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Posted by Kmot | Jul 14, 2012 @ 10:47 PM | 13,224 Views
I built the Tamiya TXT-1 monster truck and completed it in January 2002. I ran it on the stock Tamiya silver can motors for awhile and then I installed Trinity black can Monster Maxx motors.

In 2004 I installed a set of Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem motors along with MP Jet planetary gearboxes. This was because rock crawling was just starting to get popular and this particular truck had participated in the 1st RC4WD Rock Crawling Competition and I realized it needed to be geared down for use as a crawler.

But shortly the TXT-1 fell out of favor as a crawler because dedicated rock crawler designs came about rapidly.

With the planetary gearboxes on the motors and the other gearing in the transmission and differentials, it had a final drive ratio at the wheels of 213:1

Yeah, ridiculous torque and pulling power. Nothing could stop it. But, it was slow as molasses in winter!

I decided recently that I was going to pull the gearboxes from the motors and return it to it's former fast self. But not with the same old Trinity motors.

I have some very high power brushed motors from the days before the brushless revolution. These motors are nothing to sneer at. They make mind boggling power. So I decided I would try to fit a couple of them into the TXT-1. Looks like they will fit.

I will be using a pair of Velkom 2828/4 motors. These were manufactured by Model Motors of Czechoslovakia, the same company that now makes the popular AXI line of brushless motors.

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