed of my friend and I trying some FPV formation flying on chistmas Eve 2014
Posted by antennahead | Sep 30, 2014 @ 02:41 PM | 8,582 Views
Ok, it's been forever since I updated my blog. Lots of planes have been through the hanger, nothing special , or ground breaking., nothing that isn't covered in a thread on RCG, Just hanging out at the field and having fun flying.

Quite a few years ago, I started acquiring components to start flying FPV. It took some time to acquire all of the components, as I only wanted quality gear. In the fall and winter of 2012 I finally was able to put together an FPV ground pounder using a Kyosho blizzard sr mostly just as a first test of all of my FPV gear.

Kyosho blizzard FPV half mile run (11 min 35 sec)

Then in the spring of 2013 I flew for the very first time FPV on my spider quad. I had a blast flying this quad through the summer. I didn't manage to catch much video, as it always seems to have problems, and I'm constantly doing repairs, or adjustments and can't seem to have the camera rolling at the same time that everything mechanical falls into place, and I capture that perfect flight. Anyway , here's a couple videos of some of the good and one of the bad.
The good,
FPV practice (5 min 55 sec)
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Posted by antennahead | Sep 15, 2008 @ 01:50 AM | 11,471 Views
Well, after being a member on here for some time now, I guess I got a little sick of this blank space and have decided to do something about it. I'm completely new at rc airplanes and heli's and although I had tried building and flying an rc airplane at around 13 years of age, I was not at all successful. my first attempt was to build an all balsa plane over the winter. I spent all of my paper route money on a hobby lobby 4 channel transmitter (about $100 at the time) and although I do not remember the exact airplane it was, I believe it was manufactured by Sig. ( ARF's were unheard of at the time )After 6 months of building, I took it to a large field, fired the engine and let her rip. after a short take off run, it started to climb, banked to the right and crashed bad. I never even thought of seeking the help of an experienced rc pilot. after a little thought, I decided to build a glider, they must be easier to fly.......I called tower hobbies and shortly had a glider kit on it's way. After another 6 months or so of building, I hooked it up to my hi start and let it go, about 20 feet in the air, the wings folded and the high start proceded to drag the airframe another 200 feet through some really rough ground. I'm sure my building techniques were not up to par and my first clue that a career in carpentry just wasn't for me. fast forward 30 years. A friend of mine dragged me to the annual hobby show in chicago......and I got hooked again, planes everywhere........and they...Continue Reading