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I really want to find a day that I can post some pictures and get my story written. I think the blogs section of these profiles was an awesome idea, and a great place to get to know others in this hobby.
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Here is another iteration (rev 8 actually) of the scale look a like of propeller for P-61 Black Widow.

This time fixed prop.
Bolted hub with 4 x M2 screws.
To maintain the best print orientation for strength the blades are printed on the back edge. But a clever support was needed to account for blade curvature.

This time parts are printed in ABS so I can achieve better surface quality after sanding.
I achieved 305g of thrust @ 94W that makes 3.24g/W.

Basically it is the best result among all tested propellers so far on this motor (Cobra 2208- 2000kV @ 2S) - including commercially available propellers.
I have not compared it to GWS props yet.

You can also see what is the difference between sanded and non sanded version: almost 25% in case of rev. 7
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how many people know Chinese hongbao , or gongxifacai
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hi dear friend

Happy Valentine's Day

CUAV start to work from CNY holiday

welcome and feel free to contact us

hope you have a nice day !

Best Wishes !

lindy liang
Guangzhou CUAV Technology Co,.LTD
Address: N203B , 3 North Gate,Technology Park software building , City Ring Road South 2 ,Nansha District , Guangzhou City,Guangdong. China
Tel: 13570272379
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Some servos were in the letter box today ..

So it was time to move a little further forward with the elf .
I used double sided tape to work out where I could place the servos .
Then I had to try and squeeze in the 4ch FS2A Rx from banggood .

I soldered the servo pins to the Rx and then bound it to my Q x7 .
Then I had to solder up a battery extension ...

CG looks ok .. with the lay out pictured ...
Rx is bound , servos are working , and everything looks to fit under the hood ! ( Canopy in place )

I have not done the control rods as yet ( servo connections ) , I think I have done enough for today ..
On the morrow I should hopefully have the Elf up and running ..
Sharp eyes may pick up the change from metal wing screws to nylon ( Since I had them )

Moving forward !
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PLEASE READ FIRST - I was very hesitant to post this flight video as there were too many iPhone 8 camera focusing issues that I wasn't pleased with.. video taken with another pilot's "upgraded" iPhone camera (next time I'll ask to have it recorded on my iPhone 7.. mine doesn't have these issues). So if you're the "Video Quality Recording Police", please skip over this video altogether.

Eflite Extra 300 3D 1.3m BNF Basic Shakedown (2nd) Flight (3 min 58 sec)

Otherwise, this was a great second flight as I was putting my new Eflite Extra 300 3D through her paces, getting more of a feel for the flight characteristics, as well as wind tolerance, right before the intermittent snow storms that we're currently experiencing arrived this week. What a blast to fly, and even more fun to land!!

My Eflite Extra 300 1.3m is completely stock. Powered by a Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C lipo, weighing in at 240 grams. CG was set rearmost to 100mm from the leading edge of the main wing at the fuselage. Flight Timer was set to 3 minutes as recommended by the manual. Flown with a Spektrum DX8 G2 Transmitter at 100% rates and 30% expo on all control surfaces.

I can safely say that I'm very impressed with the appearance, flight characteristics, wind handling, and power of this latest aerobatic / 3D offering by Eflite. I had been bugging Horizon Hobby for a few years now for something along the lines of a 1.1m Sbach Thunderbolt and this Extra 300 more than fulfills that desire. I'm very proud to have this as part of the fleet.

As always, thanks for watching!
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While looking at the internet for a list of the best drones under 200 dollars, I noticed that most websites only pick (apparently random) some drones and then review them.

While I think this is great, I actually decided rank some of the best drones in the market under 200 dollars to make sure I was recommending only the best drones. I did this based on 3 main premises.
  1. A drone is only as good as the flight experience it provides to the end user.
  2. Flight experience is high flight time, low charge time, high flight range, and an OK camera.
  3. In order to ensure customer satisfaction we need the lowest possible price and the highest customer reviews.

I built a list of the top 10 drones under 200 dollars and even created a video explaining the ranking process I followed. Everything is on my post of the top 10 best drones under 200 dollars.

That is not all, I also did the same thing with drones under 100 and 300 dollars. Here the posts in case you want to check them.
The top 10 best drones under 100 dollars
The top 10 best drones under 300 dollars

Hope you enjoy them.
Let me know what you think!
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Leaving Canam flying field today.
Leaving Canam field with Hawk fly by (3 min 1 sec)

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Vista Sailplane second flight
Vista Sailplane 2 (15 min 53 sec)

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Vista Sailplane
Vista Sailplane (18 min 33 sec)

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Avanti s Second Flight
Avanti s Second flight (6 min 53 sec)

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Avanti s Maiden
Avanti s Maiden (6 min 2 sec)

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Brought this at swap meet. What type of paint did they use and what BL motor to use how to mount. Any help , thanks
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Hello all,

I had the #2 motor ESC catch fire when I bench ran my Avios C130 the first time with a 4 cell pack. I purchased a new set of wings and 2 sets of nacelles in hopes of building 2 sets of wings. One stock & one with different ESCs and other alterations. My problem is none of the hardware is available yet from Hobby King. The new wings came bare bones with nothing else... No electrical plugs that connect to the fuselage, no plastic covers, wiring, ball links, linkages or anything else.

I would be interested in buying a gray Avios C130 that may have had slightly more spectacular than planned last flight. I'm just looking for a donor aircraft to steal some parts off of.

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Advertising blurb

1080P HD One-Axis Gimbal Camera

The Aerial photography is taken by 1080P HD Camera. Broaden Sight by the Wide Angle Feature. The angle of the One-Axis Gimbal Camera lens is adjusted between 0 and 90 degrees as to take footages from new and different perspectives.

Altitude Hold Mode

Precise locking height and stable hover effectively prevent jitter when you take photo or video, which will make higher quality.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is suitable for multi-angle aerial photography and high altitude flight.

One Key Return

It’s easy to use one press automatically take off or land; the drone will either take off or go back to the position where it took off.

6-Axis Gyro

6-axis gyro can have more stable flying and be easy to control.

Arrived today pictures to follow

As always everything starts with the box. As you can see the X7 arrived without any postal damage.

The supplied manual is basic but it is at least in good English and provides you with the information that you need. On the front of the manual is a QR code to download the app. The app is called Enjoy-Fly and your phone/tablet will need to use the 5ghz wifi band ( NOT the 5.8ghz band we use for FPV ) for connection. A very quick test showed the image quality to be more than acceptable but obviously when flown at range image quality or frame rate will reduce.
...Continue Reading
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February 18/19:

I cant believe its been over two years since I last posted on my blog! Where does the time go? I believe in my last post I was thinking about renovating my house. It was the little project that grew from a simple bathroom upgrade to eventually encompass the whole house, basement included! The project took a little over a year and it was all consuming!

The only thing that kept me sane was being able to get out to the field and fly my sailplanes! I kept a log and was pleased to be able to get out to the field on 18 separate occasions during the relatively short 2018 flying season! That was pretty amazing to me considering our season didnt really start until June 1st and was pretty well over by October 3rd! The Fall weather was wrought with high winds and rain. I really missed the weekly get-togethers at the field. One of our members mentioned that another R/C club nearby was flying indoors during the off season. Maybe I should check it out?

Long story short..I did check it out and after only one exposure, I was hooked! There were about 15 pilots flying all manner of micro flying machines inside the former ice arena. The floor of the arena is now covered with astro turf so its an ideal surface to fly from. I spoke to a number of pilots to get their recommendations as to what would be a good candidate for a newbie indoor flyer. Almost to a man, they indicated that the Horizon Hobbies Sport Cub S was the plane to buy. I managed to try my...Continue Reading
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I have been eyeing this plane for months now and have been drooling over its (unique) design characteristics. Robin Trumpp is a world renowned F3A precision aerobatics pilot and champion who is the designer of this incredible aircraft. After making the decision to order it from Germany, I had an anxious 2 week wait and was crossing my fingers that would arrive in 1 piece.

Finally it arrived and the box looked to be in near perfect shape. After my initial inspection I am happy to say the quality of the wood, covering and fit and finish of the tabs and joints are extremely well done and absolutely make it worth the market asking price. Robin obviously wanted this to be a quality kit that was built in a high quality factory.

The kit calls for the following setup:
Motor-Hacker A50-14S V4
ESC-X70-opto-Pro 3D+ Jeti Model S-BEC
Prop-Xoar 16x10
Battery-6s 3800-5000mah
Servos- Hacker Ditex standard servos

It calls for (4) standard size servos of your choice, preferably digital precision servos of course.

My setup:
Motor-Scorpion 4535 Mauro 7+8x1.25 530KV Custom reworked Heli Motor
ESC-Hobbywing 100amp V3 Platinum
Prop-Carbon Fiber Falcon 16x12
Battery- CNHL 6s 3000 70C continuous 140 Burst (Deans Ultra Plugs)
Servos- (2) MKS 747 mini (2) HV69 Micro

The instructions for this model are available off of the hacker model website in PDF format. They are written very extremely well and cover all steps thoroughly. The build went together very smoothly with no...Continue Reading
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This morning I maidened my Night Radian FT 2.0m.

Although the manual recommended CG is 2.5", it seems to be too far forward, I set the CG 80mm, 3.15". For getting this CG, I put a Hyperion G5SV 3S1300mAh 50C pack (104g) and extra 30g lead in nose. AUW comes 974.5g.

the first flight:
flying time 47:25, power-on time total 3:57
Fair, moderate north wind 4 to 6m/s. Many strong thermals. I had to spiral dive with full-up elevator several times.

the second flight:
flying time 30:45, power-on time total 3:01
Fair, light north-east wind 3 to 4m/s. Many thermals.

the third flight:
flying time 37:10, power-on time total 3:02
Fair, light wind 2 to 3m/s. Many thermals. The wind direction changed from north to south.

Since my Night Radian is so docile, so stable, and so easy to catch thermal, I really enjoyed relaxed long flights.

For the full-power climbing, it is better to disable AS3X, IMHO.