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Posted by santanig5 | Jul 10, 2016 @ 01:42 PM | 9,818 Views
FMS Pitts Biplane 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP
Wingspan 1400mm / 55.1in
Length 1297mm / 51.1in
Flying Weight 3300g / 116.4oz
Power System 5060-Kv360 Brushless Motor
Speed Control 85A ESC, Internal 5A SBEC, T Connector
Propeller / EDF Three Blade Propeller
Servos 17gx4 All Metal Gear
Landing Gear Fixed Main Landing Gear with Steerable Tail Wheel
Required Battery 22.2V 3300mAh 25C 6 cell LiPo
Required Radio 4 Channel
Flaps No
Lights No (Added My Trick Rc kit
Hinge Type Foam
Material EPO Foam

Installed Apprentice EFLR310013 SAFE receiver.
No channels reversers were required and there is plenty of room in the fuselage to place it anywhere, I am a few mm behind the 90mm COG.

YouTube Playlist:

Update: 08/15/16 Wing Design with Calli Graphics.

Walk around with lights

FMS Pitts with SAFE Rx maiden flight (3 min 49 sec)

Posted by santanig5 | Jul 07, 2016 @ 05:13 PM | 12,151 Views
I managed to get my hands on a couple of these receivers through RGC one from the Spitfire and one from the Timber, at first glance they are indiscernible unless their labels are in tact. The Spitfire is labeled THM603X and EFL8650V1. The Timber is labeled THR605X and EFL5250V1. Why is this important, they work the same way right?
Why becuase the factory orientation is different for each. For the Spitfire the servo connectors are facing the front and for the Timber they are facing aft.
I guess if we ever get the chance to buy these directly from Horizon we will have options to match our use case unlike the EFLR310013 Apprentice Rx.

I have decided to start my bench testing where it all began when Suenaga (Jim) fitted his E-Flite Dallas Doll with the Apprentice Rx. I can tell you that if you are using the Apprentice Rx today, the Timber matches the orientation and fits in the same location, HOWEVER the elevator needs a reverser. (Same for the Spitfire)
If you use the Spitfire you will need to extend the cables for the rudder and elevator so if you buy a long reverser you can kill to birds with one stone so to speak.
I did have to get a little creative with the routing of the cables, but it was no big deal.
I then setup all of the conrtol serfices according the the Mustang manual. It was nice to have the gear and flaps work independently as was intended and to add that elevator flap mix according to the book.
I tested both AS3X mode and SAFE mode (using the mode switch)...Continue Reading