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Posted by ddlpull | Jun 04, 2016 @ 09:24 PM | 3,431 Views
Scratch built from 3 view drawings and photos in 2013-14. Wing span 48.5 inches, weight 67 ounces, 2 AEO 55mm edf's, 2 50 amp ESC's, 1 3 cell 3000 40C lipo. Ailerons, flaps, retracts with operating doors. Crashed right after take-off in attempt to emergency land (CG incorrect). Too much damage to rebuild. As this was my first attempt with ducted fans was determined to try again so built the test bed I call the Jetson using the original motor pods and equipment which were not damaged. Wing span 48 inches, weight 52 ounces , original edf's and battery. Ailerons, flaps, fixed gear. Wing loading 18.5 ounce. One ugly airplane but a real success. Can't believe the thrust and excellent flight performance. Not my beautiful DC-9 but a flyable EDF in the hanger!...Continue Reading
Posted by ddlpull | May 16, 2016 @ 10:25 AM | 2,282 Views
The experiment with home-made spoked wheels came to an end last week when on the fifth flight of my Pietenpol both wheels failed on what was a pretty good three point landing. I was so proud of those wheels. The PVC pipe rims broke in several places. Had built the Pietenpol just to have the right plane to put them on! Anyway the Dave Brown light 4 inch wheels make a good replacement.
Posted by ddlpull | May 11, 2016 @ 09:25 PM | 3,241 Views
Scratch built 2010-2012. Borrowed from Bill Antoine plans, Herb Clukey 1974 Flyline plans and Joseph Nieto drawings. Wing span 61 inches, weight 64 ounces, motor Suppo 2814-6, two 3 cell 2200 lipos, 9/6 prop. Went in almost vertically from 100 feet on maiden flight. Cause never determined. Both lipos ignited causing a spectacular scene which nobody caught on camera. Almost two years effort gone in a flash. Remaining mementos in last picture, handmade wicker airplane seat and tail appendage! Oh the joys of modeling!...Continue Reading
Posted by ddlpull | Apr 29, 2016 @ 09:28 PM | 3,093 Views
Scratch built 2009 from magazine article I know longer remember. Wing Span 42 inches, weight 38 ounces, Motor Suppo 2208-14, 3c 2200 lipo, 20 amp ESC and 8/6 prop. Maiden flight in 2009 spectacular in its uncontrollability. Talk about squirrelly. Put on shelf until last fall 2014. Changed cg and motor thrust line, engaged a much younger, proficient pilot and behold a fantastic flyer!
Posted by ddlpull | Apr 23, 2016 @ 08:44 PM | 3,008 Views
Scratch built 2015 with help from RCM plans 1975. Active in hanger. Wing span 65 inches, weight 67 ounces, motor Suppo 2814/8, 60 amp ESC, separate 5 amp BEC, 10/7 prop, 3 cell 3000 40c lipo. All pull pull controls including one servo closed loop ailerons with pulleys in wing. Wheel rims 4 inch pvc pipe, tires Eureka vacuum cleaner belts, brass tube hubs, fishing line spokes. (Corvair engine just added gives it plenty of power!) Smooth, stable flyer.
Posted by ddlpull | Apr 16, 2016 @ 12:34 PM | 3,215 Views
Scratch built several years back with assistance from Dec 55 Aero Modellor article, still flying. Wing Span 65 inches, weight 48 ounces, 4 suppo 2208-14 outrunners, 4 20 amp ESC's, 2 3cell 2200 lipos in parallel. 6x4 four bladed props. Fuselage foil covered 1/16 balsa simulating corrugated sheet metal (not too good!). Remainder covered with doculam....Continue Reading
Posted by ddlpull | Apr 15, 2016 @ 09:07 PM | 3,302 Views
Scratch built and flown annually since 2008. Wing Span 72 inches, weight 97 ounces, 4 speed 400 brushed motors with 2.5/1 gear boxes, 9/6 3 blade props, 2 30 amp esc's, 2 3cell 2200 lipos. All planked balsa. Ground adjustable flaps. all five rudders function....Continue Reading