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The Ardupilot team have announced an update due a critical I2C Storm bug being found in some versions of Ardupilot.

More Info

In Copter versions 3.6.10 and Plane 3.9 or earlier thisI2C bug has the possibility to cause an Autopilot to lock up mid flight.

It is advised all users Upgrade Copter to 3.6.12 and Plane users install Plane 4.0 or later.

The Dev team state

Copter-3.6.12 has been released as the official default software for MultiCopters and Helicopters.

For those flying 3.6.10 (or earlier) the upgrade is Critical to avoid possible lockups due to I2C storms. These situations are rare but we have seen enough of them that we strongly recommend upgrading.

For those flying 3.6.11, your vehicle is probably safe but we still recommend upgrading to 3.6.12 because it includes a fix to another rare case of I2C storm lockups caused by extreme interference on the bus. We have one reported case which involved a serial port inadvertently connected to an I2C port.

The upgrade from earlier versions of 3.6.x should be relatively painless with no re-calibrations required unless you see pre-arm checks prompting you to do so.

The two new changes in 3.6.12 are in the ReleaseNotes 6 and copied below.

Fix ChibiOS I2C DMA error
COMPASS_SCALE param to allow manual correction of compass scaling
The second issue allows users to work around a compass scaling issue with the Hex Here2 GPS/compass unit. The Here2 compass unit’s scaling is off by about 17% meaning setting COMPASS_SCALING = 1.17 should improve accuracy. The accuracy can be checked before and after this change by:

fly the vehicle in any mode but ensure the flight includes chaning the vehicle’s heading
download the dataflash log and check the NKF4.SM values which are the compass’s “innovations” (the difference between the expected values and actual values). Lower is better so hopefully Here2 users will see lower values after setting the COMPASS_SCALING value to 1.17.
Note: beta testing of Copter-4.0.0-rc3 will resume next monday (Dec 16th).

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DustOff #2 - MinimumRC Nano F8F Rare Bear Stall Turn Practice

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #MinimumRC #RareBear #F8F #Nano

I now have pretty good thrust with this Motor & Prop!
A Poster asked a question in a previous video of why I hadn't performed any Stall Turns?
Well, most of the Aircraft I have experience with do not have Rudders which makes it impossible to do a Stall Turn.
I've never attempted a Stall Turn so in this video I'm practicing Stall Turns.
Let me know if I did it correctly or really messed up ;-)

Here is a link to the Playlist which also includes the Build Tutorial Videos:

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Here is a link to the Pro PNP Version of this Kit:

*Banggood no longer has the Pro Version, however, you should be able to add another servo for the ailerons to get full 4 channels, this may require a MOD to the fuselage.
Also, the 3 channel comes with a 720 motor but I like the 1020 Motor ;-)

MinimumRC F8F Rare Bear 360mm Wingspan KT Board Mini RC Airplane KIT With 720 Coreless Motor - KIT+Motor+Servos

MinimumRC Rare Bear Spare Props - Hole Diameter...Continue Reading
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UAV applications: scientific exploration

I. Background

In recent years, international aviation geophysical exploration flight platforms have developed from traditional manned aircraft to drones. At the same time, whether the performance of aerial object detection equipment meets the working requirements is also an important factor limiting the use of UAVs in geophysical exploration. If the performance parameters of the detection equipment are up to standard, the application of UAVs in geophysical exploration will have a very broad application prospect.

1. Main applications abroad

UAV technology has been widely used in various fields in geophysical exploration abroad and has achieved good results, which has greatly improved the quality of scientific research. These have a very good reference for China's related technology applications.

Magsurvey Limited in the United Kingdom provides drone detection of the Earth's magnetic field. The literature describes the use of small fixed-wing drones equipped with magnetometers to detect oil, gas, and mineral resources. Point out the reasons for using small fixed-wing drones as mobile platforms:

① Mission load-cesium light pump magnetometer with high accuracy and lightweight (less than 1kg), the small unmanned aerial vehicle can fully carry;

② Small UAVs can fly near the ground (flying height less than 20m), and can obtain more accurate detection data;

③The drone is equipped with advanced GPS /...Continue Reading
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An idea of the direction i'll be taking this music video.

The Jet just needs a coat of paint.

Hands up who didn't notice the Jet in the background

Well obviously Pilot Gwen didn't as she has both hands up. Much to our delight

Messing around with hair animations so she needs a stylist at the moment
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I was never a fan of the stock green Eflite scheme, so my first impulse was to customize my UMX F-27 Evolution with the color scheme of my choice.. Black!

Eflite UMX F-27 Evolution Flight w/ Custom Black Trim Scheme (4 min 50 sec)

I carefully peeled the stock stickers off, applied them to an old decal backing sheet that I kept from a previous project. I then applied two spray coats of Krylon Supermaxx Black, allowed it to dry, and then reapplied them with Elmer’s Crystal Glue, using an epoxy brush.

Aside from the custom “Black” scheme, Dubro 1.25” Nose Skid and Small Parts CNC Aluminum UMX Prop Adapter, all of the internals are stock. Powered with an Eflite 3S 300mAh 30C Lipo (27 grams), placed as far back in the battery compartment for an aft-most CG.

Thanks Brad for catching the flight footage!

Thanks for watching!!
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Foxeer Razer Mini / Micro 1/3 CMOS 2.1mm / 1.8mm Lens 1200TVL 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL Switchable FPV Camera For RC Drone
Foxeer Razer Mini / Micro. Бюджетная камера всего за $16. (10 min 2 sec)

Razer Mini
Razer Micro
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Hi Guys,
I have been flying RC for a long time, lately I got really into free flight and I'm new and willing to learn. Where can I buy the system to wind the rubber band outside the plane? I'm flying old timers 30-40" WS Thanks for the advise.
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Just want to say thanks everyone for all the support! 🔥 🔥 Its been so much fun growing with everyone! 🍻 🍻 My channel has blown up this year! I wouldnt be able to fo any of this with out all your support, eventually the goal is to make a living doing this! I know its a long shot but last year so was getting to 1000 subs but here we are! 🔥 🔥 Thanks again everyone! If you wanna go the extra mile heres the link to my patreon :
And if you would rather just get a shirt hoodie or stickers heres my teespring
I plan on making fitted hats, backpacks and fancy prop bags soon! 🔥 🔥
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Here is my weekly RC stream from last night featuring the sexy E-flite Su-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet!

Hump Day RC With GBLynden - I Am Alive, E-flite Su-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet, & More! (2 hr 10 min 45 sec)

Note: I show the plane at around the 52 minute mark and go into detail with up close shots of this beautiful plane!
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Black Friday

Almost 20 items in the limbo called MAIL !
Where's my stuff !!!!

Purchased my Christmas ( Xmas to some ) presents to myself ( who better to chose something to buy ) ..
Yes , was not after shirts or socks or any other nick naks ! No it had to be RC related ...
Folks at Banggood had a recent sale and a certain 4ch Cub was on sale and I got it for the same $$ as a WL toys F959
One can only hope it gets here for Dec 24 ( Last day for some snail mail ) .

A BIG THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that used my Affiliate links to buy stuff , earning me some BG points .
When you buy a lot of stuff ( I cant help it ) , every point helps .

Hmmm , Black Friday !

Do I window shop or blow some dust off my wallet ? ( Wait ) Didn'y I just spend money ? I'm a bad boy !
I have a Bee 490 staring at me

Still Ho humming over it's stuffing ..
I just might have to do a F959 flight pack onto it ( Control board / motor / folding prop )
Also that 450x with the F949 control board , needs work - Roll rate is way soft . Control horns might need new holes ..
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The GFS F-22 Nano Airframe is nearly complete ;-)
It's starting to look like a Parkjet.
The estimated weight of the Airframe is 6.8 grams.
The estimated AUW is 27 grams!
I have a motor and prop combination that provide 37.2 grams of thrust on a 1S LIPO ;-)

Time to get back to work....

See you in the Air!

Ground Control RC
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The line drawings have been digitized and reviewed. I entered the drawings into Auto-Cad where I calculated the CLP (center of lateral Plane) in order to
design a balanced set of sails using the relationship between the CE (center of effort)of the sails. According to some design theories, there the CE should be forward of the CLP by approx. 15% of the DWL (designed water line. It will be interesting to see if I notice any positive effects. I have 3 other J's to compare performance to but seeing that they are all shorter, it will be an educational exercise at best, at least for now.
When Rick Shousha finishes the bulkheads, I'll start my build blog.Just what I need.....a 4th J. Anyone want a good deal on a Rainbow or Endeavour?
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Here's an easy cool little mod I did to make a battery hatch on my FT Spitfire...

FT Spitfire mod: removable battery hatch (3 min 41 sec)

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I'm not done testing, but as far as ZTW vs Generic ESCs, this test showed me enough to switch out my generics for ZTW.

This Might be the Best ESC (13 min 47 sec)

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Not sure if any of you know but in the 3D space, there are literally trillions of settings so comes a time when you have to say................... that's it.

Must admit i'm pretty happy with this and it only took 56 minutes to render 1 frame. So I estimate that the video at 25 frames per second i'm looking at around a day of rendering for 1 second of video. 60 days per minute and my songs are around 3.30 minutes so ............... 210 days for a 3.30 minute video. Best i invest in electricity stocks

Pilot Gwen does look pretty good though. will also be adding my Pipistrel Panthera Plane i built for the Phoenix Simulator as well so that will blow the 210 days out no doubt lol.

Please if anyone can give me some hints with some quicker rendering with Daz Studio and iRay, please let me know if i can knock a couple of days of this adventure
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UAV tilt photography technology can truly reflect the situation of the ground, and through advanced positioning technology, it can embed accurate geographic information and pick up richer image information. The birth of oblique photography technology may subvert the traditional surveying and mapping operation method.

For many years, the topographical mapping and geographic information acquisition work have mainly adopted manual operation mode, measuring and mapping people's footsteps, traversing mountains and rivers, year-round field trips, and hard work. Such field labor has problems such as high intensity, complicated procedures, time-consuming and high cost. With the development of science and technology, the surveying and mapping industry has become increasingly demanding for the accuracy and timeliness of geographic information data. Labor and time costs have also brought tremendous pressure and burden on the industry. Therefore, the surveying and mapping industry need to be able to quickly and efficiently, Accurate solutions for obtaining geographic information and data.

The birth of UAV tilt photography technology has overturned the traditional surveying and mapping operation method. This technology acquires high-definition stereoscopic image data through low-altitude multi-lens photography of drones, automatically generates three-dimensional geographic information models, and quickly realizes the acquisition of geographic information. Features such as high...Continue Reading
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Getting there on a more realistic lighting. Her skin is looking more real. 80% rendering time in 13 minutes for 1 frame.

"Are we there yet?" .......... not quite! I want the skin on the face to look as real as the right hand.

In my opinion this is what all pilots should wear.


Female pilots, I don't look good in red I would certainly fly business class a lot more

I notice that people are looking but no one's commenting. Great to get some feedback.
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I've spent the last couple of weeks reviewing the new ISDT 608AC charger. It has a modular removable AC-DC power supply and the high quality build and interface that we've come to expect from ISDT across their full line. At $50-60 it is easliy the best value charger out and will suit practically every application out except for the very high currents (8A+) and multiple channels.

Anyway, my full review is here including heaps of pics of the operating screens which I find easier to lear by than the included manual:

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Testing the Caddx Baby Turtle on my Larva-X toothpick. HD recording is pretty good, FPV feed - recorded with the DVR in my Fatshark Attitude V5 - is subpar.
Caddx Baby Turtle test (2 min 6 sec)