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Posted by GRW3 | Apr 28, 2019 @ 10:03 AM | 1,668 Views
The title to this blog post is a quote from the Propbusters movie below… I agree…

These two movies are available on Amazon Prime and I recommend them both. RC Propbusters: Untold is an intimate look at modeling in Connecticut but it could be anywhere. It will have the most appeal to this group. Model Citizen is about model railroading and while that is not a focus of this group it says a lot of meaningful things about the importance of a hobby.

One of the things apparent in both films is that modeling is primarily an adult pursuit. I have felt for decades that the AMA has wasted a lot of resources trying to return to the halcyon days when model aviation was the rage among the youth of America. It’s proba why they went so gaga over multirotors. Those days aren’t coming back. Better they spend money advertising with AARP than what they have done. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be youth outreach, just that it shouldn’t be so consuming. It should be more along the lines of EAA’s Youmg Eagles program. There - Visible - Far from the primary emphasis.

RC Modeling may actually be suffering from this overemphasis on kids by making our hobby appear childish. This is a great hobby for adults. It is a great stress reliever. It keeps your fine motor skills going. It gets you outside away from the TV. It lets you participate in man’s greatest desire - to fly.
Posted by GRW3 | Apr 25, 2019 @ 01:07 PM | 2,179 Views
I saw Richard Stubblefield in the CL Combat column in a recent issue of Model Aviation. He was a hero to me when I was in high school, when I was flying control line. I was never a competitor but I loved to go to the contests at Melrose park and watch him fly combat and people like George Aldrich fly stunt. I didn't really know about Melrose Park until I got my drivers license and could get around on my own. I knew about Ace Hobbies off Tidwell but when I was dependent on Dad, the instructions were (as we were invariably on our way to somewhere else) go in and get what I need quickly. When I could drive, I could hang out. When I was hanging out is when I learned about Melrose Park. This led to really successful control line flying.

My friends and I had been flying control line in backyards and the nearby elementary school parking lot for several years. I went through several Goldberg models, like Li'l Jumping Bean and Little Toot, with limited success. I got the basics down with a Cox PT-19 but I wanted a better experience. Hanging out at Ace Hobbies resulted in meeting some good control line flyers, who introduced me to Melrose Park as a place to fly the real thing. Inspired, I built a Sterling Ringmaster with, in a daring move against conventual wisdom, an OS 35 CL engine. There was some question about the OS instead of the traditional Fox but the running characteristics spoke volumes. I was plenty nervous when I first flew the Ringmaster at Melrose but I was surprised...Continue Reading
Posted by GRW3 | Apr 22, 2019 @ 11:09 PM | 1,802 Views
We’re supposed to have the field until the end of August but I believe the end will come much sooner. Not wishing to take a chance, the club has decided to remove all of our removable assets. We suspect the owners will be very unhappy and terminate our lease immediately. They understand we are going to take our tractors, large and small, but they may not understand we’re taking everything that is not rooted in the ground.

I’ve been a member of the San Antonio Propbusters since January 1984. It was only the third RC club of which I was a member. The others were in Houston, Jetero R/C (still going) and Sheldon R/C (long gone). I’ll stay a member as long as the club goes on, field or no field. I have to have a place to fly, so I’ve joined the Boerne Area Model Society, BAMS. I’ve flown there several times and I have some good friends in that club. It’s a little further to drive but not terrible.

The reason for the last trip to Somerset was to get a flight in with my Sport Cub as close to the anniversary date of when I first started flying it four years ago. Earlier in this blog I discussed how I got back to serious flying. The Sport Cub was my means. It certainly shows its wear and the numerous repairs. It’s been flown at BAMS several times including once when most were not flying because of the winds, a testament to my efforts to get my flying skills back online.
Posted by GRW3 | Apr 14, 2019 @ 11:15 PM | 2,281 Views
We’ve lost another field or, to be more correct, we’ losing the field at the end of the summer. The owners of the property have decided to take it over and run it themselves. Don’t know if we can recover, the clubs four decade run may be coming to an end. Just found out today. This morning, I was thinking how nice it looked with the wildflowers in the non-flight areas.