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Posted by thnilsen | Nov 26, 2012 @ 06:16 PM | 11,282 Views
_Sergey_ showed us all how to dynamically balance an EDF using a smartphone's accelerometer function. His idea can be seen in the thread. As I only had a Nokia phone where no similar app existed, I was forced to either go out and by an Android based phone (no way would I waste good money on a iPho...) or come up with an alternative way to do it.

Having just started to play with Arduino it seemed like a possible option of using a small arduino and an accelerometer board. I bought a MMA7260Q accelerometer breakout board from for a few bucks as well as an Arduino Nano v3. Both items where less then $10 each. After a bit of playing around and trying a few things I've managed to put together something that will make the EDF balancing a bit easier if you have access to a arduino of some sort and an accelerometer. I hope others can use my idea and perhaps improve on it as well.

My code is built around the MMA7260Q accelerometer chip, but it is very easy to change it to work with any other analog accelerometer like a ADXL330, ADXL335, MMA7361 (which is the replacement for the 7260) or similar devices. The code is built around the concept of having the Arduino chip control the ESC. That way one can get very precise EDF runs throughout the balancing steps. Future version might have a proper GUI as well that can feed all the calculations into a spreadsheet without much user input. But that has yet to be started on......Continue Reading