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Posted by birdofplay | Aug 28, 2016 @ 03:31 PM | 24,230 Views
I've had ocassion to do some interesting 3D Milling with my CNC machine lately.
Things that can't be Hot wired
Things like a B-70 Nose, Flying wing & Glider fuselage
Mostly it's been custom work from existing 3D Models

If you have a 3D project that you want 3D Milled from Foam
just drop me a line and we can discuss the project.

I'm only charging $25 / hr, cutting cost, plus material cost & shipping
That's if you have an existing 3D CAD model that I can easily develop a tool path from

I will entertain 3D CAD work as well for the same hourly rate

I use Rhino and can import many popular design file types

Just let me know how I can help with your project
PM me for more discussion of your project.