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Posted by 50mph | Jan 01, 2011 @ 09:51 AM | 12,193 Views
I picked this up last year while working in Germany. As I browsed through the hobby store I found this sitting on a shelf and just could not keep from bying the kit.

I have not flown a Canard type plane and though I would have fun building and flying this kit. I will update my build as I go through the process. I am thinking of adding ailerons but will decide this later.
Posted by 50mph | Jan 01, 2011 @ 09:44 AM | 11,167 Views
I love my RC.
I live in the great Northwest (Washington State) where we have learned to fly in between the rain drops. Well most say it always rains here, I say we fly all year aorund and keep our planes dry. The best part is we dont have any of the vampires here like in Forks.

OK so I wanted to start and post my current or on going projects and this seems to be the place I can do that.

More to follow.......