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Posted by u2builder | Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:28 AM | 21,460 Views
My latest obsession has been with quad and hex copters. Super easy to fly, they basically have computer stabilization and almost seem to be levitating.

I have a DJI F-450 Quad and a DJI F-550 Hex. They are stock configuratio with the Naza contoller and GPS.

I have a Go Pro camera I swap between them and have been shooting video and stills of my house and surroundings. But I have a lot of fun just flying them.

I learned to fly with little foamies in my yard, but the trees ate too many planes so I joined a club where I fly with the guys. But now I can walk out my front door and launch the little flying machine anytime I get the urge, which has been quite often,

I'll get some pictures posted eventually.

Update 12=27-2012:

Well, my multicopter flying has now evolved into FPV flying. I have both the quad and the hex set up with FPV equipment.

FPV is kind of like having a flying dream, except you can do it whenever you want. You gently transport yourself inches or many feet above the surroundings, and you can literally do that with a cheap video camera. If you wonder what it is like to see what a bird sees, this is absolutely the ticket.

I have 5.8 gHz TX's and ground based RX. The radio system consists of my trusty old Futaba 9C with a Frsky 2/4 telemetry module and D8R-XP receivers. The quad has a Skylark OSD and the hex has an Eagle Tree OSD. I am flying with the older model Fatshark Aviator Base edition goggles which I like a lot. I started with a small...Continue Reading