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A friend of mine who had a 4 days bought a new house and decided to stop flying for the time being (I do not know how long he will be able to stay away, as his father was a modeles and he grew up on the flying fields). When he heard that I crashed my one decided to give me his. It is not exactly the same, but very close and came with a shortened 8x3.8 slow flight prop which is not very efficient that I did not change yet. Its weight is 365 gr (without battery) as wings are covered with paper and also dimensions are slightly different. If I had to make another one I would make the nose 5/6 mm longer to help balance, even if also on this balancing weight is not needed, but it is on the limit.. the first video has been shooted with my phone and "Cinema FV-5" app on autofocus (no zoom) the second with about x2 zoom but I admit I will need more practice to keep the plane within the frame. As you can see the image is much better (on focus)

4 days b1 (5 min 13 sec)

4 days b2 (5 min 6 sec)
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It has been a long time (over 4 years) from my last post and now I wish to show the first model made with my "modified GLH II wings". Actually it has been built nearly 4 yers ago and it has been named "4 days" which is the time needed to make it from materials to first flight. We made over 20 model as many that saw it flying wanted to get one. Many flights during its life, but last year I crashed it loosing elevator (reason unknown), but I have a video that you can see here :

4 days (5 min 7 sec)

It has been shooted with my smartphone on autofocus (no zoom) and that is why the image is not perfect.

wingspan 84 cm
length 70 cm
weight probably around 390/400 gr without battery as I covered the wings with bristol board.
motor D2826 2200kv
ESC 30A 2-4s
Prop 7x6
battery 2200mAh 2s (yes 2s) 30C

If you like speed you can use a 2200mAh 3s 30C with a 7x5 prop (40A ESC) and you get a little devil or a 4s with a 6x4 or 6x5 prop to get a BIG devil (only beware of wing stress).
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This is a Frankenstein version of the Nutball/IFO/Bug/Heart Shaped Flyer/Albatross foam plane. No step, just flatplate.
9mm EPP, all laminated with copy shop laminate, 2212 1400kv motor/8inch prop/800mah lipo/ 350 grams AUW, 23inch WS.
Just maidened and it flies really nice, like a conventional airplane when I want and also can do high alpha and really fast rolls but when I let
go of the stick, the dihedral flips it upright so I don't get lost during the roll.
Needs more flying to get a real handle on it but it is pretty cool.

Fun to fly but ended up in tree. Had to tape together a bunch of fishing pole sections and a walking stick together then stood on seat of ebike
to poke it down but got it back. Love how it rights itself if I let go of sticks. Is a bit too heavy and loops are weird and underpowered for some
reason - too heavy I guess. Maybe so tail heavy that it can't drop the nose easily to loop. CG is rather far back but battery is as far forward as possible so guess I may have to add some weight to nose or just give it some throttle.
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Nanolongrange V2 test flight (6 min 30 sec)

Smooth flight with my Nanolongrange V2 design ( I'm using the brand new BETAFPV 12A ELRS AIO board and the updated NamelessRC GPS which works really great. For better video I've enabled Fusion. If you want to build your own check
Nanolongrange V2 ELRS with Insta360 GO2 (8 min 12 sec)
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X7 pro Autpilot
*Car-Grade ADI sensor and industrial-grade compass
*Built-in shock absorption to adapt to different working conditions
*Three sets of Imus support intelligent failover
*Support temperature compensation,Make IMU working better
*Modular design,can be DIY carrier board
*Dedicated uavcan battery port
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My next project is to build Introduction F5J. First a lot of pictures of the wonderful kit. For moment I study this kit....Continue Reading
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The 3 Phase Stepper Motor is a hybrid stepper that comes with a two-phase where speed is not affected by the size of the load. The stepper works on the strictness of speed and position with continuous control. It is an electric motor that rotates its shafts at a fixed amount degree or in the angular position without any sensors.

As all with electric engines, stepper engines have a fixed part (the stator) and a moving part (the rotor). On the stator, there are teeth on which loops are wired, while the rotor is either a perpetual magnet or a variable hesitance iron center. We will jump further into the diverse rotor structures later

The fundamental working standard of the stepper engine is the accompanying: By empowering at least one of the stator stages, an attractive field is created by the current streaming in the loop, and the rotor lines up with this field. By providing various stages in arrangement, the rotor can be turned by a particular add-up to arrive at the ideal last position. The nema 23 stepper motor comes in different types and has different areas of functioning depending on one’s requirements and usage in the long run.

2 phase stepping motor|closed loop stepper|small stepper motor|buy stepper motor|nema 17 stepper motor
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Anyone tried to check out Gearbest ...

Every addy seems to be returning an invalid response ..

Is Gearbest gone ?

Read some stuff , that GB was recently going quiet !

Not that they were that great at responding , but ? Their website is

Been a while since I ordered something , but was there any warning ... ?

Did I look at something last week ?

The requested URL "[no URL]", is invalid.
Reference #9.9dc2ce17.1631247569.3d9f4d5c

Parent company - Bankruptcy ...
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The newest member of the rc plane manufacturer FMS multi-purpose aircraft lineup, the 1220mm Ranger retains all the outstanding features that pilots expect from FMS-stable flight characteristics, easy-to-assemble fuselage and realistic, general aviation-inspired design.

Made of ultra-light EPO foam, the large high-wing fuselage configuration provides Ranger with low wing loads and extraordinary lift, even at low speeds. The sturdy plastic struts provide extra strength for the wings during aerobatics, and the patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze.

An excellent wholesale model planes is inseparable from an excellent and reliable power system-FMS equipped the Ranger with a 3136/1200KV external rotor motor and a 20A Predator ESC, which allows the Ranger to climb vertically almost as needed!

In the box, the Ranger is equipped with two sets of landing gear-a high-strength metal landing gear for ground operations and a pair of floats with integrated rudders for water operations.

The ranger is designed with a high-visibility color scheme of yellow and white, which can always be easily positioned even in gloomy and cloudy weather.

Like Super-EZ and Kingfisher, Ranger is designed with ease of assembly in mind. Only 6 (wheeled landing gear) or 10 (floating) screws are required to fully assemble, and the longest waiting time is the time required to charge the battery!

Ranger is also the first FMS aircraft equipped with Reflex (Airborne Flight Stability System). After 2 years of production and hundreds of test flights under all conditions, the Reflex system has stable (accelerometer and gyroscope), optimized (gyro only) and manual (off) flight modes-a trusted co-pilot, very suitable Pilots of any skill level.

Don't miss one of the most revolutionary FMS aircraft, the Amphibious Ranger!
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One of my favorite WW2 stories came from the end of the Battle of Saipan (the D-day of the Pacific). After 240 American planes had been launched in late afternoon to find the Japanese fleet, they had a long return flight back to their aircraft carriers.

Then the sun set.

Many planes ran out of fuel and had to ditch into a dark sea. All the pilots were desperate.

Then several destroyers steamed ahead of the fleet to meet them. They were instructed to break all wartime protocol and turn on brilliant spotlights that pointed the way to the carriers.

The pilots saw the lights pointing home. 99 planes and 46 crew members didn't make it home that night, but the others found their way thanks to the spotlights.

Jesus said for His followers to be the "light of the world." We must keep pointing the only way Home through Jesus.
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The lion kingdom's oldest battery finally succumbed after 12 years. It was $90 in a Hobbytown retail store. After its flying years, it must have rolled 1000 miles. It had a self adhesive velcro for flying which was ripped off at great expense before its driving career began. It spent 2 days draining into some LEDs, then got the short circuit of death.
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I have two foam deltas that i built from scratch.
One is 40 " one is 36".
The smaller of the two is a edf , The 40 is a mid prop pusher & it screams.
I built up the foam & sanded a little roll on top for lift.
They both fly really well and the 40 slow flies like a champ.

sept 1rst jet wing (3 min 21 sec)

sept 1rst 40 tree strike (4 min 52 sec)
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I purchased the Tori Arf 2 m because of the fiberglass fuse and thin balsa built up poly wings with ailerons. The included Great Planes 10 motor and 40 amp ESC were measured with a 11/8 Super Carbon fiber folding prop mounted on a 38/4/8 BB aluminum folding spinne. The ESC must see full throttle then idle for normal operation. The brake works and .....With a 2200 Gold Racing 3S 35 C I measured 492 w, 46.7 amps, 10.4 volts. This exceeds the ESC so a smaller prop will be used for initial testing. A backup battery and diode will take over for ESC failure. Testing will include trimming a d flutter testing with flaperons using a NX8 and 637 T receiver.

The stock elevator and rudder pushrod screw clamps had too much play so we’re repack with .047” music wire keepers. The .047” wire was used to drill out the 2 horns. Wire was wound to allow sliding on the pushrods. After centering rudder and elevator they will be secured with solder.

The program was copied from the Conscendo spoileron program.
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All -

My Sweetheart and I took a mini vacation to my hometown and brought some RC planes to fly at the field...

The Colt 35 , Fast Eddie , Top Flite Schoolboy all electric and the 84" Chet Lanzo RC-1 with original 1938 Brown Junior .60 on spark ignition.

Fuel used in the Brown Junior is Coleman lantern ( white gas or close ) & 30% #30 non-detergent mineral oil.... One flip starts were the


Sorry, i was not able to get any video this weekend though....

The weather was decent ( not too hot, low wind ) Monday Sept 6, and gorgeous ( no wind, not too hot ) Sept 7th.

Best regards,

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Added VTX extention (1 min 12 sec)

Posted by nagas | Sep 08, 2021 @ 06:43 PM | 17,632 Views
This site was made for my buddy RickP for the demo flights of his Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2, White Knight 2 and combination of both.

Here is a video of Rick flying his Virgin Galactica Space Ship 2 at the site:

Virgin Galactic SS2 Flight (0 min 59 sec)

Links to the Virgin Galactic Craft:

Space Ship 2

White Knight 2

White Knight 2 and Space Ship 2

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Hello there, I have the Hubsan H123D Jet drone, I would like to know of anyone has got sport and acro modes working with a different TX Controller, I have the TX12 and it binds well but can't change from Manuel mode to sports or Acro mode, I also have the HT011A controller that I use but I can't change the modes only rates, Hubsan did bring out a controller a while back called HT011 with Acro and Sports mode switches but I can't find that one anywhere. There is also a tuning app you can now use I also wondered if anyone found good acro settings using it?. It's a good little quad for the money but stock controller isn't very good. Please can anyone help???
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Sep 08, 2021 @ 03:34 PM | 19,130 Views
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So the end of the first day of building.

This is happening around work, and other commitments, so I have no idea of the actual time this will take.

However, as of day one, the first side of the horizontal stabiliser is ready. The next side awaits.....

I do have to sand and shape the profile when the other side is finished..... Other than some filling needed, before covering, I am happy.

I have a very cheap belt sander that I am looking forward to trying out for the shaping of the profile. I will provide a video of the shaping with the sander.

I will also 3d print a simple profile gauge as well to help maintain the shape on every control surface..... I will post a picture of that as well, along with the STL file for anyone who would like to print one of these.....
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Seriously, I haven't been into Gliders or Sailplanes, but have owned a Radian and do have a Blaster 3 DLG, the Kunai warm-liner and a HK Walrus 1.4m with Flaps. So, when I saw this Phoenix fly at my club field a couple weekends ago and had to have one. First, I liked the large built-in wheel it has flaps, then I saw that the fuselage was a very durable plastic. Other than my last club president who introduced me to DLG gliders, I hadn't been around any "die hard" glider or sailplane pilots in any other clubs so, I really never learned the setup skills. So, now it's time to get started........


Brand Name: Volantex
Item Name: Phoenix V2
Item NO.: 759-2
Material: EPO & Plastic
Wingspan: 2000mm
Overall Length: 1132mm
Weight (without battery): 1000g
Motor: 4023 1050KV outrunner brushless motor
ESC: BL 30A brushless ESC
Servos: 9g x6
Propeller: 1060 Folding Propeller
Flaps: Yes (optional)
Retracts: No, fixed 2-3/4" wheel

ARF construction thread HERE because I know I'll modify a few things....