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◄► Robert Graves .. Poseidon's name, which was sometimes spelt Potidan, may have been borrowed from that of his goddess—mother, after whom the city Potidaea was called: the water—goddess of Ida ..

Ida meaning any wooded mountain .. "Poseidon" means "forest" .. literally ‘(wood) outside’, from Latin foris ‘outside’ ..

The names : Forestier, Forrester, Förster, etc., in literary works, appear to have a philosophical association with the symbolism of Poseidon .. (?) ..

The wild forests of (Le Tell septentrional), s'étendent, before the destruction of Atlantis, sur 2 500 km from Morocco to Tunisia ..

(Atlantic or Atlas) refer literally to (Tall, High)= (الطَّوْل) denote (strength) .. verb (طالَ) = be long, high, great, superior, powerful ..

Murry Hope .. It is amazing to what irrational lengths people will go to disprove something they find difficult to accept, or to prove that which takes their fancy ..
Muck asserts, that Atlantis received its name from the high mountains, that dominated its impressive landscapes, and gave it, in turn, to the surrounding Ocean ..

IT'S FIRST KING was designated the son of Poseidon, GOD OF THE SEA, and paralleled with Atlas, bearer of the heavenly vault ..

◄► The Tell Atlas is a mountain chain over 1,500 kilometres in length, belonging to the Atlas mountain ranges and stretching...Continue Reading
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Some German words have the same letters as in Arabic .. ex. bald = (بعد) .. (b) stand for (ب) .. (d) for (د) .. But (l) for (ع), because the sound (ع) don't exist in German, and the lower case letter (l) as a closed loop, looks like (ع) when it is written between other letters inside a word ..

(swim, Schwimmen, swimming / عام or عَوْم) .. (m) stand for (م) .. (w) for (و) .. But (sch / s) for (ع), because the sound (ع) don't exist in German ..

Arabs are commonly typified as A DESERT PEOPLE .. But the word for (year / عام) point to a language connected with A SEA PEOPLE! .. (Incongruity تعارض) create a great need for resolution - Reuven Feuerstein ..

general public / العَامَّةُ or العُمُوم ..

uncle , Onkel عم ..

blindness / عمى ..

Ich kam am Spätvormittag des 2. (يوم) Oktober 1957 (عام) zur Welt. Der Professor, der meine Mutter entband, war ein enger Freund meines Vaters .. Ein enger Freund, a close friend is (صديق حميم ) .. And (حميم) is from (حمى) hence (حمية) meaning (zeal, حماس&#...Continue Reading
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◄► Nils is a Scandinavian given name, chiefly Norwegian ..

In the linguistic context, "Nils" recall to mind (النول or النوال) , and (المنال) .. verb (نَوَّلَ : أَعْطَى) is to give something willingly, as a (gift العطية) .. (donate graciously to / العطية التي تجود بها) ~ (geben, donner, bestow جادَ , schenken ) ..

(the obtaining /attainments) = (المنال ), derive from verb (نال) = (obtain, attain) semantically related to (نول = donate) antonym of (الظفر = succeed to win) ..

This word: (الظفر) refer originally to the CLAWS of PREDATORS, and hence presupposes (something difficult to attain) = (صعب المنال) = (schwer zu erreichen) ..

Needless to say, that (الظفر) as (something difficult to attain), presuppose intelligence, or imply worthiness (جدارة Wert), or it is due to, zurückzuführen auf, favorable chances ..

◄► Der treue Johannes .....Continue Reading
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These wonderful beings who outstripped all other races in THE QUEST OF KNOWLEDGE, and incidentally overlooked the need for SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT in themselves.

Lord Dowding, Lychgate

◄► Once upon a time, There was a great civilized state, beyond THE PILLARS OF BRIAREUS, beyond the pillars of the strong (القوي / kui )

James Churchward: Kuiland ~ أرض القوي , The Great Ruler of the Earth, exists no longer .. ​

​​She was shaken up and down by earthquakes in various places. The land rolled like ocean swells.

Finally, the Pillars that supported her gave way. She then sank into a fiery abyss.

As the Great Ruler went down, flames from the fires of the underneath arose and enveloped her. The waters rolled in over her sunken form.

ATLANTIS ~ (الطول ) ..

Mu was a lost continent in The Pacific Ocean? .. In Arabic, the syllable "Mu" stand for The doer (الفاعل) who make the action (الفعل) happen .. It is (the doer الفاعل), who overcome difficulties .. (to overcome difficulties) = (ثنى) → hence (Athena) represent the person who overcome difficulties ..

(Pacific Ocean) allegorize (peaceful way)? → Allegorically speaking, the benefits of the civilization, that Mu, the doer brought to other nations of the...Continue Reading
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◄► The donkey carried sacks to the mill, without (grumbling / تبرم / brummen) .. Brummen result from discontentment (عدم الرضاء) and failed expectations (خيبة أمل ) ..

Brummen follows wearness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, lassitude, and ennui (Langweile, الشعور بالضجر, boredom ) .. Example : Brummen wie ein Bär ..

In der Ausgabe von 1857 wird erstmals erwähnt dass der Esel, die Säcke UNVERDROSSEN zur Mühle getragen hatte .. Verdruss = كلل أو ملل .. Unverdrossen = without lassitude ..

Bremen beschäftigte vom Mittelalter bis Ende des 18. Jahrhundert Stadtmusikanten .. Phonetically speaking, bremen is evocative of Brummen ..

The most repugnant of voices is the braying of der Esel (q) .. Talent and practice are indispensable for the career of a musician .. The rough voice of the donkey is not geeignet for music → Here we stumble upon an incongruity! ..

◄► With time, (grumbling, برم / brummen / تبرم), underwent a change, and gained the new meaning of (برم الأمر ) = (settles a problem by taking an important decision) ..

The master settle the problem (برم ال&#...Continue Reading
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◄► Der starke Hans, Hans im Glück, etc.

All the "Hans" family of fairy tales transport us through time and space to THE SPECIAL CONDITIONS, which decided how things would look out , and what shape they took ..

Frankness, kindness, leniency and goodness, identifies Hans, and marks his Advancement, Cheminement, Evolution, Fortentwicklung ..

To advance is [evolve, sich entwickeln, cheminer] ~ [ آل إلى ] ~ [become, devenir, صار, werden] ..

German Hans refer to Arabic (حن) meaning [Mitleid haben] = [having feelings of pity for sb.'s else misfortune] .. [Mitleid ~ حن] is [Feelings of compassion and pity] ..

Et le regard critique ? il s'agit, pour la vue, de conduire l'esprit au-dela du royaume de la vue : DANS CELUI DU SENS

Jean Starobinski, « Le Voile de Poppée ».

◄► Le regard critique DÉCHIFFRE LES MOTS pour accéder à l'intuition de LEUR PLEINE SIGNIFICATION ..

Une vigilance supplémentaire lui devient nécessaire, à partir de la première "lecture a vue", pour s'avancer à la rencontre D'UN SENS SECOND ..

Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots eux-mêmes, où LE SENS ELIT SA DEMEURE, et ou brille LE TRÉSOR MYSTÉRIEUX que l'on croyait devoir chercher dans la "dimension profonde" ..

◄► As said Jean Starobinski : Un long détour nous renvoie aux mots (حنا or عطف) eux-mêmes, où LE SENS (...Continue Reading
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◄► The Grimm stories are : vereinbar und ergänzen sich sinnvoll .. supportive, consistent and complementary ..

Thus, these stories are interlinked, which presupposes a common source! ..

(bind, tie, fasten, connect, unite, associate) = (verb عقل) originating from the analogy with [(bind عقل) a camel with a rope] ..

F. R. Leavis : The only way to escape misinterpretation is never to commit oneself to any critical judgement that makes AN IMPACT - that is, never to say ANYTHING ..

I still, however, think that the best way to promote PROFITABLE DISCUSSION, is to be clear as clear as possible with oneself about what one sees and judges, to try and establish the essential discriminations in the given field of interest, and to state them as clearly as one can (for disagreement, if necessary) ..

Le critique est celui qui, tout en consentant à LA FASCINATION que le texte lui impose, entend pourtant, Trotzdem, in spite of that, conserver droit de regard - Jean Starobinski

The story of the nail .. A nail serve to (link عقل) one thing to another .. The horseshoe symbolizes (The motivation الحافز) of the merchant ..

Consequently, the nail would allude to The motivation of the merchant ..

For the want of a nail, the horse was lost..

Horse symbolize (advancement, cheminement, Fortentwickelung) ..

The nail relates (Advancement) to (Motivation) ..

The...Continue Reading