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Posted by RetoF3X | Apr 27, 2014 @ 06:12 PM | 13,212 Views
I got a Tweagle to test. I have always wanted to try a model from Alex, as they are very innovative and sometimes exploratory. The Tweagle is no different, with a high aspect ratio wing, a stubby, short fuselage, wing on a pylon, and a high aspect ratio vertical.

The parts are all very well made and the wings are quite stiff and light. The wingtip is a bit stiffer than on a Snipe. According to Alex, the tip airfoil is a bit thicker, and this apparently afforded for some more strength. The leading and trailing edge were excellent on my plane, a detail that I appreciate.

The fuselage is plenty stiff, but the big boom has reduced hoop strength. So one should better not squeeze it. But for the main loads it seems quite strong. The canopy fits quite perfectly and the seam is also very minimal.

Build notes:

I have added additional uni tow on the vertical tail, just to be save. I tried to get maximum mechanical advantage by making the horns 1.5 to 2 times larger on the surfaces than on the servos. Due to the fact that the torque-tubes on the flaperons are almost 20mm tall, the servo arms have to become proportionally large too. They still fit nicely in the fuselage. With my fuselage layout and the use of clevis, the flaperon pushrods can be removed, which simplyfies the assembly on the field.