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Nemesis No1 ( Navy K 628 Lock Back Knife ) (5 min 14 sec)

This Navy K-628 440c could not hold an edge , no mater how much I massaged the factory bevel .
I could get it shaving sharp , but the edge would vanish within 4 or 5 passes through cardboard ( it became a butter knife )
I seriously thought the knife had rubbish steel for a blade .

That was many , many years ago . The knife has been in a box , and labelled a basket case .
It was time to pull it out and put a known bevel on it ( 22deg @ 180 grit with a 400 grit clean up of the bur )

It has gone from basket case to performer with a change in the angle of the bevel . ( How many of my knives are afflicted with a bad factory bevel ? )

Nemesis No2 will be tested next .
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$26 Ebay Guided Knife Sharpener (13 min 35 sec)

For light duty , I think it is well worth the money .
But as soon as you ask more of it than simply touching up an edge this product will show you all it's weaknesses .
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DHC 2 Beaver (6 min 42 sec)

I remember when BG advertised the sale of this model .
The delivery lag ( Availability ) was not good .
Several ( many ) months latter BG had a sale @ the Oz warehouse , and I took the opportunity to not pay extra for GST and shipping .
Thats got to be nice .

I have ordered a 6CH rx to put in the Beaver so I can do flaperon .
Why not , especially as it looks like something easy to do .
I could 4CH it right now , but since I cant fly in anyways , I may as well wait for a 6CH Rx .
The Beaver can stay NIB for now .

Since I picked it up for less than 100 Bananas , it feels like a rather decent buy for the money .
I found the ESC very interesting .. 2s - 4s 20A .. Does that mean we can possibly Turbo the Beaver ?


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This Factory makes TINY Aircraft Engines (ft. PAW Engineering) (2 min 50 sec)

A look at the PAW factory ... Only a short video .
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RCX09-286 FrSky D8 Rx
Easy peasy - Lemon squeezy !

Put a plug on the Rx .. The 'n plugged it to my OMPHobby S720 .
No problems , instant bind D8 mode . Only thing is all my throws are reversed !
Then I had to make a splice lead so I could plug the Rx into the Flight Control Board on the LDARC 450x .. Now that was a PITA !
Who ever ass - embled these leads / plugs did it Ass about !

That made soldering interesting . Yeah I got it wrong the first time around .. Needed a 2nd bite of the apple to get it right .

450x Wing .
Rx has gone outside on the wing to hopefully improve reception should I fly a little further away ( FPV ) .
A camera will go in the nose . power will come from ( possibly ( the flight control board ( pictured )
I am not sure what the voltage is ( highlighted ) but I will find out . If its 5v then thats where I will plug in the camera for power .

Once bound to my transmitter :
Ch5 is ARMING ( you will need that to arm the board )
Ch6 is stability ..
Looks like you must start with the model on a flat surface as it does a little calibration thing when armed . ( Not 100% on that, but looks like on my table )
Be a while before I can fly it , but that gives me time to add the camera etc .
CG looks like it will be good .
Another model DAG's holding back from flight trials !
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Here at last ( A Sbus Rx )

I purchased the LDARC 450x wing with the flight control board BNF version ...
Just plug in a Rx and battery go fly sort of thing .
Unfortunately BG is lagging my order , so I had to order a Rx from another store . ( It's here )

I wanted one of these as I want to plug it into the 450x and ..... my OMP S720 and see how it range tests .

Brushless Micro SU27 project ! This is from way back just after I did my brushed Micro SU27 .
I ran into some Rx issues and the project folded like a house of cards .. Now we are back !
Just bound the Tx to the Rx , ?? seems to be working ! ( Same Rx as before )
Whats different is the Tx firmware ( Updated OpenTx )
I will need to cut some depron , glue the motor in , mount the ESC and Rx , then worry about the Elevons .

My R4 HLG glider needed a new rudder , and that was done some time ago - But needs to be flown . ( Original had little authority )
Micro F16 has had more lead shot put in the nose ( Move CG forward ) , needs to be flow .
18650 project needs to be flown .
The cub needs to fly ( XK A160 )
Ordered a DH2 Beaver - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Gv3hWe7B7J - As it's on special at the Oz warehouse ! ( And I wanted one )
DAG needs to let us fly !
Really getting sick and tired off DAG ( Dan Andr Gov = DAG )
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P1B 1 Free Flight Model in the front yard (4 min 15 sec)

Got to test glud the P1B-1 ..
Wow , my initial assembly was close to the CG .
But the P1B-1 could not really push through the breeze ..
Moving the wing back seems to have helped and even though the breeze lifted the nose , the P1B-1 pushed through .
I will leave it there until I can actually PARK it or football field it !
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Product link

Hmmmm , watch the assembly video by JHA if this interests you .


I would not in hind sight tape the plastic fittings on ( foam protection tabs ) .. I did it in the tail as in the JHA video , but immediately regretted it ! Just glue them in place .

With the wing I glued the carbon spar in place ( Foam safe cyno ) also gluing the two wing halves together . The plastic protector ( protects the foam from the rubber band ) was glued in place with HK Foam Glue . Also the carbon tail boom was glued into the plastic locator as well the vertical stab .

Assembly is relatively simple once you know what needs doing ( instructions are not even good toilet paper ) . If you are going to let children do the assembly , I would strongly suggest following the JHA Video .

Mine is assembled and ready for play . Though the million dollar question is when do I get to play with it ? ..
RTF , mine came in at some 30.5 grams . ( With rubber motor )

Rubber motor , = I cut the supplied rubber in half , tied the ends and then folded it two and inserted it inside the tube .
I have tested it and the motor system seems to work fine ..
I would have liked lighter propeller blades . , but it is what it is .
Next comes flying when ever that is ?
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Ever since I saw the P1B-1 on JHA ( https://jhaerospace.com/product/p1b-...yager-model-b/ ) I wanted one . At the time of my exposure JHA had no stock . So I promised myself that if BG got them in stock I would buy one and they did , and I did . ( Product link ) .

There is a howling Northerly wind at the moment , so I will not risk the P1B outside . To assemble the P1B it's probably best to watch some JHA video , the assembly video is rather good . Certainly made my life a lot easier . I did how ever end up doing things a little differently , especially at the wing .
I have one at last ( P1B ) , just need the S F to back off just like the wind . Yes the world seem to be going to pot , all we need now is an Alien invasion to put the cherry on top !

I will do more when the wind backs off !
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10 Episodes ...

A little better than boring !
Very predictable , a little slow moving . Star Trek fans can see plots from a mile away .
There was the odd twist here and there ( a nice surprise ) , but over all ?
Some what nice to re-live treking , but at times it was slow moving .

I watched all 10 episodes in one sitting and if I had had to wait a week for each episode I may have lost interest .
Patric Stewart is getting a little old to be a action star and I much prefer him as a wheelchair bound professor X .

Oh well , it was nice to see a lot of the old Next Gen actors back in the saddle so to speak .
For me it was just a little plot thin and cobbled together sort of slap stick . But if like me you have the Covid 19 blues , it just might make for a half decent time waster . Especially if your under 23 hour house arrest and have curfew and martial law so to speak .
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XK A160 thrust test (0 min 42 sec)

Video = Simple thrust test !
Model weighs 172 grams RTF
Current = 4.3 amps
Prop was well balanced .

Binding to the KN protocol was easy .
Usually rates are on CH5 , but I see nothing with the Taranis .
CH8 is the gyro ..
I really hate the rudder mix being built into the control board .
The rudder on the XK A160 behaves too much like the rudder on the XK A600 ( PITA and cause of crashing )
I moved the control rod on the servo arm to the inner most hole to minimise rudder .
@ 172 grams RTF , we dont have 1:1 power to weight , falls a little short . Plenty for flying , but not that magic 1:1
4.3 amp current draw ? What is the ESC ? ( 6A? )
If the ESC is 6A then there is room for more prop to try for 1:1 or ever so slightly better power to weight .
Motor: 1406 brushless motor but we are not told the KV .
I would guess the KV might be on the lower side .

6G 3D >

Well , all throws are minimal except for the rudder ( more later ) in 6G mode .
In 3D mode the rudder and elevator dont change ( on my Taranis ) but you get massive amounts of Aileron .
I moved the control rod on the elevator to the middle hole for a little more throw . ( Plan to 50% expo it for the maiden )

Rudder > Unfortunately behaves like the XK A600 rudder . A very small touch on the gimbals can give you massive amounts of rudder . So if you play with the throttle a lot , you may accidentally rudder yourself into the ground !...Continue Reading
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First let me say !

The XK A160 is both trick and miss at the same time , or , impressive and disappointing !

The instructions are toilet paper !
You know those little cheap 480mm hand throw gliders you get off FeeBay ? Well , this XK A160 . The foam it's made off feels exactly the same . Kind of soft and spongy . Weight wise , mine comes in at 172 grams with battery . That's not very light for such a small model .

Fitting the horizontal stab . You have two control rods in the way ! So you got to kind of gently Jimmy the stab between them and into the slot in the fuse and push down , it's tricky !
Then use two of the longer screws to screw in in place , yeah the screwdriver is nasty ! Toss it and use something better !

Installing the wing .......
Again a little tricky ! First push the two halves together ...
The plastic canopy has two slots in it that the wing needs to be pushed into . It does not want to .
I ended up letting the wing sort of split open at the back so I could fit the wing into the slots . If the wing is kept straight the tabs are too wide . You then use little plastic lock studs (?) retainers that push thru the wing into the plastic canopy and then give a 90 deg twist to hold . Best to do one at a time as the wing is kind of split open at the back and doing both is going to be UBER tricky Just do one , then the other ,

Landing gear and struts ............
That sprung landing gear is trick , the plastic struts are trash ! Oh dear !
Here put the screw thru the landing gear first then when fitting the gear you can slip the strut under and screw in place .. Dont try to line everything up and put the screw thru
A) The included screwdriver is junk
B) Things slip about too much , gear first , strut second then screw into the fuse

Thats it !!!
If you dont want to use the toy trashmitter . Bind with multi protocol using the KN protocol .
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XK A160 unboxing ( 24 - Aug - 2020 ) (5 min 51 sec)

It's here and I did a much hated unboxing video .

Next post will be a post build . ( assembly )
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I was waiting for it to fold laundry !
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Parrot VS Pizza Box (7 min 19 sec)

Slice N Dice ( well , all slice )
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https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mvvRWHLYgm = XK A800 on sale

https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vGDYJPjYgE = WL Toys Sky King on sale

https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Dm3ypHjh6W = Dragon Fly 700mm low wing trainer ?

I own both the WL Toys 959 and the XK A 800 . Both are fun little planes for park flying . Got an itch , scratch when they be cheap !