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Posted by crankster | Aug 12, 2016 @ 01:28 AM | 3,747 Views
My first poke build is done and dusted. The hardest part of the build is getting the tail square. Because there is no solid structure, I found it difficult to get it perfectly square as the fuselage at the tail isn't. I ended up with the horizontal stab slightly askew and the rudder off axis. I ended up using hot glue so that I could adjust if necessary. A bit of heat from my heat gun and I was able to tweak it. I ended up putting bamboo skew through the leading edge of the rudder and down to through to the fuselage in order to stiffen it up.

Similarly, I added a couple of bamboo skewers either side of the tail extending to the plywood frame to give it some added strength. My kit was missing the pushrods so I had to use some .37" ones which were too thin. I had to add a balsa spreader half way along to give them some support.

The other modification I made was to use the standard ply landing gear but adding an extra piece of ply and pushing one side out further. This allowed me to fit larger 2.5" wheels. This is necessary for the long grass at my flying field. I was going to use Grantham Kids wire landing gear but the parts didn't arrive in time. Next time
All up it was a relatively simple build but not the best for a first timer....Continue Reading