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Posted by Cabledawg1 | Nov 11, 2010 @ 10:36 PM | 5,240 Views
I bought this Hacker A50-16L motor used. It wasnt really used since it has never been in a plane before. The bullets arent even soldered on. I got it for $80 and it came mounted on this A50 mount kit. It didnt come with other mounts. My options were to either cut this mount down to get the 1.25" offset I need or order the original X mount and get some standoffs. I went the cheaper route and cut this mount down. I think itll be plenty beefy enough, Im just not sure how much extra weight Im scale doesnt work. I wont have the X-mount, standoffs, or long screws....but I am adding the weight of the mount and extra wont be a wash, but it shouldnt be alot extra.
Posted by Cabledawg1 | Nov 10, 2010 @ 05:55 PM | 4,664 Views
I mailed out 2 TP batteries today. I dont think Ill be repairing the Wafflecub.
Ive been repairing landing gear for a friend on his large Yak today. I also received the Hacker A50-16l and the Castle HV85...havent opened the box yet. Soon as Im done with this Yak...or maybe its a Sukhoi....hell, Im not even sure....I can start on the 70" Extreme Flight Extra