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Posted by Kmot | Jul 26, 2014 @ 02:10 PM | 17,090 Views
I have a Blade MQX mini quad and an Estes micro quad. I had been wanted a larger, camera capable quad like a DJI Phantom but the cost was out of my range.

Along comes Hobby King with their new Quanum Nova. I liked what I saw and so I ordered one. I have flown it 10 times now and I think it is pretty awesome.

I have mounted a GoPro camera on it and taken some video. I also wanted to be able to mount my Sony AS-10 camera and so I rigged up a mount using a Klinker clamp and some GoPro fittings.

Hansen Dam Lake - Quanum Nova - Sony AS 10 (5 min 52 sec)

Quanum Nova GoPro 3+ SE Aliso Canyon Park (5 min 40 sec)
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Posted by Kmot | Jul 26, 2014 @ 01:36 PM | 16,605 Views
I love the old "Air Knocker". Has always had a soft spot in my airplane favorites list.

I had the opportunity to buy a used E-Flite Aeronca 15e a few weeks ago. It sat unattended in my hangar for a few weeks until I had a chance to go through it this past week.

It needed a couple of small repairs to the covering, and the faux exhaust stacks replaced, and a strut brace re-glued.

Since I did not feel like buying an entire roll of covering to make the needed repairs I simply used clear packing tape to patch over the tears in the covering.

For the exhaust stacks, I glued in a couple of pieces of plywood, that I had drilled a 1/4 hole into and painted the surrounding area black. I next cut off a couple of 1" lengths of brass tube and glued them into place. Lastly I mixed up some paint to resemble oxidized steel exhaust pipes, and painted the brass tubes with it.

I also changed the connector on the ESC from a Dean's to an XT60.

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Posted by Kmot | Jul 26, 2014 @ 01:03 PM | 16,744 Views
I got a Tidewater this week, assembled it, and flew it's maiden flight this morning.

It's a sweet, gentle flying airplane that cruises slow and smooth at 1/3 throttle. It's really a pleasure to fly.

It goes on the water very nicely, easy to steer and tracks very straight when accelerating for take off.

Some issues I had with the model were the pushrod connectors using 2mm Phillips head screws. I could not get a good purchase on them to really tighten down on them. So I swapped them out for hex head screws.

Another issue is the paint trim. It looks great, but it does not stick on the foam very well. I had a piece of masking tape over some painted trim, for about 2 minutes and when I peeled back the tape it pulled the paint off with it.

Lastly, I use a Ernst airplane cradle with foam strips on the support arms. Just setting up the plane while in this cradle, the paint on the foam part of the fuselage hull rubbed off.

So all in all it's a pretty decently made model but the paint is very fragile.

It sure flies nice though!