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Posted by erikspencer | Mar 01, 2020 @ 02:03 AM | 5,965 Views
Stuck a Teensy 4.0 into my old FS-i6x. Focus is on using it in a simulator. Already have another transmitter for RL.

If you've done any Arduino project in the past, this will be straight forward. The test pads are nicely labeled and make good solder points. I'm only using the gimbals and 2 switches. ..won't go into details. See here: Zero lag mod. See pic. I've since changed it to power the transmitter from Teensy's 5V pin, tied to the transmitters battery lead. That way, it'll power up without giving low voltage warnings (no need for batteries), and no worry of too much amp draw from the 3.3V pin.

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Motivation 1: Low latency. ...always bothered me that I didn't have a million other transmitters lying around that I could compare to. With this mod, I could be sure that this is bar none, as low-lag it gets. I'm half decent on sims, and always curious if there's a competitive edge out there. Not that I have time for weekly online races, just curiosity.

Motivation 2
: Noise. The simulator cables are horrible. The "connect through your flight controller" option is similarly horrible in my opinion. The whole experience of using this controller in the past was bad. This was redemption.

The Result: Teensy 4.0 can send 4000 updates per second to the computer--way more than the simulator will ever need. Whenever this simulator asks for an update, it's no more than 0.25 ms old. The vertical resolution (10 bit) gives 1024 divisions, also at...Continue Reading
Posted by erikspencer | Dec 10, 2018 @ 09:11 PM | 5,783 Views
First ever vertical box-frame w/ split-level, I think.

Also, just for looks, first ever slanted roof (using only carbon). Supposed to give a smaller projected footprint when flying at angle, ...but most 3d printed pods already do this.

These frames are becoming popular with some German and Swede pilots for their flight characteristics. ( Carbix frames or Blitzfpv frames ).

Why? I think the gist is low-drag, reduced drift, and perhaps more-directed airflow (?). The box-frame distributes loads well, allows just 2mm arms, so it's not horrible on weight.

I have a 66 gram version (no hardware weight) getting approved on Armattan Productions, mainly just to show this can be done w/o being too heavy or expensive--I expect under $40.