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Posted by RetoF3X | Nov 04, 2012 @ 07:12 PM | 14,731 Views
How time flies, it was again time for the US TS. Due to work commitments, preparation was the bare minimum, just one windy speed session with Mike. In addition I had to arrive in the morning of the contest ( Thanks for the ride Warren!).
Given the circumstances the first day went well for me, three distance wins, one 27/28 result and one medium one. Mike Lachowski did some great calling.
Sunday was quite different. While my duration flights were ok, I could not score in distance. I always went first and flew my own stuff, which three times in a row did not work out -ouch.
Speed was okay, I flew within the top 3-5 with the air I got. I pushed it hard on Base B, but no cut. However I got a safety penalty in the last run.
Monday was a good day for me, made all my duration flights full and had two good speed flights. One was second or third fastest, I think.

Getting home was a nightmare thanks to Hurricane Sandy. It sucks when rental cars are faster than planes.