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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 29, 2020 @ 04:34 PM | 1,400 Views

It must have been over one solid year that I have not flown my beloved Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX with the modified Park Zone 480 (E-Flite Number: EFLM480BL) and the Master Airscrew 3-Blade, 9 X 7 X 3 and using the 3-cell, 1800mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer packs. The ESC bone stock, the E-Flite 30-AMP (V2).

It performed very well considering. I say considering as I attempted a roll and thank goodness it was high up in altitude and I was ready with the rudder! After landing a few minutes later I observed that the Left wing Aileron was not working. As soon as I tapped it with my finger it started working!

Seems like the old lady of the sky will need a remake in paint and Aileron Servos.

More to come and here are a few pictures of early this morning.
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 27, 2020 @ 11:44 AM | 3,517 Views

As some of you have noticed, I have acquired a cool NAVY T-29 Trojan (1.1m) from a friend here in Orlando, Florida.

The cool factor is it came with retracts!

Of course we are human and about two weeks ago I was performing Cuban-8's a little close to mother Earth and yes, I augured it nose first in the soft grass field at my RC Club. Everyone was shocked saying I never seen you crash.

Well, yes indeed we all do and I continued saying "If you are not crashing then, you are not flying RC!"

Took me about one week, Off and ON working on the model and the only thing new that I purchased was a Brand New STOCK Park Zone 480 motor, now they are going by the E-Flite number ELFM-480BL because as I understand HORIZON is phasing out the Park Zone brand. My point guy over at the Hobby Store informed me that HORIZON just might return the T-28 Trojan (1.1m span) under the E-Flite Brand. Additionally, I replaced the heavy rubber tires back to the larger foam (threaded) tires as this saved the model a whopper of almost three (3) ounces.

Anyway, I have finished re-maiden flight and all completely successful. This time the Cuban-8's were performed a little higher for that brain fart factor. I am getting older.

This following Video was recorded two nights ago making some additional adjustments to the Nose Wheel Retract and Steering Strut along with the nose wheel steering that has a PULL-PULL system. The strut is super stable with the slight angle rearwards (AFT) and it retracts like a dream.

Park Zone T 28 NAVY Trojan with Retracts Adjustment for effective Nose Wheel Sterring 09 27 2020 (4 min 39 sec)

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Not everyday you will encounter a Mid-Air collision by two (2) GWS Pico Tiger Moth RC Electric Models sharing the same air-space at the same time and trying to perform Formation Flying! HA!

Two pico GWS Tiger Moths in Formation 09 26 2020 (8 min 50 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 27, 2020 @ 02:44 AM | 3,626 Views
Hello good people!

A few months ago I purchased a few E-Flite 480 Brushless motors that came without any X-Mount.

I have searched High and Low and it seems like E-Flite doesn't sell the black metal X- Mounts that come with these motors or at least the smaller "Park" 480's.

Anyway, I went to visit my Orlando, Florida hobby store known as GravesRC and I went to look at their chock full of selections while helpful Mark (at the airplane counter) tried to look for the stock Black Metal X-Mount.

Well, as it turns out, Mark failed to find any separate E-Flite supplied Black Metal X-Mount and was amazed that I found an X-Mount from FMS / RocHobby with Part Number FMMDJ009 that had the identical bolt pattern for my E-Flite Park 480 brushless motor!

I am sharing this just in case some of you run into the same problem.

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Park Zone SR 10 Stinson Maiden Flight 09 15 2020 (6 min 20 sec)

First steps of my adventure with this Park Zone SR-10 Stinson model:

Aerodynamic Adjustments to realize for WASH-OUT:

I can't say enough about this model and the results after working all the issues before the Maiden flight which by the way occurred super early this morning. As much as I would like to have done the maiden flight over at my RC Club the realities were simple, super weather conditions (almost dead Calm) and overcast provides a large showing early in the morning at the RC Club.

Therefore, I carefully selected my alternate flying site without the take turns and all the commotion. I wanted to concentrate carefully as to what many have warned me about the insidious Tip Stall, or just STALL, especially when turning the model at very slow speeds.

Let me tell you that BIG Ear-To-Ear smile I had after the few seconds after the model took off. It performed beyond my expectations and most importantly ZERO Tip Stall issues and especially during very slow and tight turns!

Perhaps the following video would not necessarily show the specific very SLOW flight as during the Maiden Flight of which was recorded (1st flight), I did keep some airspeed to anticipate any bad tip stall manners. It was not until the 2nd and 3rd flights (not recorded) that I was able to get very comfortable...Continue Reading
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Like the title of this post says, I have finally fixed the ugly upward wing tip curve.

Again, my adventures with this model starts at:

After talking to the previous owner who informed me that the model sustained a crash due to one of the strut eye hole coming lose and model lost the wing in mid-flight. I don't know how the FUSE survived except to say that the model was not that high off the ground.

Needless to say the wing assembly it has today is a wing he purchased separately at GRAVESRC and he informed me that it came with the ugly upward wing tip curve.

Well, after thinking a bit, I decided NOT to fly this model with that Upward wing tip curve, it is just NOT right! Instead I was successful in setting up some boxes that came out to the almost the correct height while the model sat on it's landing gear (Slightly elevated). I propped up the rear of the wing tips (to install WASH-OUT) and using a 1875 WATT hair dryer I was able to not only take out the upward wing tip curvature but, install some Wash-Out on both wing assemblies. Of course all of this happened while securing the model with a Lead Acid Battery at the Top of FUSE where wing meet and of course a heavier battery at each wing tip area and making sure the Lead Acid Battery at the wing tip section was sticking slightly over the Leading Edge of the wing to produce that twist necessary for WASH-OUT.

A BIG success....Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 13, 2020 @ 11:36 AM | 1,684 Views
My adventure with the Park Zone SR-10 Stinson Reliant starts at:


I have been seeing lots of Tip Stall reports over at Face-book page.

I am creating some Wash-Out on mine. It will stay in this position for a while as i go run some errands.

Yes, you can keep airspeed on the turns, I do understand but, I usually steer with rudder to keep the wing air flowing over it undisturbed from the ailerons.

Here's what I am doing.
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 12, 2020 @ 08:43 PM | 1,447 Views
Bringing back a Park Zone SR-10 Stinson Reliant back from the Ashes! LOL!

The following model was left at the FREE TABLE a few weeks ago at my RC Club and I just could not pass it by.

I Love this part of the hobby!

For me it is a healthy challenge to go out and fix or find a long discontinued model (like the SR-10) and bring it back to Flight Ready condition.

I can tell you with certainty that I looked and looked but, there are ZERO parts (useful parts) around anymore. If you intend to keep anything that has been discontinued for several years and like the model, you best switch hats and get into the mind set of a hobbyist and create your own parts, such as in this case and that of my GWS pico Tiger Moth and other models.

Cut to the Chase, here is my Video showing the most demanding area was to devise a way to get those Flaps working. The Flap Hardware was installed but, the Foam Flaps had NOT been cut for functionality and there was no evidence that the model flew previously with flaps. In order to make Flaps functional you had to figure out how to connect to the servo without any possibility of finding any parts whatsoever.

My ready for Maiden Flight (on my watch) is as follows:

1. Used Park Zone 480 brushless.
2. Used EFlite 30-AMP ESC ( I attempted a new one but, that was a nightmare as it came defective right out of the package!)
3. New Park Zone Servos all around ( PKZ1081 - Long Lead for Aileron & PKZ1060 Short Leads for...Continue Reading
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Hello fellow RC Associates!

Sharing two (2) videos that I recorded using my 9 year old NIKON Point and Shoot camera. Recorded it on Thursday (09-10-2020) super early in the morning before the powerful Sun came up and made things rather hot.

Keeping in the shade as much as possible over the West end of Orlando, Florida I was able to successfully fly multiple flights on my beloved Grand Wing Servo (GWS) Beaver and as many of you all have seen, the GWS pico Tiger Moth.

These GWS models were on the market at a time when many of you veterans of RC had been still flying Glow / Gasoline most exclusively, assuming most of you were not Electric RC Flyers from the start. These GWS models required a little bit of assembly, gluing the two halves of Fuselage and more so, these models are not your typical BNF / PNP, charge the battery and go fly as they require some modeling (work).

Work is something I am accustom and reason why when someone crashes, I ask to see if I can take at least the Air-frame as I am accustom to put it back together as I recall the days when the GWS models being made of EPS foam exploded on impact on a very hard crash and you needed to pick UP all the pieces in order to keep flying.

Okay, here is the magical and majestic manners of these GWS models that I own and fly and on Thursday morning was magical.

Enjoy the Videos and let me know what you think. Regards and stay safe!
GWS Beaver Mega 16 15 8 turn Brushless 09 10 2020 (3 min 30 sec)

GWS pico Tiger Moth Flight over Central Florida 09 10 2020 (6 min 20 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 03, 2020 @ 01:27 PM | 4,984 Views
Hello again,

Well, my buddy Gerry has his very rare and super hard to get Grand Wing Servo (GWS) pico Tiger Moth in his hands.

Here is what I did to my buddy's new GWS pico Tiger Moth:

It is my thoughts that this RC park flyer model gets it's true appeal from the scale flight manners of the de Havilland Tiger Moth produced by the de Havilland Aircraft Company - Canada.

The RC model comes with under-cambered wing airfoil and the typical Aerodynamic properties to this type of airfoil produces lots of lift at the cost of airspeed, however, this particular RC model sure does penetrate the wind when commanded. It's under-cambered properties of it's airfoil is perhaps not that dramatic yet provides an excellent Slow Flight abilities.

Another appeal, is the very light wing loading (~ 10 ounces fully flight ready) and allows for very good use of small and super efficient Electric Power Systems (both Brushed and Brushless) using small capacity 2-Cell, (7.4 Volt) Lithium Polymer Battery setups.

It is just too bad that GWS is pretty much gone and this model has been discontinued for several years now.

** Enjoy Gerry!! **
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I am not making any excuses, really. Just that I have been so distracted and Life just interferes with very good intentions in helping out a very good friend with his GWS pico Tiger Moth (Version 2). I say version-2 because the wings are a little thicker and the Cowl is a hard plastic instead of the flimsy black one that we all are accustom.

Anyway, here is the start of my good intentions back November 2018!

My goodness, time really flew! My good friend and Skybro is so patient and kind as he knew that one day I would return his beloved GWS pico Tiger Moth to him in the best of conditions with lots of good modifications.

Today was the day!

Not to bore anyone out of their skull here, just sharing what I did with my buddy's Tiger Moth and will make a list instead of you reading the boring details.

1. Scratch made the Bass Wood Wing Struts using template I found up at the web. (At one time you could order these but, no more!)
2. Installed a Spektrum AR636-A (yes, it was a tight fit but, not impossible) and using Gorilla Double Sided Mount Tape did the trick.
3. Installed a better looking Pilot and tied a RED scarf. Again using the Gorilla Double Sided Mount Tape.
4. Installed flying brace wires. (Well, didn't have any fine and thin metal wire so, used a very strong auto convertible top repair string).
5. Installed some fat and super light foam tires to absorb any hard landings as I didn't install...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 25, 2020 @ 02:47 PM | 4,659 Views

For those that remember Grand Wing Servo (GWS) RC Airplane Models!

Okay, it has been just too long (Almost 4 long years!) since I have flown! This model is 2004 vintage and given to me by a very close friend that left my area.

Got the GWS Beaver down from hanging and went through it and found a couple of items that needed attention.

1. Elevator Push Rod was discovered to be very thin and on UP Elevator commanding the wire was observed to bend something terrible.
2. Since I took OFF the wing assembly to obverse (item 1.), I noticed that the wing MID-SPAN JOINER lacked any glue.

I solved item (1.) by replacing the Elevator Push Rod with a thicker and yes, slightly heaver Elevator Push Rod that didn't deflect any!

Additionally, the Elevator Plastic Clevis is a threaded on the thicker Elevator Push Rod so, adjustment are easy and the use of Fuel Tubing was used to secure the Clevis into the Elevator horn.

I am very pleased that the Elevator now provides very good amount of UP Elevator and it is no wonder that I had to prepare before time for flair on final as the thinner (Former) Elevator push rod wire was bending something terrible.

I am excited to fly this model again!

I have ordered some new 2-Cell, 800mAH batteries, 35C for it and can't wait!
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 17, 2020 @ 10:00 AM | 6,281 Views
EDIT UPDATE: I finally found that the model I picked up is a FLAIR MAGNATILLA!

Got super lucky again on Saturday (August 15th) at my RC Club.

David R., a member and another instructor like me, left this wonderful and large size War World One (WW1) RC airplane model full with servos and all appropriate hardware. I recall recording a flight of this model a couple of years ago while powered by slimmy and noisy OS 46, LOL!

David left it at the FREE table and I just could not believe that no one picked it up. I grabbed it before the fat lady could cough.

Wasted no time and installed the powerful Emax BL3526/04 and rated for over 1,000 Watts! I have two of these on two other models with heavier manners and this motor does not disappoint.

Since the Output motor wires are 4mm, my E-Flite 60-AMP didn't work as the E-Flite pre-soldered bullet connectors are 3.5mm, No fear, I have ordered an Onyx (Hobbico) 80-AMP switch mode Brushless ESC this morning and comes pre-soldered with the 4mm bullet female connectors and T-Connector (Ultra Deans) for the battery.

For me, this model stands out to what scratch building is all about as I have NOT found an ARF based on this model.

Wing span is 59.5 inches and it is super light and very well built....Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

Like the title says, it was a nose-in from 4 feet onto soft grass.

This happened back on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 at my RC Club and during a 2nd flight focus on landing. I was steady with the controls, especially Elevator control and without moving the stick, it just dived from 4 feet off the deck. Motor stick (8 mm X 10mm) was busted and right inboard top wing sustained a crack / rip. Propeller didn't break (GWS Slow Flyer 8 X 6).

Post crash (hard landing) investigation was undetermined as you all know during a good whack into a nose first crash the Elevator servo usually gets damaged. Well, the strange thing was after making air-frame repairs I took off the wing assembly from the FUSE and tried out the electronics while connecting the battery and observed the Elevator servo making this awful buzzing sound. After you moved the Elevator stick on the Transmitter was when it quit the buzzing and servo moved correctly to both directions.

I went ahead and changed out the 72-Mhz Castle Creations BERG 4-Channel receiver for the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT combo as this is in my opinion the best receiver that Horizon has ever made and wanted rock solid control from now on with my beloved and long discontinued GWS pico Tiger Moth. Even after I replaced RX to the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT, the Elevator servo continued it's buzzing and this time it was not until I turned ON my Spektrum first generation DX7se (Special Edition) that supports 11milli-second frame...Continue Reading
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Hello good people,

This Flight Line model is just an amazing looking model for being Foam and 6 + lbs fully flight ready as it comes with just an amazing scale details already molded in the foam and best the retractable main and tail wheel gear using a sequencer board.

Well, let me tell you of this sequencer board that controls the mains and tail wheel retracts and the retract hardware My RC Club President had already flown this model about 6 flights before I came to fly at the RC Club and on his 2nd flight that morning he attempted to land and slowed the model with too much flaps and slightly and gently bounced on the textile runway and lifted off again. He quickly powered ON and the model zoomed upward due to the enormous 3-blade propeller that produces just gobs of thrust. In doing so, we all noticed that the Right Main retract went UP position unsolicited and the Left main retract maintained a Down gear position.

Needless to say, my RC Club President struggled to get the Right main gear back down and nothing. He came as slowly as possible and landed on just the Left main gear and keeping opposite rudder to keep the Right wing off the ground as much as possible but, the gear doors ripped off on landing.

Upon post landing investigations, both main gear retracts seemed to have been taken off some internal gear track. No matter what you did with the gear switch only the tail wheel retract worked.

This is not a cheap model and it is my opinion that all...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

This adventure starts over at:

Some mods:


Tuesday early morning was perfect conditions for the maiden flight of my Hobby King SLICK 3D, 1300mm wing span and tipping the digital scale right at 4.1 lbs using the larger GFORCE Elite Series 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer Battery pack. The model without any battery pack tips the digital scale right at 3lbs - 7 ounces.

The SLICK did fly for it's very first flight using the lighter 3-Cell, GEN ACES 2600mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer battery pack that brought the model to under 4lbs, however, it needed full throttle to take off but, once airborne I was able to throttle back and the model got to step with good airspeed.

Therefore, the model in total flew for 4 flights, two with the 3-Cells and another two flights using the 4-Cells packs.

At the time, I really didn't know why the model at times made an unsolicited nose down movement during level flight and passing the pilots station which of course was much more noticeable. It performed excellent Knife Edge flight without any coupling and Cuban 8's were effortless and a pleasure, especially with the 4-Cell battery packs.

Using the 3-Cells, I noticed that I could fly the model for over 6-minutes as the AMP draw was much less than 30-AMPs and about 250 Watts using that Wooden Master...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 13, 2020 @ 03:56 PM | 4,874 Views
Well, it is now a matter of good weather forecast here in Central Florida to maiden my Hobby King SLICK 3D 1300mm model.

Again, I am a Scale / Sport flyer and modeler and just could not stand an airplane as nice looking as this without a Pilot Figure. The Pilot Bust had to be pretty large scale and I looked and looked and found one that matches and pretty light considering it's size! I did find a nice Snoopy Pilot Bust but, it was a little too large, perhaps one day I will acquire a larger SLICK to use this Snoopy?

Yes, I have setup dual rates and expo and will look forward in using all settings but, for now I will try and get it in the Air on it's wing without trying anything too extreme and especially 3D.

The only thing that remains is measuring WATTs / AMPs / Under Load Voltage of the Power System given the two different battery packs that I have selected which is the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2600mAH, 45C and the GFORCE Elite Series with Nonotech Additives 4-Cell, 4000mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer batteries.

A few pictures!...Continue Reading
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Looked over the Motor Box and since I needed some tiny weight up front to make Center-Of-Gravity thing perfect, I decided to re-enforce the Motor Box and provide additional cradle for the battery.

My main goals is to keep the battery from coming in contact with the motor securing bolts as I do not want a FIRE should the model comes down slightly nose first. I am going to place additional vertical Bass Wood planks in front of the 12 X 12mm solid wood posts as shown in the pictures. The Bass Wood planks will have some medium hardness foam glued to the vertical planks so, there be cushion and absorption of any possible impact going forward.

Here I am doing two things, re-enforcing the Motor Box and providing a method of keeping the battery pack from being damaged.

I am horrified as to how many 3D models are built this manner and no one seems to take the time to do this and protect the battery from the attaching motor bolts, in case of a slight impact.
================================================== =================================================
EDIT: July 13th, 2020

It is my thoughts that the exact manner in which I planned to mitigate any hazard for the battery has been successfully accomplished in keeping it from the rearward motor shaft and securing motor bolts in case of a slight nose in impact. Of course, this will not save anything in case of a catastrophic "crash" that is perhaps unavoidable due to pilot error or radio glitch...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jul 11, 2020 @ 05:16 PM | 7,373 Views
Hello good people!

Lord have mercy! I purchased this used ARF Airframe almost 2 years ago!

It just been hanging around my Master Bedroom as a static model, well no more!

Back in September 2018, I was lucky to pickup one of these ARF 360 3D, 51.2 Inch wing span model.

Our Michael Wargo can attest, I am NOT a 3D flyer and more like a pattern, sport RC Airplane Flyer (relax) and do not get into any serious discussion of specific maneuvers etc...etc.....

For me, it was the right size and weight category to use light, yet powerful Outrunner brushless motor since I like to keep all of my 3D models as light as possible. I have heavier RC models such as flying my Scale Hangar9 F4-1D Corsair 50-size Electric at 7.7lbs. and well that's an entirely different topic. (See my Avatar Picture).

Okay, here's my setup::

Power System:
- Exceed-RC's Monster Power Series - Monster Power 25 (63M52)

Kv: 870Kv ; Input Watts: 550W
Resistance: .03 ohms; Idle Current: 2.40A
Continuous Current: 32A; Max Burst Current: 44A
Cells Ni-Cd/Ni-MH: 10-14; Cells Li-Po: 3-4
Weight: 6.0 oz (170g); Overall Diameter: 1.4 in (35mm)
Shaft Diameter: 4mm; Overall Length: 48mm

ESC: E-Flite 40-AMP Lite Pro (V2).

I have pretty much have Hitec HS-85MG for Elevator & HS-85BB for rudder plus HS-82BB+ for the ailerons.

Propeller to start will be a wooden Master Airscrew 10 X 6

Battery to start will be the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2600mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer pack (new).

Dual Rates to my liking and followed the setups from another model in conservative values to start.

The Receiver is the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT.

It all started over here!

It will be until Monday as Central Florida is getting lots of rain and thunder storms, I guess we are in Summer!
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Hello good people,

Just sharing some experience with swapping over a good frontal bearing from a spare motor to my favorite motor that developed an issue with it's Frontal Motor Bearing. The spare motor was actually on this recently acquired Park Zone T-28 Trojan with retracts and noticed that my Batteries were coming a little warm, usually they come down luke warm. Please NOTE that the motor that came with this recently acquired Trojan did NOT have the Bad Frontal Motor Bearing issue.

Took apart both motors and with a little planning and caution, the parts were secured carefully. Both motor frontal bearings were taken out by lightly tapping them out with a wooded dowel and tested the bad bearing on the rotation bell of one motor and sure enough it made a rattle of a noise. (Video).

Swapped the good frontal bearing to my favorite (Stator) Park Zone 480 motor that always gives good performance and low AMP draw using the Master Airscrew 10 X 7 X 3. Static testing after putting together the flight motor yielded very good power:

EDIT: I found a good article about Brushless Motors at:

FULL THROTTLE: 183 WATTs / 17.3 AMPs / 10.7 Volts

On Tuesday (07-07-2020), I flew this recently acquired PZ Trojan from a local friend and it performed very well with very good airspeed but, again the batteries seemed to come down a little warmer than expected. I do hope that using my favorite Stator (Motor) would give better...Continue Reading