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Posted by u2builder | Jan 05, 2013 @ 05:20 PM | 22,885 Views
Rebel Twin Boom
Here's a scratch built Twin Boom plane designed for FPV. The basic concept is from Waldo, a flying buddy.

It is made from EPP foam with Flying Foam Clark Y wing cores, 10" chord, 72" long. There are two CF spars on the top and the bottom of the wing. There is no dihedral. The wing is very stiff and strong.

The fuselage is made from 9mm EPP with a 1/16" ply floor and 1/4" basswood stiffeners on the top edges.

The wings and fuselage were sprayed with 3M 99 adhesive, painted, sprayed with 3M 99 again, and covered with 5mm Docolam.

Tailfeathers were orginally made from solid 1/4" balsa but the CG was hopeless far aft so I tossed them, stick built some new ones, and covered them with Monokote. These pushers can't take much weight out on the end of the boom.

Ailerons were made from aileron stock but these too were too heavy for my taste so I made them from balsa sheeted foam with a balsa spar.

All in all the new parts weighed half what the solid ones weighed. Booms are made from a couple of my sons cheapo CF golf clubs that were missing the club part. They said "Rebel" on them so I'll call this plane the "Rebel". I like the name.

I decided to add a landing gear. Rear is made form 1/8" aluminum sheet and the front is a castoring wire gear.

Servo's are Futaba S-3004's partially recessed into the foam wings and hot glued. I had started with some lighter servos but replaced them for more...Continue Reading