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Posted by DutchRC | Feb 24, 2017 @ 10:00 AM | 5,217 Views
Halloa people

I've been looking for a Nice micro sized brushless quadcopter for a while, and lucky for us, there Are more of these hitting the market every day now
In this topic we'll be taking a look at Walkera's newest FPV quad / drone.. The Rodeo 110

Link to this quadcopter: Walkera Rodeo 110 RTF or BNF

This micro sized FPV quad is available as RTF (with everything minus the AA's) or as a BNF.. check out the link above for the current pricing & availability..

I'll do several video's on this quad.. the second will actually be a 'how to' on flashing a newer Betaflight firmware onto this quad..
Let's first have a look at the quad And take it out for a test flight though

DutchRC - Walkera Rodeo 110! a brushless micro FPV racer :) Show & tell (from Banggood.com) (20 min 56 sec)

Wheelbase: 110mm
Dry weight: 101g
Flight controller: F3
ESC's: ??
Motors: 13mm
VTX: 25mW - 100mW - 600mW 40 channels
Lipo: 850mah 2S
Posted by DutchRC | Feb 14, 2017 @ 08:44 PM | 7,686 Views
Halloa people

I just came across this Awesome looking new plane (at least.. it's new at BG).. I have nooooo idea if it would fly well, but.. well see how yourself.. Doesn't this plane look impressive? To me it looks fast standing still

Link to the plane: AF Model Diamond ARF version


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Posted by DutchRC | Feb 14, 2017 @ 10:12 AM | 5,184 Views
Halloa people

in this thread we'll be taking a look at a 1/8th scale buggy from DHK Hobby. In this case it is Not a semi-scale car.. It is a racing-style kind of 1/8th scale buggy. That is Not to say you could take this car to the track, and win races with it though.. It is more aimed at bashing..

Link to this car: DHK Hobby Optimus XL

To avoid annoying yourself out of this hobby, I'd suggest allso getting a hobby grade charger by the way, in case you don't allready have one

Let's have a look at this car first!

DutchRC - DHK Hobby Optimux XL 1/8 4x4 Brushless Buggy - Show & Tell (from Banggood.com) (23 min 54 sec)

Type: 1/8th scale racing buggy
Motor: brushless 3670 2030KV
ESC: 100A Waterproof (non sensored)
Servo: 9Kg metal geared
Lipo: 2x 2S 3200mAh 30C
Radio: 2.4Ghz (with throttle trim)

Needed to run:
4x AA for transmitter
a better charger (see links)
a wheel wrench
Posted by DutchRC | Feb 12, 2017 @ 10:00 AM | 6,657 Views
Halloa people

time for another episode in my 'Airplanes Sunday' series This time it's not just a line-of-sight airplane though.. For of a FPV racer fixed-wings style You might be awere of the 'new' FPV racing thing with planes, which is mostly done with flying wings I think.. And that is what this EPP wing is..

Link to this plane: Reptile S800 Sky Shadow PNF

Link to the KIT version: Reptile S800 KIT version

This might actually be a slightly longer series then your used to from me.. I'll first fly the wing mostly stock, and that's With the included stabeliser / gyro / PDB.. Afterwards though, I plan to replace that combo with a Naze32 or F3 board.. and maybe a PDB with OSD and.... and GPS

For now though.. let's have a look what this wing looks like:

DutchRC - Reptile S800 Sky Shadow - RTF FPV wing! Show & Tell (from Banggood.com) (28 min 18 sec)

Model: Reptile S800 Sky Shadow:
Material: EPP foam
Wingspan: 820mm
Length: 405mm
Root chord: 210mm
Tip chord: 160mm
Sweep: 220mm
CG: 125mm from the nose back
Motor: SunnySky 2205 2300Kv
ESC: Reptile 25A
Prop: 6045
Servo's: Emax ES08A 9g
FPV camera: 700tvl Cmos
VTX: 2.4Ghz 200mW 48ch
Posted by DutchRC | Feb 01, 2017 @ 10:05 AM | 4,640 Views
Halloa people

sooo HV lipo's huh? Have you tried those?? well I have (most brands / types by now).. and well.. In most cases they Do provide a nice extra bit of punch.. for a while that is! 20 to 30 flights or so (on FI racing quads).. So yeah.. that doesn't really work out so well..
New though are these G7 lipo's from Hyperion.. They aren't only HV.. They are allso Graphene lipo's..

Does that help?? Let's see!

DutchRC - Hyperion LiHV G7 Graphene Lipo's - The Power you were looking for? (22 min 10 sec)

Hyperion G7 HvLi Graphene 90C max packs

For European pilots: https://www.lindinger.at/en/batterie...battery-packs/