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Posted by SystemsGuy | Mar 20, 2018 @ 09:47 PM | 7,176 Views
I picked up a FrSky R9Slim as part of an offer from Kevin at Hobbycool. Unit arrived, and I poped it out of the box.

It’s impossible these days to talk “long range” without the Crossfire entering the conversation. If you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see that the R9 Slim is right in line size wise with the V1/V2 Crossfire Micro’s, and impossibly large compared to the new Crossfire Nano!

I’ve been flying Crossfire for a bit over a year, mainly on fixed wing. I wanted to try alternative systems, and since I’ve been using the Horus x12s, the r9 series seemed a logical choice.

I picked up a R9 combo last year, and after some very frustrating firmware update issues, finally managed to get it working pretty well. I was very unhappy with the range, and isolated it to the stock TX antenna. I replaced it with a properly tuned antenna and had consistently solid RSSI values out to 6+ miles.

I dropped the slim into a 7 inch long range quad running iNav as I didn't want to mess with one of my wings. I had the usual issues getting the firmware up to date. I also had back and forth issues binding to the module in my x12s. I’m not sure if that was related to an upgrade to OpenTX or what, but I did manage to get it to consistently bind and provide telemetry. I ended up spending a couple of hours playing with the telemetry parameters on OpenTX, and have to admit it's nice - but a frustrating to get working....Continue Reading
Posted by SystemsGuy | Jul 01, 2016 @ 12:10 PM | 10,929 Views
Having finally gotten tired of flying mutlirotors, and wanting something I can do with the the wife, we've started flying planks again after a good 20 year break.

Looking at the options, and talking to friends, the recommended re-entry path was to look at the Horizon Hobbies "trainer" foamys - specifically ones with their "SAFE" technology. There are a number of flavors of this, ranging from ones designed to manage the learning curve from 2D to 3D all the way to the ones designed to hold your hand as a completely new pilot. You can even get a "Panic" recovery mode that will get you have safe and level if you lose orientation. Combined with SAFE is AS3X, which is their gyro based stabilization system.

Sounds great, and to give HH their due, it works very well on their products - really nice, integrated, truly plug and play model.

All well and good unless you want to have SAFE in something other than the plane HH designed it for. They have chosen to "lock" these SAFE receivers such that you can not adjust any of the parameters that would would be allowed on the SAME piece of hardware that they sell without the SAFE functionality. Further, even if you are willing to live with the "locked" limitations, not all of the Rx's are available for direct sale - replacement only items.

Fast forward a couple of $$$s for HH foamys, and some experiments retrofitting a SAFE rx into a plane it was nt designed for and having to mount...Continue Reading