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Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 18, 2012 @ 04:52 AM | 6,548 Views
ARRIS M1000 is a big quadcopter and hexacopter frame designed by Hobby-Wing for aerial photography. The frame is made of 2.0mm 3K carbon fiber plate, high quality aluminum-alloy pipe and 20x22mm full carbon tube. Therefore, this is a frame with high strength and light weight.

The diameter of the center plate is about 230mm; it comes with the carbon pipe landing gear (about 330mm high). It is also compatible with the XAircraft landing gear L3005, and the installing way is the same.

ARRIS M1000 will send the hexacopter frame combo by default. Customer can assemble it to quadcopter, or assemble it to hexacopter as you like. Buy one frame, you can enjoy the joy of two frames. It is really worth buying!

Here i attach the video of the ARRIS M1000 with DJI Z15 Gimbal and Nex 7
Arris M1000 with the DJI Z15 and Sony Nex 7 (7 min 29 sec)

ARRIS M1000 is professional aerial photography frame, the diagonal wheelbase is not fixed. You can adjust it from 750mm to 1000mm.And it can carry some light Single Lens Reflex, such as EOS 60D, GH2 and so on.

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Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 18, 2012 @ 04:47 AM | 5,166 Views
Walkera Genius CP is on sale now. The price is really amazing!

Walkera Genius CP 3D RC Helicopter RX-Ready W/O TX is only $99

Walkera Genius CP 3D RC Helicopter RTF W/ Devo7 TX is only $135