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Posted by SGTalon | Jun 28, 2008 @ 10:40 PM | 57,938 Views
So i have been a member here on RCGroups for 3 years or so. I stumbled across the site when i was looking for some information on electric planes.

I saw the stuff on scratchbuilt foamies and was totally shocked at the coolness i found.

So my first plane was a Steve Shumate Saab Gripen.

It was quite ambitious for a first project but it turned out great.

From there i built a Cool Turbo Raven 3D plane. Had lots of fun with it. Then i built a 3DBatix Extra 330... Holy crap is that a great plane design. I put over 300 flights on that plane before i had to retire it and build another one.

Over the past 3 years i have built about 30 planes about 20 of them were Designs from other people and i learned a lot about how to build them right. I have been working on my own designs from way back, before i knew what i was doing.

My first design was a Star Trek USS Reliant

It was a VERY scale design and rather small. WHat can i say i didn't know. Many people (like GPW and Gene Bond) told me to start with a Profile and see if i could make it fly. I scoffed at such negativity and went on. Hahaha i was such a fool! Needless to say it never flew. I could never get a decent glide out of it.

Then i did a 3D design of my own. It stunk. Terrible design, too heavy, flimsy, etc. So i started working on some other designs.

Over the years i have designed a...Continue Reading